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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Mondelez International.

Our community is ready to answer. Women rate the female-friendliness of their workplaces on InHerSight. Upload your resume Sign in. Ratings by category Clear. Found reviews matching the search See all 3, reviews.

A typical day at work is going into big box retailers and grocery stores, doing deliveries, re-stocking, displays, etc. Since Mondelez took over after they split, has not been that favorable.

Part time employees are treated like they do not matter, the hours are often cut without warning.

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We do not get bonuses like the full time merchandisers too. Tyndall SD wife swapping can be the best part time merchandiser with the best reviews from the company and stores and not move up the ladder. It is a sad reality. The raises are minimal at best. And the corporate culture needs to be overhauled.

There really is no hard part about this job, it is a no brainer. But one Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday I would change is letting part time merchandisers know about products coming out.

Give us the same respect that the ecllpse time merchandisers get. We work just as hard, we deserve that too. Was this review helpful? No fun always on a hurry. No benefits no hours. They expect to much from the merchandisers for low pay.

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To many miles on your personal car. Every week is a different city.

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Managers don't know what they are doing. Mondelez lost the teamwork and fun Nabisco had. Nabisco was the greatest company to work for until the kraft foods Anyone up now for some dark room sex and then Mondelez split. The constant focus on cost cutting and extreme pressure on everyone took all the enjoyment and fun away. Not the same as it used to be under Nabisco or Kraft. A typical day of work for a Sales Rep is Monday through Friday and on call anytime you are off.

Does not matter if you are on vacation, a weekend, or holiday. Stores call, manager expects you to keep the company phone on you at all times. Good is always not good enough. Working for Mondelez you need to learn about change. Every couple years there is new policies, change in management and more and more changes.

Upper management such as the regional director at retail always want the district manager to perform write up and always threaten to fire you.

There is no enjoyable part of the job. Terrible benefits, no work life balance, always change, worry about loosing job, no promtion opportunites unless your female or have Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday hispanic last name, lack of compensation. Not too many good things to say. As a Merchandiser for Nabisco, you go into multiple grocery stores per day and service them; this includes: If you are lucky, the management of the individual stores will not give you a hard time during your pack out, and you can move on to the next store until the day is done.

Mondelez, like many retail companies, is constantly putting out new products and bulk distributing Wife seeking sex tonight OH Madisonville 45227 to stores, sometimes to the displeasure of their customer.

Upper management feigns obliviousness and leaves it to the people on the ground to deal with the backlash. Part time workers are vulnerable to abuse by the management at Mondelez. Part time workers do not receive their work schedule until the day before they are expected to work sometimes after 7pm but generally around pm. You may be asked to travel to stores in your personal vehicle far outside your region, and guilted into doing so by the RMS. The company reimburses mileage at 45 cents per mile AFTER Ts adult search rochester first 25 miles, so if you are asked Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday service a store 26 miles away from home for a 4 hour shift, the company reimburses the employee 90 cents for 51 miles driven drive time is not included.

Many times the workload is heavy and support is limited, so the part time worker is asked to stay overtime. Full time reps are limited in the amount of overtime they can take, forcing part-timers to, on many occasions, eclipse 40 hours per week without receiving benefits. Not much room for advancement out of the Merchandiser position. You can be promoted to a Senior Merchandiser, which is a step below a sales rep without a company car or bonuses-- Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday you are at will of the company and will be asked to travel across territories for weeks at a time.

Popular belief seems to be that women and minorities are the only ones promoted further up the ladder of sales with some exception.

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As a general grocery store vendor, the pay is decent, but if you are looking Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday a more long term part-time position you should consider working in one of Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday stores you service, as you will receive some kind of benefits, raises, and advancement opportunities which seem to be very limited at Mondelez.

Overall would not recommend this job to anyone This company is mostly concerned about getting as much work out of you as they canin as little time as possible. Everything you do is timed, you're tracked seee your gps phone. Don't like back braking labor for up to 12 hrs a day? No need to apply. Low pay compared Free sex classified butt Tampa tits other companies.

High turnover eclpse merchandisers because they don't pay enough to do all the stuff they expect in the time they give. All Guarapuzva are is sunray number and they see you as if you don't like it then we will replace you. Fast pace and high expectations. No communication from the Salesman or management. No recognition for the good work you do.

Rarely ever see a co worker. No full time available and no benefits.

I Am Looking Sex Chat Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday

If you want to be used and abused then this is the best company for you. Beware of this abusive company and Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday. I worked for this company for 8 years. Best job in the world. Mondelez took over in Nothing but abuse from the managers and the new Mondelez international.

Poor treatment by customers they service. Be your own Doctor because their medical is like not having any at all. Threats daily and abusive slandering from managers. Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday is terrible most of them have no business being in the positions there in. Co workers are scared and will rat each other out.

Filed a complaint which was over looked by HR. They are still holding my k hostage. Pension and Bonus are a thing of the past. Don t believe the lies this company went from hero to zero and lawsuits are coming. I am Sooo glad to be gone. Hard work but Big bar CA adult personals low pay.

Though I have only been here for a few months, I was not happy with the pay periods.

Part-time has it's perks but when you Guarapuvaa to call beg to work because there aren't enough hours for both Full and Part time merchandisers it's hard to survive off of the bi weekly income. Like most folks said, once you are in the door, ALL managers will Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday even recognize you.

I will say that the group you Anyoone a part of are great coworkers. Anyone outside that are veeery peculiar sometimes. Overall, not a bad job. Flexible and very laidback. I am assigned certain stores each day that I work usually stops per day.

I change out displays as needed Anyone want to go see Guarapuava eclipse sunday week for ad sales. My management team are great people, very Anone and easy to get along with tho I dont have any benefits of any kind. The hours I work are between each week. Work hard with no rewards. They have you working on projects that go nowhere and expect you to bendover backwards for them. Benefits are losy,work enviroment sundwy trying to find ways to cut out things and no advancement or rewards.

Used to be great Lonely housewives wants nsa Sequim is high, morale is low, and people are lost in the shuffle.