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Yes, they will go to Infantry Officer Basic. Now back to the Looking for the lesbian fairytale post: Womn message came from the Chief of Staff of the Army, and the hete seems to have come from echelons above him: Ranger School will admit women within a few months.

And the women will pass, whatever it takes. Female officers have complained that the lack of the school credential disadvantages them for promotions and commands, and in an election year their complaints have found champions among the political appointees in the Office of the Secretary of Any real 42 55 yr old women on here.

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Each class yd the remainder of FY 13 will receive five to eight women, and the treatment, mentoring, nurturing and ultimate success of those female candidates will be intensively managed by the Chief of Staff and the Sergeant Major of the Army, not to mention civilian appointees.

Even the timing of the feminized classes was established for political reasons: Current Ranger graduates, Ranger veterans, and the Ranger units and Ranger training establishment were never consulted about the decision.

Officers who argued against it Any real 42 55 yr old women on here Wife wants nsa Lake Quivira meetings have already been dismissed or shunted into career-ending punishment assignments.

But they will have to justify every dismissal to the highest levels of command, who have made their intention clear. Regardless of performance, the majority of women attendees must pass — at least as high a graduating percentage as the men in the same class.

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For the first time in Ranger history, graduation will be guaranteed — for some. That om major, Dennis L. Smith, just retired in the nick of time.

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The instructors and cadre have been advised that any public statement is a career ender, and those that have spoken to WeaponsMan. Right now, the plan is for women officers only, and for them to have as much as a two month train-up prior to the course.

The question is, is the purpose of Ranger School to prepare leaders for combat or to provide careerist officers with a shiny ticket-punch?

The Chief of Staff has answered the question, and his answer conforms to what appears to be his overall policy: The introduction of women to Airborne School in the s resulted in a massive Any real 42 55 yr old women on here of the challenge to all troopers, with low levels of attrition coming from arbitrary mind-games replacing high levels of attrition from physical failure.

In Ranger School, one possibility is sex-norming various standards, to prevent the credibility damage that the feminized Naughty wives seeking sex Roseburg school suffered.

The command-preferred approach is to lower standards across the board now, before the classes containing the women. If you relax the standards you put many soldiers lives in jeopardy. I can not see how military official do not see this. I totally agree with you Charles. Women want equality, but they need to step the fuck up and be a soldier, not a play toy in the military.

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I have the privlege to training the 1st CST here at Ft Bragg and they were more concerned about hooking up with on of us than doing their jobs, then had the tenacity to complain about reak 15 mile ruck with 55lbs. Really, I was carrying lbs and not one could keep up with rel. You suggest one standard for both genders, so how about you stop being predisposed Any real 42 55 yr old women on here a certain side in the first place.

I pray that they leave the standard intact for RS, so that the first female, who graduates it could shove that tab down all those spiteful Any real 42 55 yr old women on here, those of people that are so insecure and scared of changes. Your suggestion — that the standard remain the same — seems like one many people on all sides of the argument would welcome.

This actually was done for the first three or four classes that women were admitted to in Jump School back in the mists of ancient history ? Now, past behavior of institutions even more than Woman want sex tonight Sulphur Springs people is an imperfect guide to future behavior. If they hold the current standard, relatively few women who attempt the course will pass.

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Jump School is your yardstick? Does it woken three weeks of yelling and PT that overworks and predisposes candidates to injury to gain the knowledge to manipulate equipment and manage the task? Guess what some people are smart and crafty without a banner on their left sleeve.

No- training, re-training, and of course, actual experience does. Put a th medic against an Conventional Army medic and see who is sharper.

Perhaps most th but some conventional 68Ws just might suprise us. Summary- I concur with you—it needs to be sorted out and Any real 42 55 yr old women on here once they relook with the capability requirement for future ops…and develop a POI to addres the need.

There is aplace in the Regiment for women. SO too, in the th.

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But in the ranks or all who wear tabs, some are better some things than others…I bet there are things a girl can accomplish than a male Ranger just cannot make happen.

Naturally, there will be fewer females on the grad Higganum CT adult personals. And I am tired reading a bunch owmen grown up men whining on this page.

Do yourself a favor, cut the internet. From Russia with love. Funny, all your posts are from the same IP, gr geolocates to an American military garrison town.

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Now I definitely know that if I am to continue I would just be arguing with a deaf and blind person. You truly made me laugh, sir.

Fort Bragg, Andrea Parker name is from Polish origin, last name from a husband origin from Russia proud American citizen now with love. So far there are no females on ranger teams yet. But I assume that you are blaming casualties on us anyways.

Sounds about right, Chuck. Besides, I thought we were all here to express our opinion on the subject; however, if you are considering my piece out of line with the language or arguments, I suggest you scroll down to a certain marine comment for contrast.

Any real 42 55 yr old women on here I Looking For A Man

Julious no airborne school doesnt require all the PT and yelling etc. BUT that yelling and PT puts the trooper under stress so that they know how to cope if lines are tangled, if one looses thier air and Ottawa sex night miriade of other problems that can occure during a jump.

You do what your told to the letter or you will die or kill someone else and by the black-hat i. SGT Airborne getting in someones grill about faling to propperly execute a task could savea troopers life.

We have been the elite force in the world and though I am not in to women serving outside the FOB or being in a combat arms role I feel that that they should toe the line just like every man. During OEF I had a man wounded and he weighed approx LBS I was able to through him over my sholder after dragging him to cover to get him out of the kill zone.

Would a women be able to do the same thing every time? And one more thought why is the first group only female officers???? Is so that their thoughts on the male NCO will Any real 42 55 yr old women on here more weight?

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The first standard you should try to meet is spelling followed by grammar. Rangers, I feel for you. The pussification of the famed Rangers has come to the rest of the feminized US Army. God save the Corps because politicians have destroyed the Army.

Any real 42 55 yr old women on here I Am Look Sexual Partners

HAHA, I completely agree. The Army is filled with old narrow-minded o,d who are so insecure the thought of a woman doing anything equal or better than them makes them shudder. Russian women and American women are two entirely different animals. Little Russian girls have more intestinal fortitude than most American men I know.

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Nikkita, just bc you have been attached to a Alpha detachment does NOT mean you were out on the front lines doing the job of a common infantryman. Ranger School is a elite school designed Any real 42 55 yr old women on here pushed the human body to extremes while also having to make sound decisions with the lives of your men hanging in the balance. Feminists continue to try to make the remark that this woman or that woman is stronger than most men but should we make a rule based on the exception?

Mar 01,  · Get the latest headlines on Wall Street and international economies, money news, personal finance, the stock market indexes including Dow . The three events that cause most students to recycle or fail Ranger School are the Ranger Physical Fitness Test (49x Push-ups, 59x Sit-ups, 5-mile run in under 40x minutes, and 6x Pull-ups) land navigation, and foot march. Hello!!! I changed my profile picture to my latest taken today on ALL SAINTS Day I am here on this site hoping to find someone to accompany me grow old,Someone who likes me and i like suzipixphotography.come who is honest, serious and true.

Because you know four women who you THINK could pass we should allow all the headaches women bring to the operation? Out there there is NO privacy.

You sleep three men to a sleeping bag just to stay warm for the hour you get to sleep.

When you come out of the field you have 10 min to shower. The installations are not set up to have separate bathrooms in Darby, mountains, or at swamp phase so there will have woemn be buildings constructed for them.

They will have to hurry and push women through so they can get the first female RI in each phase bc as soon as one of the females claim sexism no matter what the case is they will win bc of fear from higher. Women woken not go to RS. The day the first female makes it through us the day I stop wearing that tab. Just bc you have supported with SF doe not mean you are SF.

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Your exactly correct, Nikita. Women do get unfairly blamed concerning the military.

It the fault of whatever kneepad-wearing, paper-pushing, never-done-anything-on-deplopyment officer who is looking at a promotion and wants to please. They should in fact let women in, so that when those worthless loser males quit, Ay can feel like even bigger pieces of shit.

And then the women will fail in a week or two.

I have no problem with women going to Ranger school. Women are equal in every way to men as far as combat is concerned and should be afforded every opportunity to prove it. However, while we are at it, I believe om NFL needs to open its ranks to women.

Not a separate league, but the actual NFL. Every team should be forced to play at least 2 women on every down.

Any real 42 55 yr old women on here I Search Sex Chat

That should be interesting as far as game strategy is concerned. Again, not women against women, but women against men. Just keep the weight classes.

A pound female should do just fine against a pound male in the UFC.