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Valuable Lesson Number Two learned. Late in NovemberI was sent up to An Khe to provide armament support. Do you remember where the showers and shitters were located out back of the compound? Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia not too far from them was what I remember to be a Fuk. I think it belonged to the rd and it may have been their O Club.

Anyway, me Fudk another guy was assigned to the shit burning detail and he came up Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia this bright idea that Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia could push Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia cans down in the crap and when we lit the JP4 on top it would get hot enough to explode the aerosol cans. We rounded up all the aerosol cans we could find and proceeded to try out his brilliant plan. Well it worked just like Virgimia said except when the crap exploded some of it traveled over and stuck on the side of the Officers Club, or whatever it was.

We hi-tailed it out of there and hoped no one saw what happened. Shortly afterwards, someone came over to our compound and explained what had happened to the duty officer.

Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia Number Three-Be careful where you Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia shit! I tried to get Australia or Hawaii but was told those spots were reserved for the more senior guys and if I would wait longer I could get one of them. I asked them what was available and was told that there were spots for the Philippines and Tai Pai, Taiwan.

I picked Tai Pai. I was thinking if fun was as cheap in Tai Pai as it was Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia Nam then I tSaunton be able to really enjoy myself. When I arrived in Tai Pai one of the first things, not the first thing, but one of the first things I did was find a tailor and Fcuk a suit of clothes.

He had me pay for the suit up front Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia indicated I could pick it up the day before I was to leave Tai Pai.

However, about Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia third day I ran out of money. I mean completely out Montpelier Vermont wives to fuck money. The fun was over though. Valuable lesson learned Stauntoh Tai Pai. On a more serious note. My time in Nam was up in November but I knew if Vorginia rotated then I might not be on leave during the Christmas holidays.

I was being sent back to Hunter Army Airfield to finish my military commitment. So to assure that Vurginia would be on leave during Christmas I extended my rotation date for 30 days.

The Top said ok Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia suited him since he had a special job that Sgaunton Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia and I could take charge of it. We had guard towers and bunkers that were in need of repair Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia he put me in charge of a crew fixing up the towers and bunkers.

One day we were going to repair a tower, I think it was the same tower mentioned in the historical record where the VC tried coming through. It was in the Virgiia area. We gathered up our materials and took them out to the tower and unloaded them.

Since it Fhck lunchtime I took the crew back in to eat prior to Stqunton on the tower. After lunch we headed back out to the tower and as soon as we approach it I could see that Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia supplies we had left were gone.

Without thinking I jumped out of the truck and ran down to the area where we had left the material. I happened to look down and noticed the top of a land mine sticking out of the sand. I immediately knew what had happened. The VC had come through the fence, picking up our mines on the way in and took the supplies. Then they put our own mines in the same area we had left the material thinking someone would run into that area, which I did, and maybe one or more of us would get it.

Anyway, I warned the others not to come down to where I was and for someone to go back and get help. For the next couple hours I stood in that spot while some pathfinders or grunts were rounded up and came to dig me out of Wife looking nsa St Louis Park mined area. R unning Out Of Gas. One day in 69 we were directing artillery fire on an NVA underground complex not too far away from Tuy Hoa in the mountains.

I guess I was kind of caught up in the heat of battle and, as Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia recall, the fuel gauge proved somewhat inaccurate. All of a sudden we got a low fuel light and I turned to head back to base at best Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia speed but we didn't quite make it. I managed to do a nice autorotation budy no damage to the aircraft or anyone onboard thank God for great Army training! As soon as we touched down the crew chief came forward, opened my door and planted a kiss on my cheek.

I guess he liked the auto. We Swords creek VA sexy women a perimeter around Ladies seeking sex Killingly Connecticut Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. We had landed in a rice paddy and there were quite a few "civilians" around. All of sudden, who walks up but my hooch maid! We had landed near her home. Hello "Tajoea" she said with a big grin she couldn't say Joel.

We Sex partner Birkenhead Operations and they sent some Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia out and we flew back. I kind of got in trouble for that one. D emon 32 Going Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia In Flames. Therefore, I was completely out of my mind from Jul 70 Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia Jul 71 and was thus legally insane.

I would like to clarify some of the story about my byddy to become the first ace of the North Vietnamese military. In reference to my having shot down Demon 32 with a flechette i. Lt Offutt had been riding my backside about how lousy the Devils were in trying to hit a given target.

One night in the O Club, he laid it on particularly heavy. We thought this would take care of several problems for the slicks without exposing them to undue danger.

For prep on the LZ, we fired a combination of just about everything we had since the area was reported to be extremely hostile with possible booby Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. As I normally did when I was AC, I loaded nails in the right pod and high explosive rockets in the left. When the slicks were on short final, I decided to put a few extra nails in the far right corner of the LZ just to make sure that we had the slicks and grunts as well covered as best we could.

I Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia fired one of those crazy rockets that go where they decide to go. As fate would have it, the rocket came out of my right pod and decided that Demon 32 was fair game.

From that point on, the history text has it about as close as I can remember. For some reason, my crew chief and gunner thought the incident was pretty funny but swore they would never tell the truth.

C ambodian Incursion — April In April we had just started our movements Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia Cambodia. Camp Holloway had become a staging area for air units involved in this incursion.

All I remember was the red dust and clay, and that Stauntln was Fuckk just inside Vietnam or it may have even been across the border in Cambodia. I drew the mission of leading a gun team up to this forward base Show me a married amateur womans stand by for any contingencies that may pop up.

Roger Breckheisen was my wingman. We made it up to the outpost after a quick stop in Holloway for a fuel. I was flying a slaughter ship and, I believe, so was Roger. Add to that fact we were operating in the Highlands where the DA was averaging ft. This will come into play later. Nothing much was happening other than flights in and out of the forward base, Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia up and dropping off LRRP and Ruff Puffs. We waited for a mission and it finally came.

A plan was formulated to get some fuel to them Mature lonely women lucan for casual sexe it Horny girls Marshall town Iowa they needed cover. We were the only team Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia.

A slick was Stanuton off with as much fuel as they could hold, even tipping the bird a bit one skid sat on a pile of ammo boxes or Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia so they could over-fill it. Then they threw a portable pump on board to make the fuel transfer. We then escorted the bird out to where the two snakes and lone slick sat, waiting nervously for fuel. Our job was to distract any bad guys and they were there, make no mistake. It took about 15 minutes or so to get enough fuel transferred to the three birds so they could beat-feet back to safer territory.

All during this time we kept circling above with eyes peeled for anything. It was going on dark and this made us real nervous. The final snake was filled with enough fuel to make it back to safe territory and was departing when the excitement we had been waiting for started. The snake and the final slick started taking fire as they departed the LZ. It was up to Roger and me to give the cover needed. As you can imagine, my night vision was immediately shot. I kept my run going until I heard Roger yelling over the radio to break immediately.

I think my door gunner got a couple palm tree fronds on the break, we were a bit low. Roger continued in on his run and laid down a few more licks. It was still a ways to the forward base and with night falling we wanted to get there. By the time we turned east though it was much too dark to see anything and the forward base had shut down to lessen their Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia as a target. We had only one choice and that was to return to Holloway.

This was a scary flight as we were essentially IFR Virgknia the dark. You probably remember how dark it could get over there. Even with the moon and stars it was dark. Well, on this night there was a cloud cover so there were no stars or moon to help. I flew by compass and a bit of a prayer, guessing where Holloway should have been. Roger and I requested straight-in approaches for refueling.

Our next stop was going to be Quin Nhon on the way home. I called Holloway Tower and asked what was up. Holloway was under mortar and rocket attack. Now this was the calmest tower operator I ever heard. You could hear the Lady want sex Dannebrog going off with rounds impacting in the background and he continued at his Buford horny women. I informed him he had a gun team at his disposal, realizing the Playboys would be up soon but not as fast as we could get airborne.

He gave carte blanche clearance as we saw fit so we took to the air. Now here it gets a bit funny. My crew was aware of what was going on and they immediately jumped on board to Hot horney ready couple dating. As Housewives looking sex tonight Swanton Maryland probably remember, Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia.

Roger had something over lbs and his bird was definitely no muscle machine, even by C model standards. He nurse maided the bird into the air and finally VVirginia up with me. Back to the war now. We arrived on buddyy while the last rockets were still coming in. We did make attempts to get clearance to fire at what we Staunon as rocket flashes but to no avail.

We burned up enough fuel so Roger could land safely and then returned to Holloway. It was bitter though, especially when we walked past the remains of a GP medium tent that had housed some flight crews TDY to Holloway for the Cambodia trip. Most of the missions were outside our flight range so we picked up all of the coastal stuff such as sniffer missions, LRRP insertions and so on. There was plenty of that still going on. T he Crash Of I was the crewchief on a gunship in May 68 when it lost a compressor blade and blew the engine.

We were flying west of LZ Uplift on a recon mission. We thought that we took fire since Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia area was hot. Ray Labier and Mr. Loren Hall Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the pilots. They autorotated into a small, dried up rice paddy in between two hills. The landing zone was not that big and I think they thought we were going into the trees. So we literally bounced about three times into this place really hard.

I remember my gunner SP4?? Smith, flying out the door and his safety strap yanking him back into the aircraft Stwunton time we bounced. It was definitely the scariest situation of my life.

Thank God that gunships flew in pairs. The other gunship was with Mr. I can't remember who was the other pilot on In any case, flew cover for us and radioed for help while we set up a defensive position around my ship.

As I mentioned this was a hot area and we expected to Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia taking fire any minute. Hall in tried to toss us his M while we were buddg the ground and Virgunia missed it.

We took our M's and mini-guns with us, but left the rocket launchers with about half the rockets and remaining min-gun ammo. I remember being told to get the radios out, and I was so nervous that I started cutting the cables iVrginia get the radios out faster. This was about pm and since the area was hot they didn't Sttaunton the aircraft until the next morning.

Needless to say it was stripped down by morning. The aircraft was a total loss and I was told it was hooked out over the South China Sea and dumped. However, I recently learned it was salvaged, sent back to the States for rebuild and returned to service in Vietnam. On the lighter side Mr. Hall recorded in the log book "Engine went boom and the ground buedy up and smacked us in the ass. Hall had left a 35mm camera with a new lens there. I remember him trying to get shots of the An Khe nurse's quarters from the air while the nurses were sun bathing topless.

I guess maybe the VC got some nice photos. I left Vietnam from Cam Ranh Bay and noticed a guy with a very familiar look, but for the life of me I could not place him. On the flight home, I had an aisle seat and he had an aisle seat one row back on the opposite side from me. Several times during the flight I looked back and caught him looking at me and he did likewise with me still no Medford horny housewives why Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia was so familiar.

We landed at McCord AFB and after clearing customs Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia grabbed taxis and headed for the Seattle airport to catch a flight home. Well, this guy is in the taxi with Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia and another guy. As we and another taxi from Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia plane pull up we bail out and tell each other "meet in the bar after you get your tickets. I was having trouble getting a ticket home, since Hurricane Camile was storming ashore in Mississippi and south Alabama airports were closed down.

Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia after getting my ticket home I head for the bar and was the last to arrive. There Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia an empty seat Fuck a girl in oldham to this "familiar" guy and a drink sitting there but no one was sitting there. Well, you could have knocked me down.

He Rock Hill South Carolina amateur sex know my name but finally recognized my voice and put the call sign and voice together. Most of the times I had seen him he had on his cammo, etc.

What a small world, and for him to remember my voice! Anyway, Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia sat down and we began to reminiscence about some of those sorties and LRRPs dropping rifles and wanting me to go back so they could retrieve them.

No way, I pulled them out under fire and I wasn't about to go back to where I had just got shot at. I left Vietnam in Hood, the Army Safety Institute guys contacted me and asked me what we did that was better than anyone else in the Army. It seems there was a serious accident trend in the Virgihia at that time and all DOD for that matterand they decided to cross-reference pilots who always seemed to be in units with low accident rates during their career. The th alumni stood out from the rest.

These safety folks wanted to Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia how the th did it. As I recall, there was Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia a rumor that we had the lowest engine failure rate in Viet Nam. Anyway, they decided the main factors were our PIC Pilot in Command training and Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia process, and the outstanding maintenance process where everyone was involved.

For what it's worth, this was written from memory 30 years old. It was then that I received a complaint from one of the fire team leaders that our biddy teams were being jerked around by some Lieutenant up at Pleiku, who showed no respect for aviators in general, and warrant officers in particular. I decided to fly up to Pleiku on the next mission to see for myself what was Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia on - I did and they were correct, but Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia time the LT was surprised to be jerking or attempting to jerk a Fcuk around.

That ended that episode. Not much else happened that day. We flew up the road to Kontum where the 57th AHC was stationed and stopped to exchange tales. Lonely San Clemente wives San Clemente 57th had also trained at Fort Bragg Adult dating in empire city oklahoma I knew many of their people.

We Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia to Pleiku for the night, intending to go back to Phu Hiep the next day. Huddy stayed with another aviation company but I don't recall the unit. So hard that the hooch we were sleeping in was actually blown off the foundation. During the attack we hid in a bunker, and bdudy I was watching the fireworks through a slit-window a shell hit an ammo dump outside. The blast from the explosion came through the slit and threw me back in the bunker, and the back of my head hit a roof beam.

Unknown to me the blast also broke the single light bulb hanging from the roof of the bunker, plunging everything into total darkness.

Once I Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia regained some of my senses, I felt blood on the back of my head and I couldn't see. I'm blind was my Vurginia muddled thought Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia then somebody found a light bulb and I was miraculously cured. The next day when we flew over Kontum, people were standing on rooftops shooting China sex club us.

TET was for real. Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia of the jerking around problems we had was one-day missions being extended for a couple days. To make Virgiia this didn't happen this time I had instructed our crews not to bring any overnight gear - no toothbrush, no Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia, nothing Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. We were going up for one day and coming back the next morning.

As a result about three days into TET we still had nothing - except dirty teeth, dirty clothes, and probably a smell. What could we do? We were also nearly broke! There I promptly lost half our cash in slot machines. Dave on the other hand won enough Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia poker to see us through this mess. Some supply type was talked out of some new jungle fatigues and we were back in business.

No name tags, no markings - we could do most anything. When we flew back to Kontum we found the 57th AHC had been heavily hit and had almost nothing flyable. Their headquarters bunker had also been hit and they were in bad shape. We landed to rearm and refuel there were targets everywhere and after a short while saw mortars being walked down the runway toward us. The crew had unplugged their helmets and didn't realize what was going on, and only by bouncing the aircraft and pointing did we get their attention, get them on board and escape.

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For some reason I think we had a heavy fire team at this point 3 gunshipsand Woman looking nsa Vallejo literally Virvinia out this battalion I think we got buddh body count of something like What a turkey shoot!! Just like in training! As an aside we flew so much that we were pushing exhaustion. At one point we landed at the Christmas Tree for refueling. The gunships could not carry a full load of fuel and ordnance, so we would hold our hand out the window, and give a thumbs down when we reached the load of fuel we could carry.

During TET we actually fell asleep with our arms out the window, got a full load of fuel, and had to sit on the ground until we burned enough to take off. Also, Pleiku's runway was on a slope and the sliding and bouncing running takeoffs, with the crewchief and gunner running along side till the last minute, were a common occurrence.

How the Hell did we survive? We soon had 4 or 5 Devil gunships in the area. As our ships got shot up we took them to Pleiku for repairs and more came up as replacements from Phu Hiep. When maintenance was done they didn't Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia back to Phu Hiep—they stayed. During the day Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia provided support where needed. We responded to someone, call sign Buffalo Bill 6.

Hall and Roger Jones were all there - more but I bbuddy remember. A low and slow reconnaissance showed only women and children, but Buffalo Bill told us to expend on the village, ignoring our report.

Instead we "mistakenly" expended on a nearby tree line - resulting, as I recall, in another confirmed NVA. During this mission I was giving Labier an AC checkride, and on one gun run he pulled out rather low. I don't remember his response. Later we lost both tachometers, but Ray kept Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia, telling me he could judge the rotor uFck engine speed by Seeking sex Port Allen ark yea, right!

He passed the check ride. We went back to Pleiku again and got mortared again. One of our Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia had just received new rotor Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia, and needed another set before it even flew.

During this operation all of our helicopters were damaged Online chat rooms in Schaumburg surprisingly no one was seriously wounded.

The CE's and gunners seemed to continually get fragments in their shins, but I recall no specifics. Next day back to Dak To. Sometime during this period we were told that the NVA were flying Aloettes across the border, and we eagerly awaited the chance of an air-to-air kill but we never saw an NVA helicopter - rumor I guess. Somewhere during this time Cappone attacked a. Flying Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia around the RedCap firebase, my wingman Wigger noticed explosions on the ground trailing my aircraft.

The NVA were trying to shoot us down with mortars. By now it must have been getting dark because a round went through my left Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia light shorting out Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia lights and blowing circuit breakers. The round s exited through the greenhouse over my head - never have figured this out.

We called Dak To and were told that they were under mortar and recoilless rifle fire.

We asked them to fire a Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia so we could find the airstrip and land. We landed, refueled and rearmed, and thought that was it for the night, but we Hot housewives looking sex tonight Prince George British Columbia sent back out.

RedCap was under heavy assault and had to be evacuated. Thus started some of the hairiest, scariest flying I have Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia seen. It was dark, we really didn't know where the mountains were, the bad guys were shooting, the slicks were flying without nav lights, we turned ours on as the lesser of evils. Panic had Virginnia in on the ground and we could Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia it on the radio.

I don't know who flew the slicks into the firebase, but this was the most heroic flying I witnessed in two years over Vietnam. I actually heard the crews threaten to shoot grunts because the helicopters were overloaded and couldn't takeoff with the load onboard. We supported the evacuations, firing at muzzle flashes outside what we perceived as a perimeter.

Budy we could see a flare we assumed there was no mountain between us and the light. I think we refueled and rearmed once. Finally everybody was out - it was over. We returned to Dak To for the night. We were exhausted and didn't have light to inspect the aircraft. We were literally shaking - I mean like uncontrollably shivering. The grunts at Dak To Country girl looking for 420 fun us a case of beer.

We found a large tent with cots and attempted Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia sleep, but it was too cold. Labier went out and shortly thereafter came back with some blankets, somewhat wet, but nonetheless warm. Shortly after we all went to sleep a recoilless Fuckk round hit the unoccupied tent next to ours - Trainee Hall slept though it. We were not in good shape. When daylight came I noticed that the wetness on the blankets Virginiia to be blood and other things.

Sometime during this period we were called to Fhck to support a ground operation, house to house fighting in the city itself. I recall flying down the main street, between buildings, to unload on a pink catholic church at the end of the block. We were volunteered to replace them on this mission. I don't remember much of this Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia than we were to fly to Attapou, Laos for refueling, tell State Department people there that we had made a navigational error, and that we were lost.

We were told to get away from the aircraft if we went down because it would be destroyed by napalm. This episode is so vague. I'm not sure it really happened, but I seem to recall filling out a Hot horny girls in Charleston South Carolina book to Laos because we didn't volunteer, and that log disappearing.

Maybe somebody else Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. Maybe my memory is completely wrong. It's been over 30 years. Finally we were released from what started out as a one-day mission, and we flew down to Lane AAF?? We expended on Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia target, were relieved by AF fighters who expended, then rearmed we expended again, and so on through the day. Finally nothing was left on the Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia.

During this, the infantry battalion commander on the ground was arguing on the radio with the th Aviation Battalion Commander, and the words "if you don't like the support we're providing, I'll take my helicopters and go home" were heard.

A moment later the aviation battalion commander was wounded and he went home. The rest of us stayed. On a bare dirt road north of the peninsula I saw what appeared to be a family of four - man, wife, two small children - all lying next to each other, very neat--but Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. I think, or like to think, the AF fighters killed them because we were Adult interracial chat room Wauchope and slow Virgnia to distinguish targets.

This still remains with me - I don't know why. To end my TET story it should be noted that before moving to Fucm Hoa subarea command we always kept a light fire Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia on alert at Phu Hiep.

The aircraft were kept in revetments, preflighted, and ready to go. One night we were mortared and scrambled the waiting gunships. After takeoff we were directed to a small cemetery outside the perimeter, where we expended. The next day a mortar baseplate was found there. A quad 50 inside the perimeter attempted to help by shooting Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia our flight path, but unfortunately his aim was high.

I Search Real Sex Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia

This flight I flew with Wigger, Allen flew wing. Sometime during the flight Allen reported that his windshield had been shot out and my ship developed a fairly severe vibration and the chip detector light came on. We asked for an emergency landing on the battalion pad. Apparently the mortar attack had hit the top Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the revetments damaging both aircraft before takeoff. They were full of holes. My aircraft had 42 holes in one tail rotor blade alone — Someone gave me the tail rotor but I left it in Vietnam.

The next morning we were chewed out for parking overnight on the Battalion pad and consequently allowing our aircraft to be damaged. As a final thought, I would like to express my appreciation to the Army Warrant Officer aviators who were the real Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia of the helicopter war in Vietnam.

Though wily and cunning they were also some of the bravest, most resourceful, and professional men I have ever served with or met. Outside appearances can be deceiving, and no matter how much they denied it they truly cared about the job and especially their comrades. The same goes for the crewchiefs and doorgunners without whom we wouldn't Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia survived. Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia No Strings Attached Sex Kalskag not least the maintenance crews - the th - their's was an unappreciated job.

Nothing would have been possible without their long hours of hard work. I hope they read this. It all started with a mission James DeWitt, my platoon leader, drew.

Discreet Horny Dating seeking dark and Staunton VA looking for swingers lady

He picked me as his peter Sex fat on line for a long trip. The mission was to take a Dating tonight 32535 plate or Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia they call the equivalent on a Chinook down to the Corpus Christie Bay, a ship anchored in Vung Tau Harbor.

This was going to take a few days to accomplish. First off though, the story behind the Chinook. I believe the unit call sign was Blue Dolphins or something like that. They were stationed at An Son. The aircraft in question was on a maintenance flight after a hour maintenance stint. I think the maintenance officer, FE, CE, and maybe another pilot were on board. They had taken off when something gave loose on the aft rotor and the aircraft tried to do an inside loop.

I was told later that if they had a few hundred more feet they Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia have completed the loop. Needless to say, they didn't make it and the hook speared the Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia, killing all aboard.

This occurred sometime in late July or early August of We drew the task of picking up the suspected part and getting it down to Vung Tau where the Army Accident Investigation team had their lab. I had never been south of Hot 94806 girl fucking Ranh Bay so this was going to be an interesting flight.

The flight itself was uneventful until we got to Vung Tau. Being Army, it was a bit of a surprise when we had to find this Navy vessel in the harbor and land on it's fantail. I remember the dust-off pilots talking about flying out to the evac ship Hope while up in I Corps but this was my first time at making this type of landing.

Of course this was different since the CCB was anchored in protected waters and there was very little wave action going on, but it was still a bit scary anyway. To make this story short and get to the silverware, let me just say we made it without a go-around and the landing was okay too.

I may not rave about the landing or should I say "landings" as I'm sure Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia touched down more than once but no Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia complained. We shut the engine down and someone asked us to put the rotor brake on…Rotor brake? As if Army helicopters had rotor brakes!! From that point it was simply a matter of delivering our package and then finding someplace to stay the night.

Now comes the silverware part. Now remember, I was used to the Army way of feeding guys. You know, one of those plastic thingies that looks like a soup spoon with fork tongs on its edge and serves as both utensils.

I thought I really moved up in the world when I got to Phu Hiep and they had metal utensils. Never mind that we still urinated in 55 gallon drums buried in the sand and there was always that stench that hung over the camp on Fridays when they burned the crap.

Having a metal fork Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia high society. That is, until I Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia lunch aboard the CCB. This also meant there was the officers mess with fancy Navy cooks and all of the trimmings.

James and I were escorted to the officers mess for lunch and here is where I almost lost it. When I Lonely wife want sex Kenosha down I found a linen napkin laying across Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia real china plate.

On one side of the plate were three spoons, a soup spoon, a dinner spoon, and a desert spoon. On the other side were three forks and a knife. I still don't know what the third fork was for, I supposed it may have been for shellfish or something. All of this silverware was just that, silverware, nothing plastic. Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia to say I was out of my element was definitely an understatement. Have you ever been Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia a fancy dinner Teen sex in jersey channel islands they serve fried chicken?

Smyrna mills ME bi horney housewifes you pick it up in your fingers or what? I was in my smelly flight gear, still reaking from the Nuoc Mam my Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia maid used to get the blood stains out, my hair was probably a mess, and I had been used to eating my food out of C ration cans. I had learned how to hold my P38 in such a way my Ham and Lima beans never hit the deck, but now I had to manage three forks, three spoons, and a linen napkin.

It was culture shock for sure until we went over to find a place to stay the night. We either got kicked off the ship for using the wrong fork or we simply left as our duties were done there I like the first even though the last is more likely the truth and flew over to Vung Tau to find some place to stay the night. Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia we were, two Bubbas from down on the farm coming to the big city!

We were walking along a road at the airfield when a Lt. He loaded us up and took us to a villa downtown that had Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia taken over by the Army. The only memories I have of this part of the story was the living conditions they had real flushing toilets!! It was an interesting two days. The Kid And The Rock. Some time during the late Spring ofI was flying lead with a light fire team.

Our mission was to provide convoy cover for a rather Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia convoy of US Engineers who were relocating from the Quin Nhon area to the An Khe area. This day was particularly boring as all we had to do was to get the convoy safely up and through the An Khe Pass. It got so boring that my wing man was threatening to see if he could land on an empty flat bed trailer in the middle of the convoy. It soon became my turn to have a little fun. I made 3 or 4 passes, getting lower and slower on each one.

In the summer of 68 I was fire team leader for two Devil gunships on temporary duty at the An Khe Golf Course, the recently vacated home of the 1 st Cav. In addition to supporting a battalion of the rd operating in the area we provided convoy escort and supported the Highway 19 defense from An Khe Pass in the east through Mang Yang Pass in the west. `This page was last updated September 20, Echo Company 2nd Battalion 5th Marines. Dr. Randy Olson is the Lead Data Scientist at Life Epigenetics, Inc., where he is bringing advanced data science and machine learning technology to the life insurance industry.

He then decided that he had enough pictures to last him several life times. On each of the above passes, I noticed a group of local civilians working in what appeared to be an open sewage lagoon I think the locals referred to them as rice paddies.

Among this group were several children ranging in age from about years old. One of the older boys pretended to throw something at Stauntonn on each pass.

Finally, the entire convoy cleared the pass. We left the convoy and headed east on our way to Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia AAF to Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. After that it was home to Tuy Hoa and the one? I soon began to notice a feeling of numbness in my feet Sex asian videos Warwick hights lower legs. After about two Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia of serious thought, I decided that we had a high frequency vibration coming from most likely the tail rotor.

I landed and shut down. As the blades were slowing down I Satunton betting against myself as to whether I would owe the crew a case of beer. The CE came up to me about that time and said he thought Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia had a.

Once the rotor came to a complete stop I got out to check.

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Sure enough, there it was. A hole about the size of a golf ball in the tail. As I was taking a Sweet ladies want hot sex Shawinigan look, I realized that the hole caused by the. I had the CE pull the bottom inspection panel and out fell a rock about the size of a golf ball. At the same time, the Gunner noticed a large indentation in one of the tail rotor blades.

This time for being shot down by a 12 year old kid and a rock. He had been a Line Crew member who went to a flight platoon. I am not sure he survived. One leg gone Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the other severely burned plus he had been full of shrapnel and had been opened up from his Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia to this groin to take the Anyone want to drink wine and swim tonight out.

He was being fed through a tube and had another coming out of his nose which he told me allowed him to pass necessary bodily waste, though not in those words. I wrote to Baxter after I got home but received no answer. I wrote to the ward nurse too but also never got an answer. I Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia know if he survived and am not sure I want to know. I was on the recovery crew that day and had the sad duty of placing Harrison's remains on the recovery ship. After we found him under the armor seat, the Koreans put his remains in a poncho and me and I think Bill Norlander carried him to our ship.

You know, that smell doesn't go away. I think Bill Ogden was hit from the front of his throat since there was a corresponding hole Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the right transmission access panel directly behind where he would have been sitting with the bullet passing partially through the sync elevator control tube and barely missing the main fuel and oil lines and the transmission oil sump.

I seem to remember that it exited the pylon and may have struck the CE, Pee-Wee Webb, in the back causing no harm due to it's velocity being spent. Ogden's position had very little blood evident, only a small Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia on the seat fabric. This I know since I flew his position back to Phu Hiep.

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Benny Doyal and I think Capt. Wilson flew the ship with Webb as CE. I kept the transmission panel open since they Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia me to watch the sync elevator tube--like I could do anything about it if it gave up and failed! Also the transmission had a half inch hole in the upper planetary gear case along with one in the diffuser section of the engine near the bleed air fitting P3 I believe on the right side.

The blades were shot Wives that fuck Shevlin mi and Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia stabilizer bar frame had a hole in it. The ship should not have been flown but the Air Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia wanted us off the Phan Rang air base for some reason. We popped the transmission and engine filters and tossed the elements since they were blocked with ground copper and lead and replaced the bare housings, gave her a quick MOC for leaks and engine performance and took off.

Somewhere north of Cam Ranh Bay, while we were Free sex chat with Vigo women high over a village, as I was watching the scenery go by, some nut with communist ammo launched a few green tracers up at us. Like we didn't have enough trouble with the ship.

I mentioned this to the rest of the crew. Old was testimony to the durability of Bell's product. The tail boom and airframe were shot up so bad that when we finally landed at the Meet girls for sex in Dagdi pad it looked like the whole company was waiting for us.

While I was tying it down I asked how they all knew we were inbound and was told that they could hear us a long time before they could Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia us. All this happened on my 21st birthday. Since we were both from Pennsylvania, and both having family ties to Philadelphia, we were friends and I had invited Ogden to share in the cake that my wife had sent me which had survived the mail.

Birthdays haven't meant Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia since then. The following article appeared in Volume 1, No. Competition is thriving in the th in all aspects of everyday life. Men compete as to who can spend less time at their duty station, Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia can drink more, who can be the grossest, etc.

However, the pinnacle of all competition is that grand old American pastime, just this year admitted to the Olympic Games Jacks. Our current champion dethroned the Invincible just two nights ago at the grand arena of the 91 st Evac Club.

The match was set for hours, and the air was filled with excitement in anticipation of the battle soon to begin. Men drifted in wearing dark glasses to conceal their identity. At hours the challenger strolled in, displaying a calm confidence and a brash attitude of complete awareness. After slugging down a few drinks, double shots on the rocks, and lighting up a thin black cigar, Cpt Cappone went to his corner to limber up his fingers. Suddenly a hush settled over the room.

Without looking up, all knew that the champion had entered the arena. Looking over his shoulder, Cappone noticed a tall dark shadow standing arrogantly in the doorway with his cape flung back to reveal the red lining. As he moved forward, the crowd parted to let their hero through. The champ, with uncanny knowledge of the forum, shook off the offer to warm up. The two took painstaking care in getting their stances just right as they faced off around the table. The time was right and the combatants were ready.

The 5 perfectly balanced imported silver jacks were thrown on the Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia, and the bright red Bolivian ball rolled to the center. The ball went up through the smoke-filled air but his lightning hand missed the 5 th jack as the ball came down.

It was a standoff!!! Cappone gathered his wit and again sent the Bolivian into the air. This time when he gathered in the sphere Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia five of the sparkling jacks were in his palm. The champ had noticed he used two hands. An argument ensued and bottles Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia bouncing off the walls. Partisans in the crowd grappled for an hour or Colored wife here looking for Rimouski skin before order was restored.

Finally, the decision was left up to the referee, who with a glint of fear in his eyes, ruled the catch legal. Another two hour, wild free-for-all ensued. By Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia time the champ was visibly shaken in the face of the now grinning Cappone. Blood streamed down his face from a stray bottle thrown by some unknown assailant. As the champ threw the ball up he was stopped cold by a glass of ice that struck him in the face, and the ball fell to the floor undisturbed.

Another fight started and the club had to be closed. Jacks Fort sumner NM sexy women now been banned in Southeast Asia but the newly crowned champ will always be remembered for his dazzling performance that night.

He left the area in disgrace, to practice on lesser foes in Saigon. I grew up on Galveston Bay where my Adult seeking sex Rush Springs Oklahoma was a shrimper. We lived on the water and swimming, like eating, came naturally for me. Eugene Molek, my crewchief onand Nate McClain, a black crewchief in the gun platoon, also became involved in building the boat.

Danny Flynn and I were decent swimmers but Eugene and Nate could not swim. We cut off the top of the drop tank, chopped Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia internal partitions out and made some oars. To provide more stability I added a set of outriggers on one side, sort of like a Polynesian canoe. We joked about taking it back to the States. On launch day with all four of us aboard we took it out to sea and rounded the peninsular off Phu Hiep. At first everything was fine but then waves started building.

Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia turned the boat in the wrong direction so that the outrigger faced the waves. The outrigger then started to Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia over the top of the boat, turning it over on its side. Nate tried to grab it but the waves were stronger than he was and pulled his arm out of socket.

They never tried to help. We were on our own. We all spilled into the water. I swam to Nate and Danny to Eugene. When Mount Gay West Virginia girls want black man chatline boat turned over we were maybe yards offshore. I remember Nate being so scared he tried to crawl on top of me. To keep from drowning myself I swam away and let him take in some Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia and tire himself some.

I then went back and grabbed him from behind.

Him being a non swimmer and his arm out of socket made it very difficult. There was a pretty strong current and I swam until my arms got so tired they felt like useless noodles. Nate sensed that I was tiring out and told me to leave him and save myself. I guess that was what kept me going.

We Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia still a good ways from shore but I found I could sink to the bottom and push his feet then his body toward shore while I was Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the bottom. The water must have been feet deep at that point. I continued sinking to the bottom and pushing him toward shore until we reached shallow water.

All the while Vietnamese from the village near by just stood there watching, not lifting a finger to help. I caught hell from the medic for that but Nate was real happy. From then on we tortured the Vietnamese village every time we flew over Ladies seeking real sex Fence Lake with CS grenades as did a lot of the other guys in the gun platoon. Sometimes the gas would blow into our compound Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia the pilots Milf dating nottingham downwind.

No one would ever admit to throwing the CS. The morning of February 12 thstarted out as a routine gunship mission: We had a light fire team two gunships on standby at first light to support ARVN troops in the field. We were standing by on the airstrip at Cung Son.

As I recall, both aircraft were equipped in the slaughter mode. That was miniguns and small rocket pods. We were the standby team for that day and had received late notification of the mission.

The mission team was long gone on their previously assigned Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia. Our mission was a last minute affair as per SOP for the Devils.

The US advisor asked if Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia could come along for the ride. Taking non-wounded PAX on an operational mission in gunships was at that time strictly prohibited Sex Dating Fort Yates we quite naturally told the Major to jump aboard and enjoy the flight.

As Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia were fully Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia and had plenty of fuel, we took off and proceeded low level on a direct line to Song Cau. This took us over The Hub which, as most of you probably remember, was a Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia bad area. That was the primary reason for the low level flight. This and the fact that all Devils seemed to suffer severe nose bleed when flying higher than about Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia AGL which was a pretty Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia altitude to fly when going anywhere in SE Asia.

Apparently the same Demon had been on a milk run when he spotted a large group troops of what appeared to be VC or NVA in the open on a sand bar peninsula that led to the fishing village. He flew down to check out these troops and was immediately fired upon.

The slick called Demon Operations and reported what had occurred. In addition, other Demons were bringing in ARVN troops to set-up a blocking force on the land side of the peninsula. By the time our fire team arrived on station, the enemy troops had scattered into small groups of men, with some attempting Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia gain the relative safety afforded by the civilians in the village. The on-station Demon aircraft had done an exemplary job of keeping them contained in the open and preventing their takeover of the village.

Due to the limited area Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia had to operate in and the numerous small groups encountered, it was virtually impossible to set up any type of normal gun run. For much of the time, the lead aircraft and myself were pretty much separated and Fuck buddy Staunton Virginia our own thing while still trying to provide some support for each other. I estimate we expended on ammo and needed refueling after about minutes of Naughty woman want nsa Helena slaughter Indian girl i fucked in Howell chaos.

On my last pass, Horny Beeville wifes Beeville CE was wounded in the upper inside of his left? It later turned out to be a minor wound that was caused by a bullet striking the rotating mini-gun on his side and being deflected into his leg.

I immediately broke off my attack and informed lead that I had a wounded crew member and needed to evacuate to the nearest medical facility. He was completely expended at this time and we proceeded to the Evac Hospital at Qui Nhon.

He was in extreme discomfort even though the bleeding had almost stopped. I spent about 20 minutes with him in admitting and writing up the circumstances so he could receive his well-earned Purple Heart.

I finished the paper work about the same time that I was informed that although his wound was quite painful, it was fairly minor, and he would have the bullet removed and stay overnight at the hospital for observation.

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