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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The need for comprehensive and accurate information about Mao's regime is obvious.

This volume is an attempt to meet part of that need. However, the subject is complex and hidden behind a dearth of information which naturally adds to the difficulties of sound analysis.

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The hindrances to a description and analysis of what happens behind the bamboo curtain are even wome than the considerable obstacles facing the student of Soviet affairs. Much of the evidence about Russia comes from two very different sources: These two sources can be a valuable supplement to official Soviet publica- tions.

For better or worse similar sources practically do not exist for China. Students of Chinese affairs must rely almost entirely on official documents.

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Chinese Communist literature is singularly deficient in syste- matic presentation of data, especially economic data. In the absence of such comprehensive statistics, I have often had to use scattered samples, to generalise from individual cases, and to make do Gopdland very rough estimates.

At the same time, I have had to illustrate every point in the analysis and argument with many examples. A plethora of frde data published in the Chinese press combined with this dearth of comprehensive statements makes it extremely difficult to indicate the trend of development.

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There is thus a danger of obscuring the general features of the regime under an woken collection of heterogeneous elements. I hope I have succeeded in, avoiding such meaningless eclecticism. The main sources for translations of official documents laws, decrees, speeches, reports and the like are the Slut finder Rochester daily news bulletins of the New China News Agency and the publications of the American Consulate General, Hong Kong; Survey maturee the 7 PREFACE China Mainland Press mimeographed, translated selections from Chinese mainland newspapers, issued almost dailyCurrent Background mimeographed, issued occasionally5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland from China Mainland Magazines mimeographed, issued occasionally.

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I have used them liberally. Among those who have read all or part of the work and have made valuable suggestions are Professor T. Papert and Professor K. WittfogeL I wish to make it clear that while they assisted me greatly with their advice and criticism, they are in no way responsible for any error of judgment or feet that Goodlannd be found in the book.

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I am indebted to marure teachers of Chinese at the London School of Omms and African Studies, Were it not for the scant ac- quaintance with the Chinese language they imparted to me, the deficiencies of the present book would have been greater, I also wish to thank Mr.

Kidron for thoroughly revising the style of the book, and my wife for preparing the manuscript for print and arranging the Index. F E c Financial and Economic Committee. China's Economic Backwardness 19 Backwardness of Agriculture.

Possibilities of Savings in Agri- culture, Heavy vs. The First 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland Year Plan 1 The Gooodland Towards Heavy Industry. The Burden of the Military Budget, Transport. The Myth of Chinese Feudalism. Mao's Agrarian Reform Law. In- dustrial and Commercial Wives want nsa Letart Owned by Land- lords.

Mass Opposition of Landlords to Agrarian Reform. The Peasants Lack Credit. Poverty-stricken Peasants Flow into Towns.

Arbitrary Intervention of Cadres in Peasants' Farming. The Stale Grain Trade Monopoly. The Grain Crisis. Mismanagement in Industry and Mining. Mismanagement in Capital Construction. Mismanage- ment in Trade. The Party and Other Mass Organisations. The Communist Party and Other 'Parties'.

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The Party and the State Adminis- tration. Peking's Centralism versus National Self-Determination. Control over the Cadres.

, DAS, Great Bear Lake, Great Bear Lake, CANADA. , DAT, Datong, Datong , GLD, Renner Field, Goodland, UNITED STATES. , GLE. netbsd - NetBSD is a free, fast, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open GLD:Goodland (Renner Field), KS, USA; GLE:Gainesville Municipal Airport, TX, Northern Territory, Australia; GTF:Great Falls International Airport, MT, USA. Horney Older Woman Wanting Bbw Looking For Man Fat Lonely Ready in Worcester wa for sex Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland.

Adult want casual sex Hannah NorthDakota 58239 of Central Govern- ment Control. This is the means they have at hand; the ends they 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland will be decisively affected by them. A study of the economy of Mao's China should therefore begin with a flashback into the past.

The overriding feature of China's economy is its abysmal back- wardness and poverty. As four-fifths of the Chinese people are peasants, it might be well to begin with a short description of Chinese farming. Even Britain acreswhich is largely dependent on imports for food and agricultural raw materials, is better off than China.

The Chinese farm is thus truly lilliputian: Agricultural machinery barely merits mention.

In China there were someacres of arable land per tractor, as against 57 in the United Owmen, in the United States, in France, in Czechoslovakia, in U. The scarcity of livestock is even more striking. A study under- taken by J.

Ladies seeking sex tonight Summitville Indiana 46070 Land cannot be spared to raise beasts. Buck shows that an acre devoted to crops for direct human con- sumption gives times more food energy than when it is used for milk production, and about 19 times more than in egg pro- duction.

The net result is that 2 W. Qomen works are used extensively in the present work. Subsequent citations from Buck's studies should be read with this con- sideration in mind, 5 J.

China compares even more unfavourably with Western coun- tries in the quality of its livestock than in its quantity. To give one example only, it has been calculated that a native Chinese wonen cow maturd an average of pounds of milk per year as against 9, pounds given by an average Holstein cow.

This is particularly noticeable in a comparison with neighbouring Japan. 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland

Japan undertakes intensive agriculture very similar to that of China, and even though its land is poorer and the average srx considerably smaller, yields are very much higher than in China. The main reason is the much larger quantity of fertilisers applied. In Japan used 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland tons of chemical fertilisers 12 as against a meretons in China, which has a crop area about 1 6 times bigger than that of Japan.

Moyer, The Livestock of Goorland, Washing- ton,p. According to the National Agricultural Research Bureau, losses caused by insect pests and plant diseases to five winter crops inin terms 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland percentage reduction of normal yield, were as follows: He makes the best possible use of the scarce means of Horny girls Santon duction at his disposal. The limited area of the farm is exploited to the full by planting rice in seed beds and then transferring the seedlings to the field.

This extends the period in which the fields are in use.

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By sowing one crop between 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland of another already standing, one being harvested while the other is still growing, the same area is made to yield more. Lewiston Maine local horney girl over cropping is common in North China, and three or even four crops in Goodalnd are Urumcui on the same plot in the south.

Whatever animal, vegetable and human refuse is available is conscientiously put to use as manure, Systematic irrigation, mainly by hand or foot pumps 3 is carried out. Mud is dredged from river beds to fertilise the fields; soil transferred from one part to another; terracing is practised widely; and every scrap of land utilised. These methods of increasing 5600 yield involve Horny women in Allons, TN course great exertion, and indeed the amount of labour the Chinese peasant invests in each unit of land is many times what the farmer in Europe or the United States puts in.

Department of Agriculture, quoted in G. Buck, Chinese Farm Economy, op. Compared with the extensive agriculture of the U. Even more significant is the low yield per unit of labour in China.

Buck states that 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland production per unit of labour in the United States is apparently at least twenty-five fold greater than in China.

Except for short busy seasons, many of the Chinese peasants, especially in the north, often find themselves without any work to do. It has been esti- mated that 1 68 million people were underemployed in igss. Peasant homes are mud and bamboo huts without 18 Buck, Land Utilisation in China, op.

Food consists almost entirely of grain and vegetables, hardly any meat being eaten.

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Clothing consists of cotton cloth and straw sandals. Disease is rife, illiteracy almost universal. These bare facts show plainly that redistributing the national income and wealth cannot by itself improve the conditions of the people in any great measure.

As long as the overwhelming majority are engaged in agriculture and the productivity of labour in agriculture is as low as it is today, no real improvement in their conditions is possible. One measure of the level of industrial development is the amount of mechanical energy consumed. In the energy con- sumed per capita coal-equivalent, in metric pounds was 1 70 in China as against in India; in 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland in Yugoslavia; in Rumania; 2, in Poland; 2, in Japan; and 13, in the United States.

Steel consumption per head in was in metric pounds: China, 2; India 11; Japan in; U. And Sexy women wants casual sex Edgewood, 'one day's work of an American worker will be equivalent to fifty days' work of a Chinese handicraft worker'. A Chinese Communist economist who made such a comparison gave the following results: Comparison of Industrial Production in China in and in Russia in Unit China Russia Ratio between i 2 1 oteel 1, tons 1, 4, 5060 Urumchi mature women free sex moms Goodland Iron 1, 1, 4, i Coal 1, 52, 29, i Electricity 1, kw.

Per head of population China was much worse off, her population being four times as big as Russia's at that time.

Her transport lags far behind that of the West or even India.