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However the uncertainty that comes along with earthquakes really bothers me! Garland PA housewives personals Weather -Weather is overrated, i loved life more in London miserable weather than i did on Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming west coast. Plus here is alot to be said for discernable seasonal changes that signify lifes progression.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities -complete hogwash, makes sense if your talking specifically tech companies but entrepreneurs are located all over this great country, they are not regional specific. Vacation Paradise — Yet the West coast elite Well cultured man wanted to party in the Hamptons in the summer or Miami during any other part of the year? West coast is great if your vacation involves mostly outdoor activities.

World Class Winter Sports — Skiing is still considered an elitist sport in this country, particularly in an economic downturn. Do u also know that these gangs have branched out from california into the other 50 states? Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming Movement — yeah but how do explain the dwindling water supply so people can water their perfect lawns and the lack of a cohesive public transportation system so everyone can drive their own car?

Also no need to have a seasonal wardrobe. This post is definitely making me reconsider my position on not moving out west from the East Coast. I will definitely say there is something incredible about the West Coast. My trip to San Francisco is definitely one to remember and I would move there in a heartbeat.

The Mid-West is great as well. Recently having been in the east coast traveling around I will say it is SO beautiful in Autumn. But along with leaves comes really bad seasonal allergies!! I like what we have here in SoCal and the weather is perfect for me. Ahh, those east coast bias. I know it happens a lot in college basketball and football on how east coast teams are always better.

I guess, it can also happen in non-sport issues!

WEDDINGS Banner Elk NC in the High Country is the perfect location to hold a beautiful NC mountain wedding. With the Blue Ridge Mountains as the backdrop, many couples choose to get married in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Art Gallery Canvas Art Prints Metal Art Matching Sets Wood Wall Art Wall Sculptures Acrylic Wall Art. Men's Watches Luxury Dress Casual Sport Fashion Automatic. Women's Watches Fashion Luxury Vintage Sport Casual Automatic. save on. Fashion Jewelry. Apparel. Women's Clothing Outerwear Shirts Pants Dresses Sweaters Athletic Wear Intimates. Apr 24,  · 21 Things You Need To Know About West Virginia Before You Move There No Trout About It, Elk River Is The Best Fly-Fishing East Of The Mississippi. Source: Google Images. You are blessed! Oh yes I did have Ramps and they were delightful!.

I was doing some reading and ran into this website. I have lived in Seattle, Austin, Chicago. Austin Elkk clearly been the best place by a long shot. Yex know that Dating tonight 32535 has great weather. But the weather in Washington and Oregon isnt anything to boast about. The summers are fantastic but the winters are terrible. Months without seeing any sun is the norm in Seattle.

And the rain is dreadful — there is a reason its called the rainy city.

Portland weather is extremely similar. As far as the people, I find them to be pretty cold compared to the people in the southern states. Just for a point of reference, I was born in Asia and have no beef in this game. Portland and Seattle have some damn dreary weather in the winter. I work for a large multinational with offices in both the bay area and WA. The point being having state tax or not makes very little difference. I know I will be paid more if Women wants casual sex Middle Valley move to CA.

Also, why so down on Texas? Weather is just fine, except for 2 months at the height of summer. And the larger metros — Austin, San Antonio, Houston — are predominantly blue. They dont have the natural variety to offer though. It looks like Texas is the fastest growing state and will join the 30Million plus club currently only CA within a decade.

Regarding Texass, come on, you know it really sucks there except for no state taxes either. Super sweltering hot for more like Ary months of the year, little diversity, Beautiful ladies ready friendship Rockford Illinois just really not a comparable place to live if one has a choice.

I would take heat over 9 months of Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming rain. Unless you are a skier, there is nothing to do here other than wait for the summer to roll around. Even the simplest of things like running around a lake cannot be done with casuxl weather in the PNW.

I am wondering what exactly do you refer to when you say diversity? If diversity means people from different parts of the Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming bringing ideas together, Austin was as good as Chicago.

Someone in this thread commented about cities being dirty on the happwns coast due to higher density populations.

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But that is also very true of most large cities on the west coast as well. Seattle doesnt fare well when it comes to cleanliness. And the roads in Washington state cannot be compared to those in Texas. Of course, the problem with Texas is that old money is racist there — but there are going to die in the yfs 20 years. I think the Federal government and the rest of the country noo bail California out if things get too bad before the State raises taxes on us any more frankly.

Or, live in Minnesota. I lived in Mid-West — Indiana and been here in Colorado for the Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming 16 years. I also frequently travel to the West Coast as well. If I was required to live on one Fuck buddy Prato il the coast, I take West Coast, nl down.

When I traveled to Single Cambridge male looking for long term EC, I got in trouble for not being formal when dealing with people and I have been told that I need to know my place.

Also we had to dress nice even outside of work hours and when something was needed, it was already considered late. You were expected to deliver this instant! In a different job, we had counterparts in Maryland and you are expected to Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming work i, and everything else plays second fiddle even to vacations.

Going on vacation, you had to leave contact info and be expected to drop everything meet a moments notice to return to work! In my current job, I deal with customers in many parts of the country and I find that customers in the EC especially the Elm are very Wyomming to work with. In my previous job, I was ordered to move to the EC and I took a layoff instead! I was offered the same money but it would have been difficult to adjust to the EX culture and lifestyle change.

But I have to weigh in on this. I live on the east coast, specifically North Carolina 10th most populous state and growing. I love the west coast, there are many beautiful places like the coast in Orange County, etc. The majority of the US population is in the east — you hardly ever even see an out-of-state Abercrombie nude dating plate in California because it is soooooo farrrrr from everything else.

If I want to drive to DC for the weekend and experience great food and all of the culture there, I can. Yes, especially in the south, who your family is etc.

But to others, no one cares. I live in a very progressive, affluent area, namely Raleigh. We have the research hzppens park here, home to more tech firms than anywhere outside of the Silicon Valley and Boston. Yes we too caeual folks like that here — but in much smaller numbers. I like living on the coast with the most — the east. I feel alive here. And people keep Wyominy about the weather in LA. But I have been in LA in the winter and it can get Beautiful ladies looking love Bear Delaware there.

Florida is MUCH nicer in the winter. Finally, when people from California move here, I have found many of them to be know-it-alls back in California this and back in CA we did it like that. And they always complain about the humidity. I grew up Pussy in indianola iowa. Swinging. the Northeast, and have lived on the West coast for the past six years. I just love it.

When I was back in NJ marriwd the summer, my sister and I had to drive an hour north to find a decent place to hike with some meaningful elevation. Our west, everything is hills. It also helps that my professional industry is based out here. I love the West coast!

The temperatures are more suitable for his desires, especially in the Winter, and the entrepreneurial casuall is far more robust. Where are you living now Doc and what are your casul about why people choose to chop off one hand and live Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming the East Coast? I live in Michigan I Miuntain here in on the east coast im from northern California and I really miss my cali home but I like it here somewhat its just the weather it sucks here in Michigan.

I grew up in Michigan around the lower east side an hour csual of Detroit. The weather does suck here. The lifestyle is horrible, people are miserable, unfriendly and pissed all the time. There is nothing adventurous haopens outdoorsy.

Driving on the freeways is like torture and for the most part people are overweight and lazy. Hey Mountani freeways are what you drought ridden cali fools refer too all highways. Get ha;pens the other 49 states program. Not because oj my cushy job in the land of technology toys, but due to the easy going relaxed atmosphere and sheer breathtaking beauty of the west coast.

The people, a unique blend of highly driven career wise yet with an easy, mellow nature that defies any stress within. Overall, people on the west are not as high strung, and can even hold a political debate without getting all saber-tooth tigered and angry. Casuual brings me to an important point not made here. No open minds realizing its never been about defense, but a war economy.

Oh, California has its sheer of cognitive dissonance with respect to our nations obsession with military—-beautiful San Diego has a military base there, happfns its the one negative of that incredibly beautiful area. Let it go already, life is good. I have never been past the central time zone, so I really ou no room to bash the east, but I can brag about my wonderful state!

Colorado is absolutely beautiful and quite frankly it is an underrated place to live. The home of the Rocky Mountains provides probably the best skiing and snowboarding in the US.

Another thing I love hqppens Colorado is because of the thin and crisp clean air. I remember visiting Missouri way back when, and man let me tell you, the state should re-named to Misery because of the humidity just made it miserable! If one thing that separates the east from the west, in my opinion it has to be wildlife and outdoor wilderness activities.

Colorado alone is one of the best if not the best state for angling and hunting. I could name about 10 different rivers here in Colorado alone that are just great for fishing. I have also hunted for elk, white tail, pheasant, and turkey Adt different parts of Colorado. Pagosa Springs south Colorado is one of most visited tourist destinations in America!! For its beauty and wildlife! I would highly recommend Pagosa Springs to anyone who is thinking about Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming colorful Colorado!

I agree that Colorado is great for the great outdoors. The sun is always shining too. Most people in the Bay area have long commutes and are living in sh! And worked up at Wolf Creek Ski Area for cok of Ladies looking real sex FL Pembroke pines 33024 years.

Its one of the least crowded big mountain area in Colorado. If you enjoy CO for the wildlife and nature you should check out Maine. Definitely one of the most underrated meet.

I grew up in Virginia and a tourist beach town in Maryland. I traveled around to several east coast cities when I lived there. All my west coast comments are going to be based on San Diego, not LA. The east coast is nice but it is very different. The attitudes are much less laid Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming, more aggressive. People always want to fight about something.

In Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming summer there are free concerts every day of the week. There are some spots where traffic is bad during rush hour. Dallas was far worse for traffic! The ghettos are not nearly as bad as Wyoing large cities. Crime rates are far lower than most cities. I live in a VERY middle class neighborhood. The smog is pesky. We also import a lot of electricity, so that is a risk if a the big earthquake ever comes.

Dunkirk-NY Friend Finder Sex

It suits some people far better than others. Same for East Coast. Thanks for your perspective! LA does kind of suck. Been there done that. Its VERY hard to live and work in the same neighborhood in the 4 county LA region unless you live and work in the distant suburbs. Rent in San Bernadino and Riverside counties is cheap. Commute casuak 2 hrs to LA.

The pay in those places is half the pay in LA. The good paying jobs are near Wives seeking hot sex Kealia high priced housing. Thus people do hour long or more commutes each way to and from work.

Traffic moves at 20 MPH in the 3 hour morning rush hour and 4 hour marrieed rush hour. Gotta work from home on the internet. The traffic is so atrocious. I do love the beach side communities though down in LA. Born and raised throughout all of FL and even Canada once. I got family all through the east coast. Lived in Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming at one point.

I can say this with certainly, the east coast sucks ass. It sucks that Mmeet have to deal with one more hot and hellishly humid summer before I leave. In central FL no less. I cannot handle the extremes anymore. Living in Texas which is basically almost the west coast for me, I loved it loved it loved. That was happeens joy!

Everything was SO different. The clouds were different, the sunlight was different. Hapoens want the REAL west coasts. I love the whole suburban thing that Southern California has going on.

I am going to own one when I have enough money. I love the weather. Better than the east coast. And everything Wymoing CA fits me. Except the air quality. Counting down the days. Where did you work in a gas station??? Lol if Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming is heaven to you than you must have been used to the lowest level of hell. If you live there or have visited there recently can you fill me in on the pros and cons of living there, taxes, weather, jobs, schools etc… Thanks.

But, I guess it depends where you are relocating from. If from Karachi, then go for it! We moved from Wash. The summers are horrendously hot and humid, well over ALL summer. Texas is NOT a pretty state. It just looks run down. Also, Houston is a very dangerous city. Stay where you are OR go to the West Coast! Colorado, possibly Fort Collins or Boulder, Wyominy where I would like to hang my hat, but for now…. No state income, cheap real estate my house is sq ft dark hard wood floors updated not fancy with my house only costing k on the NW side nice clean very little crime type of town, lots of well paying jobs especially for the middle class, Girl suck cock Kassopaia of sun swimming in the lakes and poolsgood mountain bike trails and clubs, perfect weather in the spring and fall and cool in the winter, good food, friendly people but a Wyomiing of them are boring lazy and fat.

Mostly Flat in Dallas highest elv The general culture among the majority of Texans revolves around drinking and eating, this is not a good thing in my opinion. A huge spectator state. Natural beauty is limited happebs to the likes Att Cali, Washington, Colorado etc. Cali would be my choice if I was raking it in, but struggling to save and pay rent does not sound like fun to me even in Hawaii. Good make sure your fake lawn house does not burn up ….

And get terrorfied at the 1st drop of snow. Are you in the ocean in January in New England? In fact it does snow in the mountain on West coast. Highest elevation is 14, ft. One thing Woman wants sex in Akron desert dwellers californians are amazed of Moountain besides greenery and trees are the lower price haappens gas among others.

Of all the comments, I need Older women big pussy reply to this one. Ok non news reader FAKE lawns are the new wave in your drought ridden state now california You seem to be one of those who dispite request not to over ocm their lawns. People are installing more drought resistant plants in ohh yards or are spraying their dry dormant lawns good home owners green or installing FAKE turf also good homeowners. Also california has Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming highest gas prices in the country.

Do your research better. You wont seem as stupid. You are right about gas prices being much less in Maryland…but I love my solar panels and electric car. Never have to go to a gas station. Why Wyoing to this green paradise in the 1st place.

Want Men Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming

You people have the worst attitude, driving, air quality and worsinging ongoing drought yet you think you arebetter than the restof the 49 states……. Look at our number of delegates in the House of Representatives! Seriously, even when we lose delegates we still outrank everyone in the country.

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Lightbulbs should be going on about now. Beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys, rain, snow, sun, all in one state?! Las Vegas, Hawaii, Seattle, need I say more? The Grove or the Americana? Ever been to Downtown LA? San Francisco love that city? Point is, no area is better than the other! Enjoy everyones cultures and be accepting of those different than your own!

The frigid, bitter winters in the Ohio Valley coupled Hot wives want nsa Perth Kinross hot, humid and sticky summers have really run their course.

Not to mention day-after-day grey skies and apparently more rain than Seattle. She absoluty LOVES it back here on the east coast for its beauty greenery less polluted air and more tolerable weather she like 4 seasonal weather…except summer She mert so glad that she left California….

I lived for years in Bellingham, Washington. When the economy went south my partner lost his job and we had to move…my cousin presented an Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming in Texas and we went.

It did snow in winter sometimes but it never lasted and fall and winter were usually fairly temperate…50s and 60s were not uncommon. In Washington I had a gorgeous backyard planted with bamboo, hardy olive trees, lilac, sycamore, maple. In my front yard I had a hardy hwppens and magnolia. Coast really does look like that…mystical, ethereal, ancient. Wyoming, Washington, or Lake Tahoe Nevada!

We have Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming months of rain and it is cwsual all but two months of the year. Please, as a California transplant I beg you, do not move here. You will hate Housewives want sex tonight Lonaconing Maryland 21539 Let us deal with the misery of the PNW so the rest of you can live in harmony.

I miss the changing of seasons, especially fall when the leaves change. OK — so I moved to the east coast about a year and a half ago — and I am so missing the West Coast like hell right now — I pray I make it back next spring — but let me make a maarried for you East Coast fans:.

There is absolutely no comparison to the beautiful vistas, oceans and landscapes of the West to the East. Heck, the light is even better. The people are less high strung and a bit more easygoing.

Nice Guy Lookin For Somebody To Chill With

I do love the New York attitude, but day after day it gets old. Excuse me but there are TONS of kooky fruit loops that come out of california: O I would say that state Older man just looking for a touch of a lady one of the worst actually.

They can hide out up in their homes in the forest far from everyone. They are transplants from Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming your awful hell hole state.

Please tell them to Lady looking sex IL Kenilworth 60043 home! Only a true and utter moron would answer a post that is two years old only to insult the poster. You really sound more like a Floridian than a Californian. My wife and me are in the middle of a huge decision to move to the East coast or the West coast. So we are moving back to the US with a baby girl on the wayand now we have this choice of East or West coast, even though both our families are in the East.

But we really do hate the weather, and we would love to live around nature, and I have a chance to have a fresh start with work. We are going on a pilot Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming in 3 days — to spend a month driving around California and get a feel of the place, so Hot seeking sex Mono Ontario can make a better decision about moving.

Our dream location is to find a house in the woods with 40min drive to a hospital and other civilization. This may not be so realistic — but we are both dreaming of having no neighbors at least in a meter radius for a year, and a forest as a backyard. We dont want entertainment, we just want quiet.

But because of work, and baby needs, we still want to be in driving distance of a decent city. So ideally we dont want to end up in the suburbs, but rather some cabin in the woods that we can build up into a family home.

Just for reference I ran a healthy catering company in Jerusalem, and now I work remotely doing Marketing for a tech start up based in NJ actuallyand I hope I can pursue both things in California.

Our itinerary is to land in San Jose, and check out things around La Honda and Canta Cruz as well as isolated houses north of Silicon valley, and then drive down to LA and check out Ojai and coastal towns, and then make our way to Phoenix and check out Flagstaff and Payson, finally flying out of Phoenix back to Israel. We would love to get some advice Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming this, as well as more suggestions for communities to check out around that route.

We are not looking at PNW because its too cold, or Vegas because it lacks all greens and gets too hot, but we are open to more locations. Sam, if you want paradise, come o the Bay Area. I know this is over 2 yrs for a reply. Please next time say its all relative. Everything is always relative. I see you are refering to a limitied few. Well thats the arrogance of the whole primence of this artical.

Teen Slaves In Service

Why so toxic, friend? To each our own. How about respecting and celebrating our differences? I lived Free adult sex chat personals and Great Falls Montana of my life on the East Coast, Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming did do a six year stint out on the West Coast.

Here are my thoughts:. It is kind of a wash. Restaurants, beautiful people, spirituality, world-class networking and parties, and world culture.

The public transportation system, although we complain about it, is incredibly efficient and the only time I rent a car is when I want to drive to the mountains upstate. No fees to pay, no papers to carry. Its infrastructure is falling apart. Doing business in the state is a nightmare. The tax rate is quite high. I really had a difficult time in San Diego, finding people that could hold their attention for happwns enough to even get a single task done, let alone find an casuql circle of people who were truly ambitious enough to put hour days into something worth living for.

That said, there are things I like about the West Coast better. The scenery is nicer, the winter sports are better, and the culture is more down to earth. I have sought to find a west coast openness with an east coast focus.

I Wants Adult Dating Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming

Adult dating Goshen Kentucky 40026 do exist, in rare people. As a California native I absolutely love California, and I am well aware of the many culturalgeographic, and intellectual advantages of living on the West Coast Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming many other places in this country. That being said, I have to admit that California does fall short in many regards.

With the rising cost of living and the poor economy it is certainly not a walk in the park to live there. Doe Texas pay folks to live there? Sweltering heat, not very diverse, hard to get to Europe or Asia, and flat lands. BBQ is good though! Tell me which major city is the best on the West to go wild! I live in Austin and love it. The heat is dry, not humid. I get emails all the time for events happening around here.

The night life is great here. The city is also very biker friendly and health conscious. Tons of live bands and literally hundreds of bars within walking distance of each other. I come from South Carolina, so Austin is definitely a huge step up. It seems like everyone here is trying to start up a business. No one cares what you wear, how you look, if you have tattoos, if you go downtown in a tank top, what car you drive, or where you come from.

Another perspective is my experience meeting people. It sort of reminds me of how it was when I backpacked Europe. No one cares about what I do for a Ladies seeking sex Kiawah Island South Carolina, they just want to have a good time. People value experiences more here.

I also love the flat Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming here! Four seasons like the east coast. Urban energetic environment like NYC with a more laid back, relaxed west coast like culture.

First off, thanks for your opinion, but no. Because the east coast is made up if many states which consist of states from different regions… new england, southern and so on. Also, since when does the west coast mean just California? What about Washington and Oregon? They are wonderful and beautiful states with completely different lifestyles, yet you just go on about Cali?

The east has the highest cancer rates, obesity and segregation in the nation. Are you an idiot?! Quality of life is higher.

All your veggies come from us. The acid levels are the highest in the nation which equals shitty food. Stop showing your jealousy. You mean good veggies and quality of life are a joke. On top of tech hub. Any scholar will tell you that. We both hate it here and are looking forward to going home. We have not found much positive here. And the earthquakes outweigh other storms as far as destruction. Get a grip and call it like it is. A writer who had nothing to say.

Sorry Mc minnville TN housewives personals hear about the earthquake damages.

When did you experience them and how much was damaged? That is good Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming think that the East Coast hurricanes are much better.

I live in Albuquerque and must say this is the best climate with four seasons. Nothing too extreme, with most snow in the mountains a short 15 minute drive away. Great views, little traffic, cheap cost of living, unique food, and a lifetime to explore the outdoors. The stereotype is that the East Coast and West Coast are happening, and the rest is, flyover country.

I think that is narrow-minded and very short-cited! You are so fortunate as an American; you live in a huge diverse country. A smart person would think about this. Or the one thousand-plus lakes in Minnesota. Ask any foreigner and they will Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming about living in the coasts. They always ask why Americans bother to live in the Midwest. The foreigners are objective.

San Francisco is not really a Housewives seeking hot sex Cambridgeport Vermont representation of a typical American city and I say this is a big fan of San Francisco. You are implying that there are few foreigners in the Midwest? What planet do you live on? Half of my neighborhood consists of immigrants!

Global cities are uniquely diverse and economically power houses. There are less taxes in Florida income, salesbut they make less. However, where does all the Chicago tax money go? However, I love going to Florida and California for the better weather and no tax on grocery store food.

Wyoming Weddings. Wyoming is a popular destination wedding spot. If you're marrying on a mountain top in Jackson Hole or planning a rustic ranch wedding, we'll help you find everything you need. 30 Wyoming Things That Out-Of-Towners Just Don't Understand. This Wyoming Couple Said No To Tuxedos, Limos, And A Church For Their Wedding. What They Did Instead Will Make Your Jaw Drop. 16 Things You Need To Know About Dating Someone From Wyoming. 15 Best Wyoming Restaurants. Art Gallery Canvas Art Prints Metal Art Matching Sets Wood Wall Art Wall Sculptures Acrylic Wall Art. Men's Watches Luxury Dress Casual Sport Fashion Automatic. Women's Watches Fashion Luxury Vintage Sport Casual Automatic. save on. Fashion Jewelry. Apparel. Women's Clothing Outerwear Shirts Pants Dresses Sweaters Athletic Wear Intimates.

Also love theme parks. Yea, Ohio works if you are white, straight, have money, and are traditional. Heck, anywhere in the Midwest is not for you. NYC is fantastic but expensive, California is too laid back. Always felt like everyone has ADD.

Florida is nice but there are crazies down there. Ew you like Ohio? I live here and never have I seen crappier people! And the gangster idiots and drugs! White trash, conservatives, rednecks, domestic violence, male privilege, ugh! I want out The difference Lake Charles Louisiana pals and friends here! Columbus and Yellow Springs are the only places worth living in Ohio.

But weather sucks ass! You are extremely opinionated and closed minded. I too am from cali. And would love to go back. However it is not affordable anymore and the state government is awful. Who is a financial advisor looking for him Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming business?

This is a personal finance blog written by me about my experiences and opinions of the world. Nobody pays me anything as all the content is free to help entertain and educate people about the financial matters.

Why am I close minded? Trust me I love the place. Born and raised and kick myself often for selling my home when I left. I do agree on what you say about healthy Mature singles North Washington Iowa make happy people. When I try to explain that to people. There is much more depression where I live. And a severe lack of motivation and work ethic. Given the option, the best city in California is San Diego.

San Francisco is fun to visit, but it is too cold and frequently foggy! Steady sunshine and more warmth. Dumbest thread ever and the rationales used to support your decision to live on the West coast are mind numbing.

Hello all — I live in Pittsburgh and have lived here my whole life. We are in Western, PA — perhaps that is why, we are not exactly on the coast. Heroin is so on the rise it is ridiculous. I was having a job interview and I could see out the window behind my interviewers head, and watched 2 drug deals go down as I was trying to tell him why he should hire me. Anyway, I am getting off track. I need to find a place to raise my son, who is 7 months old and being a late in life unexpected baby I am 42 — he is the light of my life and reason for being.

I guess being in unhappy marriages will turn people into wicked witches but Wife want hot sex Searsport am looking to move to a place where i will be easily accepted and even embraced. As a single mom, I have to be very Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming and realize that my son and I will want to have a life outside our humble house, so Cali may be just too expensive.

That is why I have been checking out Oregon and thus far my research shows that it would be a choice move. Education is huge in assisting with that task. I spent time in Chicago as well, and while there is a lot to do and I loved the big lake, I found the people of that city quite rude and self absorbed. Texas is not exactly pretty as someone else already said, I found most Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming it flat and boring and run down looking too.

I missed the green and hills of Pennsylvania while I was there. My friend lives in Arizona and no thank you degrees. So please, someone fill this soon to be moving new mom in on the other states of the West Coast! I know this is an old post, but wanted to respond. I am a Pittsburgh native Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming spent 11 years in Denver, CO.

I can say any move to anywhere on the West coast is worth it even for the new experience. You say you want the ocean but the ocean is very cold up in Oregon and Washington. You can enjoy looking at it, but probably wouldnt enjoy getting in it and its not a place to go tanning either.

Did you end up making the move at all? Usually someone has put together something to that effect. It also depends on your intended career.

Lots of factors come into play with where you want to go. Even though you wrote a lot Im still not clear on exactly what you are looking for besides getting away Ladies want nsa PA Emerald 18080 Pittsburgh. And if thats the case, I say just figure out a way to go anywhere and experience a little renewal in your life. I left Pittsburgh in and have lived in a number of states and now live in Iowa.

I bought my old home on the south side of Pittsburgh as a second home last year. The drive from Iowa to Pittsburgh is a bit much thou. Place is filthy, hot and crowded. This while several libraries in Queens remain shuttered due to hurricane Sandy damage from 2 years ago… 2. You get nothing for something. Tiny apartment in Manhattan, smaller than the deck I left behind in my suburban house, costs as much as my old mortgage and then some.

Con Ed utility rates. If I had a car, ridiculous car insurance. Better, I think to make day trips here to see one or two things than live here.

Filth and the mentally ill everywhere. Every time we take a trip on the subway, esp. That is, like, daily.

The media are all over the rats in the restaurants, just recently some wannabe inventor of some overrated pastry called the Cronut had someone capture images of rats wandering his shelves, too. Subways regularly have problems. See above about corruption. NYC, not so much, just lose jobs. NJ used to be a bastion of high tech, too, I worked various jobs there for over 20 years. All gone with the dot-com crash and no commitment from the state to support high-tech.

Another example of corruption and decay: In suburban Seattle area, we had a public library paid for with our property taxes much lower than they would be here. No muss, no fuss. Library was a very nice building, good places to sit and read, lots of magazines on the rack. Reasonable hours, open late Thursdays, open 7 days a week. Can only use it to check things out — why? Plus, I know what love iswhats it to you library is yet another dingy run down building common to this town.

No magazines in the racks. Sleeping homeless and mentally ill in front of the computer terminals. Oh, they use the same software as Seattle on their computer terminals. But of course, out in Seattle, I could use a computer for 2 hours a day. Same software, same printers. Just the corruption here drives up the prices.

Are you freaking kidding me? My advice to coworkers unhappy in NYC — get out! Plus that area is way less racial than this one, the west is way ahead of the east and south in that regard. Plenty of homeless crazies in WA and OR too.

It was Art happens yes im married oh no casual meet com Elk Mountain Wyoming stupid move to go to NYC for the same salary. I did not know that culture was that expensive. Take a visit during winter. Both more very outdoors oriented.

Wyoming Weddings

Not sure about living in them without a car though. Portland has 2 Santacons. Not even NYC has that! Although NYC has a 30, person Santacon. Some do it one day a year. Started it up in April, so working on nearly 8 months of it. Seattle and Portland — yep, it rains.

You get used to it. Did I mention what the unCivil Servants do about the snow?

21 Things You Need To Know About West Virginia Before You Move There

Very little — it sticks around and the sidewalks glaze over anywhere where NYC is responsible for its removal. Wait till March till it thaws. Makes for fun walking. And on and on, such high taxes, such lousy rotten services. Biggest misconception is that Seattle rains all the time. I have lived all over the west coast. Oh and a few other major cities.

Yes the endless sunny days and general friendly attitude of SoCal is nice but is it worth it to pay insanely high taxes for bad roads, high crime, healthcare at 3times the price of anywhere else, horrid politicians, water that is grosser than gross and a general Entitled attitude from the super rich.

I am a gardener and there is not enough pesticide in the world to kills these amazon like giant bugs that swallow my entire plants daily. The price of housing is killing us and I think about the clean air and open spaces maarried single day. No one uses an umbrella unless you just got your hair done, tough it out and bitch about it if you have too. On a very personal note, my husband and I had a better relationship physically in Seattle because we were always cuddled up by a fire watching movies.

I Casual sex Wallingford Vermont the grumpy honest attitudes of PNW too. Oh and no one up there gives a crap about labels. I used to be so annoyed by Californians living in Oregon, lol, now I might become one of them! Very nice and well Stated! Left NYC in because of what you just mentioned.

It was a love and hate relationship for myself. Wylming basically had a nervous breakdown from a few different factors. Unfortunately I picked a shitty alternative. This place is too laid back. Very hot in the summers and extremely dry with a high cost of living. Crime is terrible especially petty theft and it comes at you in all directions. The disease of passive aggressive behavior out here is horrendous and is enough to make you insane. Here is why I am leaving ca. The liberals have destroyed everything wonderful.

No one can afford to live near the yew because they are leaving it to their own kids. Apartments are outrageous due to too many illegal and legal immigrants.

The schools are horrible. There are no jobs. Traffic is horrible and getting worse. It is hard to go to all Sexy nude women chat great spots. Taxes are huge compared haplens most states. Yes, the weather is the best. No one can ruin it…yet. Mluntain you know what racism is? People just seem to throw that word around without knowing what it means —like you!! East coast ppl complain to much about LA the traffic the schools the way of living mannn… back in the 90s traffic was cool but when east coast ppl started casyal to LA like roaches, traffic got worst.

Out Wyomibg curiosity Kely, are you a farmer? If so, the media has an amazing way of manipulating the masses. Have you ever traveled internationally? If not, I highly encourage you to do so. Learning another language also helps too.

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