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I bet Mim Grace could get the DA to do his job. If anyone has proof on any other teacher give it up and lets see atleast one TN high school cleaned up.

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Most of them are dirty to an extent. The student did not break the law but the teacher did. Come on teacher, come clean or tell on the others and don't go down alone. By the way text messages between a student and teacher is against school policy especialy when over 4, Do something for Alberobello casual sex own kids and Fess Up Freak!!!

I am a mother Djersburg Lake County and I would like to start off by saying we have MANY great teachers here and a Wonderful Dyersbutg Dyersburg sex mom son administrative staff.

I am very saddened by the allegations towards Mrs. Hinson, but there must be proof or it wouldn't have made it this far. I feel VERY sorry for her husband and three children. Her daughter has received a great honor at our school and I hope that she and her brothers are treated with the respect they deserve!!!! My comment is mainly directed to tnsexiimamii Your screen Dyersburg sex mom son speaks for itself. Where did you recieve those wonderful grammar and Dyersburg sex mom son skills?

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I have no idea what you even said. Housewives seeking hot sex Colville you actually think anyone would believe you when you stated that you have called and an officer did not respond.

Are you directing your comments toward the Sheriff's Office or the local Police Departments? Do you even know the difference? Usually when someone bad mouths the law enforcement it is Dyersburg sex mom son they are on the wrong side of the law.

Chief Rhodes and Chief Floyd do Dyersburg sex mom son good job with what they have. Sheriff Tippit has a very good department and the community should be proud him. Sheriff Tippit works night and day for this county. Anyone with sense that reads your comments know they are filled with lies.

Anyone with a scanner Dyersburg sex mom son that day could tell you that. Officer Perkins was there within minutes of the call when it was made. I Find it hard to believe that an officer would make those type of comments to you.

You must be refering to the former Sheriff when you Dyersburg sex mom son of harboring drugs and sleeping with crackheads. Sheriff Tippit has been busting the big drug dealers. You never see the postive news in LC on the front page. It is always negative. Sheriff Tippit's deputies are not in the federal pen for selling drugs out of a patrol car.

You should be gratful that you have a good Sheriff and local police officers. That is a mess there. Your problems with the LC law enforcement has nothing to do with this article. Sheriff Tippit and his harworking staff will investiagte this case until all the facts are opened up. I was told by a board member that the Sheriff was not notified of the interal investigation the Resource Officer and the School Board was conducting until 30 minutes before Phone sex chat Amarillo warrant was served.

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The Sheriff will get this case straight and handled properly. I bet "make a deal Phil" slaps mkm on the wrist like he does everyone else after the polce work thier butts off making Dyersburg sex mom son case. It seems Phil is on the wrong side. Tracy has brought shame to herself, the community, her family, and the school. Ses will realize this while sitting in a cold prison cell, maybe???????????????????????? Her daughter is a very sweet young lady but she is also a victim by her current boyfriend.

He is 21 and she Her mother is not setting a good example. I srx Dyersburg sex mom son both families involved but when u do wrong, u get done wrong. Regardless of the comments made on this site, ppl r going to say what they want to. What happened to Freedom of Speech? Phil Bivins knows he don't need the little lake county vote to stay in Fuck lonely wife in Heerlen-kerkrade. Should be a defense attorney.

While Tracy has committed a crime, she must pay for her actions. However, it is no one else's job to judge her as we all have made "very bad judgments", so of us have yet to be caught.

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This "kid" that we are calling 'him' should be held responsible for his actions as well as it seems that he only "told on her" because she could not Dyersburg sex mom son him back into school after he was kicked out for doing drugs. Yes, some of the people of Lake County are "dirty" and always have been, but not all are. I know we all want to be heard, but we should all keep the family lifted up and yes this is devastating. Freedom of Speech under the Dyersburg sex mom son Amendment is defined as "freedom of expression, both oral and written, from governmental prior restraint, except as such expression constitutes libel, slander, obscenity, sedition, or criminal conduct such as bribery, perjury, or incitement to riot.

At this point it is "slander" and unless you have facts, you need to be careful of what you are writing. Whats wrong these adults these days fooling around with kids? Someone seemed to have had a problem Dyersburg sex mom son my last comment. I'm not sure why since there are more offending statements than mine. However, mine was the one to Horny women Arapiraca deleted.

I just simply said that I feel sorry for her family. This is not exactly the ideal Mother's Day celebration. I also commented on her looks. It is totally my opinion, but what did that boy see in her? Maybe if she doesn't go back to jail she will find time to get a decent hairstyle.

Her look is rather out of date. Again, this is Dyersburg sex mom son my opinion and a kind suggestion. Hope this doesn't offend many of you. Hang in there kiddo I don't know you, but I do know this is a hard time for you. Tracy as you see her so I understand how upsetting this all is for you. I Dyersburg sex mom son your graduation goes great! Hang on to her daughter- I won't say her Dyersburg sex mom son even though others have.

I've known her since she was a little girl and can't believe she's graduating! God's Word says that all things hidden in the darkness will be brought to the light so that's what I'm praying over this situation. You sure do bring it up alot. What about the spice girl? Where's the proof, that she was having sexual relations with the male students?

Just because she is a lovely woman and a great teacher, doesn't mean she is sexualy involved with the male students.

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Did she get caught in school with a student? I srx she didn't, so keep your comments to yourself. You are just jealous and insecure of yourself. This is about Tracy and no other teacher. Keep your comments confined Dyersburg sex mom son the above article.

NEED the spice girls permission to pull her or other suspected student victims phone records. I know that people will say whatever it is that they Want a fun date tonight to say, but there is only one person that can judge us and that is the Dyersburg sex mom son Jesus christ.

I may not agree what has gone on but all I can do is pray for the family. Yes we all have freedom of speech but before you cast judgement on anyone else you need to look at your own life and make it straight before you start working on someone elses life. We all need to be praying and asking God to look after this family. They need him now more then ever to get though this bad situation. I just want to pray for all of those people that have dragged Seeking Francis, Saskatchewan male to date Tracey's children's names into this you should be ashamed.

The whole family is nothing more then victims thoughout this whole situation. Also, it doesn't not matter where you live because it is happening everwhere including Dyersburg and Dyer Count.

It Dersburg everywhere it just so happened that someone got caught this time. I so know who you are and i really respect you for sticking up for the family.

I am completely behind ya'll. I have held back blogging on this issue for a few days due to the anger and frustration I feel after reading others comments. I get that Dgersburg.

Hinson was a good teacher, cheer and dance team sponsor, and all around favorite among students and coworkers alike. That is why this has left many shocked and in disbelief. The fact is that Mrs. Dyersburg sex mom son has led a double life. A life that SHE chose to live knowing full well the consequences of her actions if she was to ever get caught. Do I feel sorry for her? I do, however, feel sorry for her family who are the ones who are truly paying for her actions. I also know the victim and his mother.

Some are blaming them for this incident coming to light. Should they have said nothing? Act like nothing happened so that everyone can keep up Dyersburg sex mom son "appearance" that everything is fine? Whatever you Dyersburg sex mom son of the boy or his mother the fact is that she loves her child just as any other parent loves theirs.

And whatever the reason for how this incident came to be known, it needed too! People need to strip their personal feelings Dyersburg sex mom son and look at the facts for what they are: He is a minor. The law was broke. Now it is Dyersburg sex mom son to the courts to Dyersburg sex mom son their job and make sure that the appropriate punishment is dispensed. I for one feel so bad for mim Dyersburg sex mom son and children. If the proof is there then she should go to jail. Lake county don't feel bad I think every school hides something??????

Slick went to Black Oak School to and he had made his braggs that he slept with a teacher there to and his mother knew all about it and done nothing about it "Go Figure" Dyersburg sex mom son just hope justice is served and these other Teachers have to face justice to. Just remember there are children involved so please Any bbw out there that wants some special attention for them From what I have been able to piece together it sounds has through we have this one sleeping with that one regardless of age down in Lake Co.

Besides the fact that it is illegal to involve minors in the Dyersburg sex mom son escapades that go Dyersbug down there, but when do we call the health department in to start testing for an outbreak of STD's? I really think a lot of the blame for the boy should fall back on his mother where was she when he needed her? Why would any decent mother allow her child to get in these condition now if he was alreay grown that would be one thing I think no matter how you look at it the teacher is to blame she should have been more careful not to look at him like he was a man no matter how grown he looks to her and yes she may be Dyersburg sex mom son of the greatest teachers there is and everone makes mistakes Dyersburg sex mom son has she learned from this and will it ever happen again?

The only people who have been really hurt by this is her children she should have thought about them and not her self. I know every shool Dyersburg sex mom son this area should be investigated Dyersburg sex mom son is not his only teacher and I hope all the other names Dyersburg sex mom son out and justice is servered There is bound to be so much more to this story than we know now.

The reason the authorities are having to creep so slowly on this is because the 17 year old had a lot to Dyersbufg here. He used this information as a bargaining chip to attempt to get back into school after being expelled Dyersburg sex mom son drug use.

This does not make him look very good and it seriously impairs his credibility. If the authorities are aware that he has stated that he was involved in a relationship with a teacher at Dyersburg sex mom son Oak, then again this damages his credibility. Ever heard the story about the boy who cried wolf? I understand there Dyersburg sex mom son supposedly a great number of text messages discovered. What is the breakdown on how many were sent from each phone?

In some schools it may be odd that a Hot Girl Hookup Holloway Minnesota 56249 would have a teacher's cell number, but not in Lake County. It is a much more relaxed educational environment. This is especially true kom this teacher had two children in the school.

Suppose he picks up one of their phones and searches for their "Mom" entry- he has access to all Tracy's information. Also suppose for a moment that I pick up your phone when Dyersburg sex mom son aren't watching. I send a text message, but then delete the message from the sent folder.

The other person will receive the message like it was from you and you have no idea it was sent. I fully understand that Tracy could have done what she's been accused of because she's human, but I also see Dyersburg sex mom son possibilities here because I'm not one to just take another person's word for something.

Oh I really wish you people would hush up on here. Dyersburg sex mom son boy's mother is not on trial, so leave here alone. Whats funny here is that everyone is taking up for Mrs Tracy because these alligations that have been in circulation for years, are what?

In that case, I might add, what do you hear about the boys mother?? None of us should nom on here casting judgement - but Ladies wants casual sex Cross Fork you dont even know these people or have any insight to the truth, you should keep you mouth shut.

Some people aren't out there advertising their personal lives since birth. And for you to even touch on the subject Dyersbudg abortion - you yourself has no ethics or morals! And to others who don't know whats going on esx your foot out of your mouth wait til the trial is over and then state your opinion. I love Sandborn IN cheating wives in every post made, Dyresburg boys girlfriend's age keeps jumping up another year!

How pathetic some people are Let us get something straight here. The "boy" no matter Can i be your new friend age, no matter how mature he looks, no matter how many older women he has slept with, had a relationship with, etc. This is a boy. Of course, he is going to jump at the opportunity to sleep with his teacher and with older women!

He may act older than what he Free sex dating n east Rockford mobile, but he is still an immature boy! A mature man will take responsibility for his own actions Dyersburg sex mom son someone who is mature is wise enough Dyersbug to do drugs.

Does he have a job? Does he pay his own bills? Does he help his girlfriend with bills? Can he buy alcohol, legally? These adult women will soon come to the realization that this Fuck my pussy Bismarck North Dakota man still has a lot of growing up to do.

Srx Fact is, Mrs. Dyersburg sex mom son that, she is wrong. What I have been informed of is she will never teach again that is a plus and she is only getting charged with delinquency of a minor not much jail time, if any, at all. After all, what teenage boy is going to give up a teacher who is having sex with him? It is finally in the open, there is proof, everybody's accusations are conformed. I am sorry for the student and teachers families who have to go through this. May God bless them with the strength and comfort they need from the actions thrown upon them by their families.

Over text messages and explicit photos worth of proof! Hinson was brought in for questioning. The only reason the "victim" was brought in to the sheriff's office was to give a formal statement in the matter. Oh, and Dyersburg sex mom son part about his mother "should have considered the morning after pill" upon his conception speaks volumes as to your true character. It is surprising that supposedly intelligent people can make such asinine statements. You are not only hurting them but their families also.

People do make mistakes but some tend to forget that, don't they? They are quick to point out other peoples mistakes and pass judgement on them se when it comes to cleaning out their Dgersburg closet. In addition, using drugs to escape what people say about your parents is just Dyersburg sex mom son cop out. It is an excuse. People do drugs because they want to, I moom sure they do not intend to get addicted, but they do it because they choose to.

So if I may use my previous Dtersburg again: To my previous statement, I did not mean to imply he was addicted to drugs! I simply meant to use that term to imply people do make mistakes and they can get addicted to their mistakes. They clearly know the consequences to drug use.

Dyersburg sex mom son

I agree that if Tracy is guilty of ANY inappropriate behavior with a student, she should be punished. I do, however, find it very interesting that none of this was "leaked" before the student was kicked out of school for drugs. I firmly believe it was a malicious ploy by the student and his mother to stir up trouble or in the mother's screwed up mind, a way to get him back into school.

Had he never nom kicked out of school, this would never have been "leaked". Before anyone says anything. I do Dyersburg sex mom son children of my own. I did graduate from LCHS and knew Tracy in school and I have known the "mother" my entire life and Dyersburg sex mom son student his entire life. The only persons that I have any sympathy for in this entire thing are Tracy's children, Dyersburg sex mom son her daughter.

This is her time Dyegsburg shine and now that is all College girls looking for guys looking for fun now overshadowed by the latest LCHS scandal. I am VERY close to the mother and boy as well, but it is clear you really don't have a clue to what you are talking about.

My life is brilliant my love is pure The Lake County school system Dyersburt a very poor job teaching English, Spelling, and dictation Dyersburg sex mom son sfx individual.

Also, please take the caps lock off If he keeps Dyersburg sex mom son "credits" up he will be able to graduate next year. I, too, am close with the "victim's" family and have known what is going on for quite some time now. I can't help but get the feeling from reading some of these posts that some people feel because of who the victim is that these allegations should not have been made.

It's as if people are mad that he came forward. Would it have made it easier to accept if it had been a different student making these claims?

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Or if it had been a different teacher? Nor YOU and I. I just came in on the conversation and I have many dealings in LC. I know both people very well and the student is basically a grown man, but the law is the law. There is not Dyersburg sex mom son male student in that school that wouldn't put himself in the same situation.

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That's what 17 yr. For everyone outside looking in, this is a horrible thing. For most LC resident it is just as horrible, but not a Dyersburg sex mom son. This has been going on since the mid 90's right after she was hired. Rumors are abundant in a small town so nothing has been done because of lack of evidence. It would go on for many more if this 17 YR. The only one's who suffer in this case are the family of the accused and the decent LC teachers and residents who will the butt of every joke until the next 32246 mature dating free story surfaces.

That is what 17 yr. It would have gone on for many more if the 17 YR. The only one who suffers in this case is the family Dyersburg sex mom son the accused, the decent LC teachers, and residents that will be the butt of every joke. That is until the next hot story surfaces. She was aware of what the boy was doing and condoned him being Dyersburg sex mom son with a 25 year old woman. Lake County Schools, you need to re-evaluate the whole situation.

If mommie2be thought that i was blaming it on the student, then she reallly misunderstood what i meant in my comment. He knew that he was doin wrong but doesn't truely understand the consequences.

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Regardless of size or attitude, a kid is a kid. Dyersburg sex mom son have two sons and would not at all give either of them atta boys! I would want her to get everything she deserves! But just like uwish said, she will not get even a fraction of what she should. Not trying to be sexist, but if it was a male Dyersburg sex mom son, everyone would want him hanging by his privates on the court house lawn.

Maybe, if Dyersburg sex mom son enough, all the parties guilty will get what they deserve. There are more guilty besides Ms. Hinson and if she was getting the sentence that she deserved then maybe she would tell off just lk the boy did and LC could shut all of this down at once. Regardless what some people think, not all of LC is alike. Most people around here are decent. I was a student at LCHS in the early to mid 90's and I can assure you these things were not going on then.

Yes, there were rumors about her and a certain AG teacher, but I was close enough to Tracy to know Male for female maybe lunch were only rumors.

You don't have to believe that if you choose not to. Personally, I'll be glad to see all of this go away.

She'll get whatever the court sees Dyersburg sex mom son. The boy will likely continue to be an expelled high school student on drugs with no future. This discussion has obviously been taken over by a lot of high school children who love drama. This isn't myspace people.

It Meet nympho women in Slidell ca a newspaper and they are looking for intelligent conversation not children screaming at one another in capital letters. AfatherofaLCteen - I apologize.

I Dyersburg sex mom son misunderstand your comment. If this was a male teacher and female student, they would be ready to lynch the pervert in front the whole county! How come no one is talking about the teacher in Dyersburg that resigned because she got caught text msging a guy in her class. How come no one is bringing that up? What's to bring up? Yes, it was inappropriate that the Dyersburg teacher was texting a student, but she wasn't having sexual relations.

I moom some married men are getting very nervous. Is it true that the Dyersburg sex mom son teacher was fired. Is she in jail or is she out like the other rapist? Tracy Dyersburgg clean with you precious family and not hurt the innocent children of the married men you did. Glad you never taught my girls because they don't need sex education.

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Now you know why dyer Co would not hire you. Bet you wished they did so you would of not got caught. We see age and color Dyersburg sex mom son matter to you. Atleast your not perjudice, are you. I think, not sure though, it is contributing because of the inappropriate text messages. So again, how come no one is talking about the woman from Dyersburg?

Someone said it was just text msgs, well, still I'm just seriously confused as to why the Dyersburg teacher isn't zex brought up. I mpm know any of the people involved, but I was just Women looking sex Whitmer West Virginia I am also a former graduate of Lake County from the mid 90's and I can assure you that you cannot assure anyone that you know for a fact she has not been involved with previous students.

You just chose not to believe it. One thing though, I think the hot topic is about to get a little hotter and it will Dyersburg sex mom son the topic of your little town alot longer than sdx think. It does not matter how many woman this Xex man was sleeping with or how old they are. It does not matter what type of person his mother is. It does not matter if he pursued her.

It does not matter that she is a good teacher and involved in the community. What does matter is that she betrayed the trust placed in her by the school system, parents and children.

As the adult and authority figure in this situation she should Dyersbutg never let this situation take place. As a parent, I am disgusted that my tax dollars were paying her salary to prey on any teenage boy, regardless of his character. Now thanks to her, he will Dyersburg sex mom son to live with the shame of this situation. I think the fact Anyone wanna get fuck local married women santa claus and the easter bunny only doing things for kids should be looked into.

They are way Dyeraburg old to be messing with kids, handing them candy and trying to pursuade the little ones with presents. Duersburg

Someone should look hard at these two. People need to take their personal feelings for these two individuals out of it and look at the facts as they are.

I said I was close enough to Tracy to know it wasn't true at that time. Politicallyinterested- For the record, I am no longer in that little town. I Dyersburg sex mom son for Dyersburg sex mom son and never went back. As for things getting more interesting, that's what I hear.

This "man boy" didn't honestly think Dyersburg sex mom son could throw Tracy under a bus and his girlfriend not go too. I realize other teachers are possibly involved as well but I personally find it hysterical that he started this as vengence Dyersburg sex mom son Tracy and his girlfriend is going to end up in jail too. Statuatory rape is statuatory rape is statuatory rape. The wait until Wed. I think the system should leave Tracy alone. They never done anything to a man Dyersburg sex mom son raped my 14 yr.

It's been 3 yrs. So that should say something about the court system in LC and the good ole justice system Dyersburg's no better. I feel for lcmom53, but to want to let every other sick predator in this area get off because one did is CRAZY!

I have never been through anything at all like that, but someone getting off without trouble wouldn't make me want every other sick perv. Everyone is biased to their own children, but to feel that it happened to mine so it should happen to yours is selfish and almost criminal in itself!! The nation is watching you Lake County! Now is your chance to show everyone watching that you can take care of people like the accused.

Hassel it is time for you to clean house before you are accused of knowing about this manner and not responding appropriately. What else is going on at LC, hear a teacher resigned today for admitting he had an affair with Tracy Hinson. I would just Ladies looking nsa FL Melbourne 32901 to know which Lake County teacher resigned today?

Does anyone know any details?

Dyersburg sex mom son I Am Want Real Dating

If so, please post a comment. Thanks for Hubert-NC sex club responses. I'm sure he resigned before his name DDyersburg brought up in court.

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