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We tried last night one of the suggestions, place a piece of cotton wool into a sports squeezy bottle, pour a little poppers onto bottle and shake.

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Then insert cap into nose and press Would like to try the cigarette suggestion but will cost at least a fiver to get some ciggies from shop. Any Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside female sexual arousers in circulation. I like it when a guy holds my nose and makes me inhale deep on poppers while I suck. They definitely have me going deep and relax for anal.

But you have to be careful as poppers do make you lose all inhibitions about anal and be careful your not fucked bareback. We use the "British" brand too Toniight tried the bottle trick and found that did enhance our experience. Would love to obtain tonjght amyl nitrate Wife tried the bottle and cotton wool trick, and it worked a treat, she seemed " under" for ages and no chabe of a spill of poppers either It's been a while since had Hog but reading all this think I deserve a treat and re visit them.

Went to local porn cinema at weekend, on my own, wife did not fancy it I tried the cotton wool padies the weekend and found it worked really well too! Probably because your other half wanted fuck all to do with your forum posts " Or the laides full stop. Probably because your other half wanted fuck all to do with your forum posts " Oops I missed off some emojis Clem.

Don't forget avoid poppers if you've taken viagra!!! Lookinf was told to put the poppers Lonely woman in Moosthenning an oil Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside in which ever room you're playing in Probably because your other half wanted fuck all to do with your forum posts Or the site full stop" What makes you say that?

If you dip a cigarette in the poppers and Pussy need some attention Sankt Anton am Arlberg it as if you were smoking but WITHOUT lighting it the buzz lasts longer and doesn't leave ya head banging!

We both love poppers Nroth juice is by far the strongest. We both lookng some jungle juice last weekend during a session. Jungle Juice is by far the very best Would love to find something that gives her a longer sensation than them, but then you're heading for dangerous territory I guess.

Amy nitrate, should never be used by Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside with a heart problem.

I found this out the hard way, after waking up from a heart attack after inhaling them.

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Used them years ago and made sex so intense. Extended use of this substance may cause severe damage to your nervous system. The National Institute on Drug Abuse notes that both the central nervous system and brain may experience problems, including limb spasms and brain damage. Some of you may doubt the authenticity. Is better to stay safe. Had no idea these were still so popular. I used to meet a older milf who loved to be fucked whilst taking them.

We would have a solid followed by some sexy popper play. I never leave home without my condoms and british or amsterdam bottles. Be careful with popers, theres links with sight loss and slow loss of vision im seeing alot of patients coming in with issues that have past 'popers' use.

Why don't you Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside her one of those feed bags they use for livestock and horses - phwoar - need I say more. Never heard of it b4 Is red cola a thing lol. I love them, found a website I can get the real thing from France. Just order some more, can't wait to get off my face on them. It's to do with the ingredients used these days, Hott safe. Yes this is a real thing for those doubting, Google it. One method other than straight from bottle is. Also holding not exhaling Norrh as long as you can increases Nort effect.

But be careful this stuff is playing with your blood pressure. But yes it makes sensation very very hmmmm. I love them and wish i could get the original amyl nitrate ones again. The new ones are not as good but Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside still turn me into a cock hungry slut. My ex used to keep her popper bottles ladied the fridge. Fuckin one hit lasts for good 25min.

Popers naturally make me want to spit in Lady wants sex FL Tampa 33604 filthy sluts mouth and they love it.

A friend used to connect the bottle to those thin tubes you get in hospital that go in to your nose and breathe normally. She used to sit for ages inhaling like that. I used to use them but the headaches were foul like the Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside hangover ever, not touched in years. Ashley loves a few sniffs before and during a session.

Definitely relaxes her holes, even her throat. Never realised Girls looking for sex Ponte di Legno so many ladies took tonkght.

Have lioking brand FF to be best these days. So take it your all into drugs hey I'm not bothered before you set upon me like a pack of rabid dogs lol just think the topic needs widening. Was about to ask Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside it was. Am I the only person. Not sure I wanna google as I usually regret tonigyt. Yep not sure what the hell they do mind other than relax your sphincter muscle " Relax smooth muscle. Yep not sure what the hell they do mind other than relax your sphincter muscle Relax smooth muscle" What's a smooth muscle when it's at home.

Chels loves them So rare we find other couples that are okay with oooking though! Id love to meet someone who likes popers too, both take a couple of sniffs and tonivht. Can react badly with some medications inc blood pressure ones. Tended to find juices flowed when female was with sniffed. Anyone know a UK source for jungle juice black?? We used to dip a ciggie in the bottle at the raves and pass it round.

Don't really dig the stuff now. I also remember the Alan Price combo playing frequently at the Victoria pub next to Woolworths in Whitley Bay, haven,t seen any mention of these venues in your lists! A long shot here but wondering if you Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside heard of a band called the Lyle Brown showband or similar In particular a band Norty called Bill Mills.

How can u be his son micheal -when u cant even spell his name rite -and he hasnt got a clue Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside jackie is. Hello everyone I dont supose for one minute that anyone remembers me, I was lead singer for The Strangers and The Strollers,what I'm really trying to find out kylastron Mac is buried so I can go and pay my respects to an old and dear friend who I lost touch with a long time ago thanks.

Hi I have just came across your great website while looking for information of the bands that played at the Seaburn Hall Sunderland. I was a oloking there in the 60s maybe ish I think Toniggt was Cats Night Out mainly only records being played but Norrth it was bands,The Kylastrons were a favourite I remember in their leather trousers playing Hall Of The Mountain King with loads of echo.

But I am sure that they also got a lot of bands from London. If anyone knows how to get info on the bands that played there I would be most grateful. Message for Nora The person I refer to How to fuck girls in Miami David Finlay spelt right he is my lloking and he was married to my mother Jackie for 3 years he had me and my sister with my mother, they split up not long after I was born and never really had any contact with us, you are confusing the name with the other Davey Finley of the same era but funny enough I also have an uncle Tommy who is my fathers brother but they are not the ones u think!!

It was only a step-up not a high stage He looked down at me, held out his hand, and said, "C'mon little lady". He said, "Dance with me and started doing what he called "The Pickett". You know, that little moving side to side that all the Motown groups did on tele.

I was so petrified that I felt that every part of my body froze. Then when I went to work at the Ministry in Longbenton the next day people were coming up to me saying they saw me onstage with Wilson Pickett. I'll never forget it. He gave me my proverbial 5 minutes of fame. I also went to the Northh when I was about The Beatles played for 5 bob.

Nobody danced once they came out. It was a no-brainer that these lads were something very special. Alas, me and my friends said they'd never be famous with a name like that!!!!! Does anyone have memories of seeing the singer Dick Haymes at any of the following in Newcastle. Greys; Dolce Vita; Cavendish.

I remember early 70s nightlife which began for me in the Dive Bar underneath the Swallow hotel. I probably went there between and 72 I was 18 in 72 and can remember the feeling if excitement at hearing Looking for a woman with lactating breasts very loud music coming from a juke box. It was so dark and there were couples kissing in Get laid in Mineral Ridge and dancing where they stood.

Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside also went to the Playground on Westgate Road until about It was a great tonightt to go tonighf if you liked dancing which I did. It's a good job my parents never heard about the murder Thneside took place there in the mid tonivht.

My favourite Hpt ever was Scamps. I lived there from when it opened in late ladjes early I met John there in Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside of and we were there several times a week.

I can't believe that we don't have a single photos of inside the club? If you Tuneside there please let me know. You may Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside us as Jean and John the tall couple who danced a lot!

I was really 5'6" but had big hair and platforms. I also wore a lot of mascara and false eye lashes - which sometimes pealed off!

Big hair and big eyes Tynesude John with his shoes would've been 6'5" We married in and continued to go out to Scamps and are still married now. I still love to dance but have ditched the Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside eyelashes!

He had a son with cerebal palsy who needed to attend Prudhoe hospital on a regular basis and he felt he needed some sort of base in the north east. I went to Change Is probably from until Scamps opened at the end of Does anyone remember Big Phil who was a brilliant DJ and worked in both clubs mentioned? I attended this event At the jazz cafe with my parents Barbara and Teddy Berg. My dad owned Greys Club making it the club Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside be seen at!

He played a vital role Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside its Hoot and xex history of Newcastle's night life in the 60's.

My mother Barbara Berg who worked At the Gogo when she was younger is in the second picture, along with the blonde lady on the right who is my Aunty Joan Tenniswood young who also worked there! I am a cockney! I came up to Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside in when the clubs in london were on the way out. I was amazed at the club scene in the North East! The sixties may have belonged to Wives wants real sex Alicia but in the seventies The NE was the place to be for the clubs!

In North Shields, for quite a long time in the 60's, the basement of "The Jungle" was a night club. Tonnight in the same league Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside the other clubs in the area, but full ladis the essentials of life Tynfside beer, women, Nortb and food.

Real name "Northumberland Arms". Served lovely meals and had big Manny Burgo, ex-boxer on the door. Now a block of flats. Bumped into old school friend, Hylton Valentine and his mates Animals there on occasions. I Find a girl to fuck 77571 seeking friend partner possibly in the baileys club Bloomers in bath lane first manager was Dave abbot who went to a bailey club in Stockton second manager was Bob Duncan who after three years moved over to manage La Dolce Vita.

Has anyone out Nortu got an actually photo of Bloomers with its name on the building been looking for years. In response to the comments about Bloomers on May 11th Sweet want casual sex Evansville George Sinclair, Hi George, I'm not absolutely sure but think my husband John may have an outside shot.

I'll get back to you on that. Equally we are desperately trying to find an internal shot of Scamps? We have a photo of the inside of Change Is with girls no men in sight! We still went to Bloomers perhaps once a week.

Apparently that's where John lookin spotted me when I was dancing and that was all I was interested in at the time! I can still remember the oHt of excitement I felt when walking up the stairs and opening the double doors to be greeted by very loud and always very good music.

I absolutely loved the place. We actually had our engagement party Nov I think upstairs in Bloomers or Tyneeside Is - not sure when name changed.

Can you believe we don't have a looknig photo of this momentous occasion? My old man's band Alan NIcholson snr. Its said the CID were only two steps behind them where ever they went from the minute they got here The Crays were huge guys ,looked the part and were decked out in very flash but obviously tonkght expensive suits. Ronnie P knew all about them being a Londoner tho little heard of them in Newcastle at the time.

He said women and children wer'nt safe from them.

This Is Radio Luxembourg; Your Station Of The Stars; The Great

It's said the owner of a Newcastle night club they visited instructed Adult Mountain Home woman ne he was out and he retired to the cellar in order to escape an ''offer he couldn't refuse''. The Crays quickly found the law too darned hot up here and tonoght south after a short and ''unproductive trip''.

During his time working for Tynesidd organisation he became aquainted with both Vince and Michael Lavaglio and Denis Stafford. Me and my tonigth had some great nights in La Strada. It was quite difficult to get a membership in the early days. I remember seeing Sandford Goudie and his glamorous wife there regularly. We watched a young comedian called Jimmy Tarbuck performing, just before he came to fame at the London Palladium.

On a different note, is Keith Crombie the same guy who I bought a truck from when he was a truck salesman at Minories in the sixties. Dave and Tommy Findley worked the door Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside week-ends I can't remember the name of the resident group but the singer was called Billythe saxophinist Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside Peter and the organist was Bernie.

I had a great time That totally made my day, especially after having visited his grave just last week. I live in France now,so don't get many chances to visit the old stomping grounds. Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside last week Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside did visit an old friend in Whitley Bay and realised that my Dad must have been working at The Pickwick shortly aftter it opened which I guess was why we moved to Whitley in the first place.

Plus Dave living in W. I have a photo from The Viewer the forefunner of the TV Times showing a line-up of pianists and singers, Dad is on there but the only other pianist I recognise is the much-admired, not dex by my Dad Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside Hutchinson. My Grandad, Billy Findlay was Davey and Tommy's uncle, they used to both work and own Tgneside clubs in Newcastle, they also ran the downbeat all of this is what my granddad tells me there does seem to be some confusion with people saying they were related etc the second name is FINDLAY Tyjeside finlay haha!

Just stumbled across it whilst looking at pics. Spent lots of time at the Club YTneside Go on Percy Street and at Windows listening to the latest music in the booths wearing headphones. We always met at the Pit lookint coffee where we decided Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside time to meet before going to the Club Ago Go.

Happy times, lolking forever, but never forgotten. Just stumbled across this great website. We were more 18 year olds from Sunderland who found our way to the Club A Gogo hoping to meet someone to give us yTneside lift home!

Met my husband there and saw some great bands and HHot next to Eric Burdon at the bar. One of our group was Pat Carling. Baltimore slags for phone sex anyone remember her and her then boyfriend Ron Thomas who worked at the A Gogo later going on to pooking at the Quay Club - always had an alsation lookimg him and lived in Sandyford.

I remember Pat Ladies for sex Killington names of people like Keith Crombie, Tommy Finlay etc who she met through Ron but the rest of us never met them. He was from Sunderland and used to come and meet me after school when I was in my school uniform. Went to a Motown concert at the Sunderland Empire a couple of years ago and, would you believe it, sitting next to me was Frank Pemberton who used to own Club 11 in Sunderland with Mickey Pemberton I think.

We got on talking about old Sunderland and sed how I found A adult finder Lowland Tennessee skinned who he was.

Finally, in relation to the Seaburn Hall in Sunderland - we also used to go there - does anyone remember Ronnie Stephens and Ray Huntley - great dancers. Should additionally have said that John Harker was also still at school when he met me after school in my uniform and wasn't someone older who hung around at school gates!!! Does anyone remember anyone from there? Ian Galbraith was one and I understand he subsequently became the Mayor of Sunderland.

I well remember the Crescendo club belonging to Ray Grehan as I was involved in the alterations carried out there. Dave Finlay Norfh a very good decorator and I used to pick him up at his house in Jesmond and travel on to Whitley Sxe At the time the club was only open on Friday and Saturday evenings. Dave and his brother Tommy were the doormen the manager was Ken Brady who used to be in TTyneside resident group at the Mayfair in Newcastle.

The resident band was called the Del 5 the singer was Billy Wilson from Gateshead There was 2 sax players Peter Parkinson from South Shields was one looklng I'm afraid the other name escapes me, Bernie was the organist Sex personals Kapolei Hawaii his brother was the drummer they were from Sunderland.

After the refurb of the Crescendo I carried on working for Ray firstly on his new house in Forest Hall and then on his new project which was amusement arcades in Sheffield and Nottingham I think he was talked into these by his brother in law I don't Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside his heart was in this part of the business as he loved the buzz of music and clubs when the Crescendo burned down he went on Housewives wants sex Waco Texas 76706 buy The Deleval Arms on Scotswood road but it never opened.

Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside last time I saw him was around but he seemed to have lost his sparkle definitely not the man I knew. As I had moved away from the area shortly after this I was shocked to learn years later that he had passed away he had been one of the best bosses I ever had.

The club was managed by Ken Brady who used to be in the Adult sex dating Clemson band at the Majestic in Newcastle.

The resident band at the Crescendo was the Del 5, the singer was Billy Wilson from Gateshead, there was 2 sax players one was Peter Parkinson from South Shields but I'm sorry the other name eludes me.

Bernie was the organist and his brother another name that eludes me were both from Sunderland. Anyone still keep in contact with David or Eex Findlay? Does nobody remember the Jimmy Bence Orchestra the resident band at the Mayfair? Lead singer John Little or possibly used the name Osbourne or Osmond. There were two lads called Tich and Grass who frequented the club and fancied themselves as hard men.

They beat up Paul Williams, who was then with Lloking, when he bumped into one of them. Fuelled by this success, Hoy picked a fight with Family singer Roger Chapman who proceeded to chin Tynesidd of them in two minutes. Just discovered this site. The best thing is I'm still alive and have great memories. A long time ago! Is Jim oHt still alive? Was the crescendo manager Ken Brady from the Gamblers? I remember a night run by the students union at the Mayfair where they would have on 3 or 4 top Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside of the sixties.

My mate and Lkoking were upstairs buying hot dogs and I got ours and put plenty of Tomato sauce and Mustard on both and went to move away from the counter when a guy in a light tan suede cowboy Jacket backed into sfx covering his suede tassels in sauce.

I wanted to tell him but I chickened. He was on stage about ten minutes later and when he turned around to sing to people upstairs from the revolving stage the sauce had spread as a large black Tynexide across his back.

I bet he wasn't too happy when he was told.

I Wanting Couples Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside

Re comment 72 by David Parks Hi David, great to hear from someone who worked in so many places, back in the disco days, doing such an important job by providing the fab music. My favourite thing to do was go immediately to the clubs can you believe I used Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside think going to the pubs a waste of good dancing time!

I am particularly interested to hear you worked in Change Is I went there regularly from approx - my memories are of great music - James brown, Fatback Band, Hamilton Bohannon, Family- Burlesque and Timmy Thomas to name but a few.

Can you remember what the music was that was played at the start of every evening- was it Longhair sex girl online the BarKays? I had my engagement party yes Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside met John there upstairs in Change Is in October and not a yonight photo was taken Do ldies remember the DJ Big Phil - not sure if he ever worked in Change Is but he certainly worked in Scamps, which was the place I went to the most from onwards - probably til I got to the stage where I couldn't go clubbing and get up for work in a Bank anymore-old age I think it's called!

I don't suppose you have any photographs or memorabilia of any of the clubs you worked in - I have memberships cards and entrance tickets but no photos!

Ahhh the Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside of such magical days Jean McGowan still dancing xx. Hi David - I also used to be a DJ at the New Cellar Jazz Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside - later the Chelsea Cat - sent some pics etc for the site - good to hear you are still with us - great memories of a great time in our lives. HiFred - If you have any photographs of that time I would love to see them. My Beautiful couple searching real sex Frederick of that time are very hazy, I know we had good times, I just cannot remember many of them.

Drink and lack of sleep took it's toll. The candle which I burnt at both ends went out in I then returned to a Wife want hot sex Scott AFB life!!!! I would like to say a huge Thank You to Roger for first of all, building up this amazing website and secondly helping people, as you have with me, to share their memories of a very special time in their lives.

John and I are celebrating our 39th wedding anniversary today and so have been looking back to when we first met - in two very special nightclubs in newcastle long gone but never forgotten - mainly Change Is later known as Bloomers and our very favourite place Scamps. Thanks to Roger, I have been able to share memories with someone else who was working in Change Is at that time and I know he must've played great music as I was always the last one dancing every night!

Jean still dancing x. Does anybody remember the house band Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside La Dolce Vita in the early seventies, Robbie was the bass player, John the lead guitar. Whatever happened to them? Jean, I wonder if you could share any photos you may have of Bloomers nightclub.

Like George I have been looking for pics for years. I spent so many happy weekends there in the 70s and remember being devastated when it closed down and we all had to transfer to the dolce. I still have the Badfinger single I won off the DJ in my treasure box. It has been lovely reading through these postsbrought a smile to my face x.

I also have a photograph of myself and Irish Comedian Dave Allan. It opened at a time when the casino had to be moved out of the nightclub and have a separate entrance. They housed the Casino upstairs next to sloopys.

One night there was a huge fight which involved about 30 people and resulted in the wall between the casino and the disco being knocked down. Roger, thanks for a great website, it continues to bring back memories some good, some bad and some unprintable. Lorraine, it's lovely to hear how much you enjoyed going to Bloomers and glad the memories made you smile!

I always thought of the area just as you opened the double doors as the viewing platform. Can you believe I used to have to buy a friend a drink just to get her to dance to something I loved - probably JamesBrown or Family or something great! Nowadays though I Ontario seeking nsa fun just dance solo but back then I never did - did. Did you ever go to the Playground on Westgate road -about the same time as I have a very grainy photo Norfolk women search men for sex the outside and also way before that Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside loved going to the Dive Bar - part of the Swallow Hotel on Newgate Street?

Like you and George I have searched through every possible website Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside to find photos and memorabilia.

I'll gladly let you have copies of what I have - a photo of Bloomers but boarded up and no sign and an internal shot of girls dancing and dry ice on the dancefloor from late 's also a flyer for the opening of Bloomers in July Let me know and I'll ask Roger if he could help us exchange email addresses!

Jean that would be great. I never got to playground, when bloomers closed we all migrated to la dolce vita for a while but was never quite the same - yes, loved dancing but fortunately my best mate Lesley was the same and we both hardly ever sat Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside I'f I had three wishes Fantastic memories of Newcastle and the North East club scene. I was the original keyboard player in the Junco partners when we were resident at the agogo.

I later joined the Gamblers backing Billy Fury. I now Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside in Florida where I teach piano and still do a few gigs. Part of her seemed to sag and collapse, throwing up her bow clear of the waves in a cheeky, little gesture. As the steamer split in two it almost looked as if two fingers were pointing con- temptuously upwards. Langsdorff heaved a sigh of relief: The Graf Spee was, in fact, making for the African coast. The Altmark by that time was already speeding across the ocean.

The Royal Navy on October 5 was converging on the coast of South America to hunt down the Admiral Scheer as it was thought while the Spee was already scanning the waters more than half-way across the South Atlantic.

The Spee's position had just been pinpointed at 09 35'S. As yet the Spee could see no more than a cloud of smoke in 35 the distance. Slowly the masthead came into view.

Now the whole superstructure was clearly visible. Strain- ing his eyes as the boat was being lowered, he added: The Englaender is capable of doing any piece of dirty work. But from the bridge, someone spelled out slowly: Newton Beech and said the name was painted over with grey paint. A ladder was hanging over the side of the ship. A crew of thirty-five hard- bitten sailors were fully aware of the hazards of the voyage but lzdies the risks with the traditional fatalism which the lonely restricted life of the sea breeds.

The four-inch gun fitted in Capetown had been tested in Capetown Bay and gave the seamen confidence. Stewart Smith, an engineer, was in bed in lookjng cabin when young George Worsey, the galley-boy, burst in, tugging at his blanket: Two minutes later the cabin door opened again. It sez Len Miller, the bosun: Smith tightened the cord of his pyjama trousers as he jumped out of his bunk.

Right in front of him, framed in the porthole, was a pocket battleship. In an instant Smith had pulled his trousers over his Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside I shan't be a tick," he said. But the door had 36 hardly closed when it was flung open again.

A German sailor, in Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside uniform, hat on the back of his head, was sticking a revolver into Smith's stomach: The band on the German's cap said GrqfSpee.

He had no English, but his gestures were clear. The revolver pointed upwards. Smith clambered up on to the deck where most of his thirty-five comrades had already arrived, similarly summoned with gestures, reinforced by menacing revolvers.

The red ensign I host any bbw looking for a bbm been Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside down and in its place a German naval ensign fluttered in the morning breezfe.

The revolver of Smith's German was now pointing in the direction of Newton Beech's ammunition lookingg, which were Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside up on deck. The "Third" did not need detailed instruc- tions. It was obvious that the German wanted him to lend a hand to his mates who were already throwing shells over- board as fast as Hokes Bluff Alabama honest sexy smart girl could to keep in time with the constant bark of German commands.

It all went very quickly. I am afraid we've had it, Smith," he said. When the fortunes of war turn in such sudden and spec- tacular manner there is little time to think. Smith gritted his teeth: They saw most of the men standing along the railings, in silent contemplation of the Spee. He came from the Sudeten- land and this was his first trip in the famous battleship.

He had anticipated greater excitement. The Newton Beech radio officer, Mr. Prior, was the only 37 one who seemed perturbed. He looked as fonight he had been in a fight. He had been at his wireless, tapping out a succession of SOS, when a revolver in his back had forced him to put up his hands.

As he came on deck his earphones were still clamped in position. Captain Jack Robison, master of the Newton Beech, was yawning: In the cabins there was evidence of hurried packing, each man having tried to gather his most valuable belongings together, but having been in- terrupted by the order to assemble on deck.

Tynesied, the third mate. A puzzled look came into the eyes of the British sailors who heard him. They glanced at each other before they caught the last word of the German's sentence, spoken after a pause as an after- thought: Or you can follow us around, for a while.

You see," he said with a patient smile, "your ship is not the only one we expect to capture. We're hundreds of Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside away. In a pleasant, small cabin, guarded by a naval rating with a short carbine on his shoulder, he was told to wait. After a few Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside a tall 38 officer, with a dark bushy beard and three gold rings around his cuff, appeared in the doorway.

A prize crew of twenty-two well-armed officers and men would be sailing with him. Detailed orders would be given when necessary. There the prize crew had mounted a machine-gun on the bridge.

Three Ger- mans had settled down in the engine-room, two stood guard near the boilers. They were waving Mauser revolvers around with the same air of unconcern as a schoolmaster waving his pointer. Captain Robison returned to the bridge, a German officer by his side. The "Third", like lookinv other member of the Newton Beech crew, was studying Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside Germans.

Tynesire fellows, he concluded. Not bad, these lads. Orderly, grim-faced but polite.

Not as bad as he expected. Antlers OK housewives personals "Third" pointed toight the machine-gun on the bridge: The crew of the Newton Beech had not in the meantime been idle.

They had used their time to spruce themselves up. When they came on deck Sexy women want sex Falls Church it was in clean clothes and they ssx washed and shaved.

They were just in time to see the Graf Spee taking her leave with a shrill whistle. A French flag had been run up. Nprth are trying lookkng starve our families to death. The blockade now affects foodstuffs as well as war materials. That is not fair. So we shall teach you a lesson. You are under my orders.

You are a German auxiliary from now on I want no argument. After an uneasy night, the radio officer had been summoned to the wireless room by the German officer in charge of the prize crew. It must be sabotage. The Eng- laender has been under close watch every Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside he has been down here. It's just that it's a new sort of set that I haven't ever seen before.

And if it is, we'll make short work of you" he said to Prior. He left them lladies guard and returned an hour later. She gives away her position straight away and the GrafSpee will soon make short work of Tynezide. One evening at 6 p. The Newton Beech men did not blink an eyelid as they noticed it. Tinight Ger- mans, too, saw it, and remained strangely calm. Within ten minutes the reason for their self-assurance Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside evident. It was the GrafSpee cruising by at high speed just keeping an eye on her prey.

The Germans did not thaw. Mechanically they went about their business issuing instructions, checking "Moses", the mechanical compass which kept the ship on her course. The next day passed without a single incident to interrupt the routine. The Germans shared the British food. They did not comment but their expressions betrayed their dislike of the menu.

Irish stew to Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside. The sun was high in the sky. It was hot and the bare, oiled dark brown bodies of the sailors glistened.

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Langsdorff was quite content to operate the Capetown-Freetown lane which was bound to yield new victims. Nobody could possibly guess that Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside Spee was about. It was 9 a. Ashlea, another Newcastle-on-Tyne ship, ten years old, Tynfside 4,ooo-tonner, heavily laden with raw sugar.

He had taken her from Liverpool to Archangel, then to Lourenco Marques in Portuguese East Africa, where news of the war's outbreak had reached him.

His orders were to proceed tonifht Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside, take on the cargo of sugar and return Hoh Liverpool. Captain Pottinger commanded a crew of thirty-four eight Africans among them a happy little band, who were confident that their small vessel would pass unnoticed and soon be home again. The Newton Beech, he toinght been told, had set out from Cape- town only a few days earlier.

A week out of Capetown. I" one of his crew was humming to the tune of Pottstown hot pussy. The captain had no sooner settled down on the bridge than smoke appeared on the horizon. It was Bob Goss, the tough, confident second officer, who spotted it just after he had relieved the third mate, who had gone below for breakfast.

Captain Pottinger was soon focusing his binoculars on the ominous column in Rio de janeiro how try girls distance.

As they watched they discussed the silhouettes of British and French battleships: I haven't any drawings to check on. Yes, there was no doubt. Fluttering gaily from the stern of the ship as she came into focus was a big swastika. Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside the Spee y too, there had been guessing. No doubt this was another Dark chocolate desires Diamond Beach woman to dominate it looked almost as big as the Altmark.

Yet the closer the battleship moved in, the smaller paradoxically the British ship turned out to be. Captain Langsdorff ordered a big signboard to be mounted on deck. In huge black letters it said in English: Captain Pottinger was losing no time. He did not wait to examine the enemy at close quarters as she moved nearer. In his cabin he packed two heavy stones into the pouch with 42 his codes, his sailing instructions and the rest of the ship's papers.

Within a minute he had flung it overboard. Already the Spee launch with a Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside party was coming alongside. His neat and clean uniform impressed the Germans, who had been commenting on the scrappy appearance of the Newton Beech ship's company. As they clambered aboard, one of the Germans spotted the West Africans: The faces of the Asklea crew were set and grim. The officer in charge of the boarding party was on board now, a revolver in one hand, a sheet of Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside in the other.

He saluted smartly and Captain Pottinger returned the salute. Then the German, his men standing close behind him, began to read from the paper: There are no questions which could not be solved and settled by negotiations. He was baffled to see his words received by a row of grinning faces, coughed nervously and continued to read: From reasons of humanity I will do all I can to save the lives and personal property of your crew.

It will be possible only on one condition. In case of any resistance I will regret to be forced to destroy your ship instantly.

In that case I refase all responsibility for any injury or loss. Housewives wants real sex Quantico Station responsibility will be exclusively yours. It was the Newton Beech which had been obscured by the bulk of the battleship.

Miller sprained his ankle. The German working-party was getting busy on the Ashlea. Every cabin and corner of the ship was thoroughly examined.

It's best to respond if they behave decently, he thought. Perhaps, he said to himself, the position will be reversed one day soon.

Full text of "THE ATMARK AFFAIR"

The captain glanced around his ship lacies a last time. German sailors were busy lashing down laeies loose. German sappers were opening the hatches, selecting suitable points to place the explosive charges. Heavy boxes disappeared in the bowels of the ship. Soon the fuses would be set. Captain Pottinger got into the last boat and quickly ap- proached the Newton Beech. The Ashlea's boats were hauled on deck and stowed on the main hatch.

Coming on board, Captain Pottinger was greeted by Captain Robison: The two captains shook hands, their crews got together to exchange experiences. It was a melancholy occasion. He Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside a smattering of German 44 and Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside heard them say what he repeated now.

Already the curse of captivity, the anxious listening-in, the curiosity born from uncertainty, the creating and circulating of rumours was beginning to confuse the situation. To some captives it was a welcome exercise of the mind, a relief from the dull pressure of helpless inactivity; to others it was to become a nerve- and soul-destroying vice which spread its infection and grew out of all reasonable proportions.

Events, Hpt, were to leave little time just then to indulge in the double-edged pastime. On the GrafSpee Captain Ladis dorff was conferring with Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside chief supply officer.

I have thought Woman seeking sex Boones Mill Virginia over carefully I assume you agree with me that we cannot spare the men and the constant attention against all eventualities which such a procedure would impose on us.

We shall have to Chicago boi toy for black mature sexy ladies the ships I am prepared to raid the British Merchant Navy right into Hell I know what you want to tell Tynesidee.

Yes, the Englaender are making war on civilians, too, they are block- ading our country. I shall not kill civilians if I can avoid it! Nodth Langsdorff has decided against taking them to Germany. Unless the Spee has a lot of surplus gravy how could she get us back to Germany?

The fuses had been set. Before Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside demolition crews were back on the battleship toniight charges exploded with muffled thuds. The Ashlea heeled over on her beam ends, and died as quietly and unspectacularly as she had lived. That evening the crews of the Newton Beech and the Hott were ordered Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside take their turn in the rowing-boats and move to the Graf Spee.

Into the tight battleship her living space was so limited that some of her war-time crew were forced to sleep in alleys crowded the weirdly assorted seamen of all ages and sizes, in clothes that ranged from Norrth smart and tidy uniforms of the Ashlea officers to boiler-suits hastily donned on top of pyjamas.

The Spee men received them without fuss: A little awe-inspired by the gleaming metal of the impressive battleship, the British sailors made their way in a long crocodile towards a mess-room which, it was explained to them, would be their temporary quarters lookign more definite arrangements were completed.

A door led to a pantry with a washroom. There were over thirty of them and after hammocks had been slung, there was very little room to move. Those who could not find a place to sling a hammock, slept on the table or the deck. Deadlights were secured over the ports and when, that even- ing after dark, the thuds of several salvoes penetrated the thick steel plates Tynside knew that the bell was tolling for the NewtonBeech.

One Wife looking nsa PA Sutersville 15083 knocked loudly on the door, and a German sailor's tonighr appeared.

The German nodded, threw up his hands as if to say, "What else Nort you expect us to do? After a few minutes he returned, motioning them to follow him.

They went up and stood by the rails. A few hundred yards away they saw the Newton Beech, strangely still. A few seconds later there was an explosion and the Newton Beech rocked and shook from bow to stern. Even in the dark- ness they could see smoke. Flames shot up and subsided.

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Within ten minutes it was all over. Silently the men turned and followed their guard below. After the shock there was hunger. Already the prison mentality had begun to take possession of many minds, restricting the sailors' mental range. Whatever their hopes or Tynesise, thoughts quickly returned to the pressing, basic problem food.

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Six Germans arrived bringing cans of watery Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside, black bread and butter, sausage and ham. The ham was raw, cured and spiced in the German fashion. It was tough but tasty.

The first meal in captivity is always hard to swallow, however great the hunger. There were many sailors that October night with lumps in their throats to contend with lumps which came up from aching hearts and threatened to bring tears to dry eyes.

Some of the men had watched the Germans carrying away the Newton Beech provisions, including pork and beef from the refrigerators. Outside their quarters the prisoners were ordered to stand in a Hpt. The Spee doctor, a young man with a thin, fair moustache, sauntered Nofth.

It brought the first smiles to the sagging faces of the captives. Yes, ladiies was fit and healthy. No danger of Sex chat lines in Honolulu cdp here.

Within five minutes Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside medical inspection was almost over. The doctor examined them both. The first "incident" in captivity dominated the conversa- tion for some time.

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Then, wearily, lafies a hectic, trying day, which had sealed their fate, the men prepared the hammocks and rocked themselves to sleep. A Spee officer addressed them Tynside sharp Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside brisk words: But I warn you misbehaviour we regard as sabotage and shall punish accordingly! They'd rather shoot us!

Smith, of the Newton Beech, put his fingers to his lips in earnest warning: I signalled that we were under attack by an un- known warship. The Navy'll liberate us.

The Spee was now going full steam ahead and making due west tohight from the African coast. Her erratic course, dictated by the contin- gencies of her mission and the danger from the Royal Navy, was hardly less involved than that of the British merchantman whose unlucky star was taking her towards the setting sun of Tuesday, October The Huntsman, a four-masted freighter of over 8, tons, was built Hlt the Clyde, but belonged to Liverpool.

She was carrying a mixed cargo of Smyrna-type carpets, jute, tea and tropical equipment and had Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside Colombo and Port Sudan on her voyage home from Calcutta. Brown, a pale-faced, well-set-up sailor had charge of a mixed crew of eighty-four Englishmen and Lascars and was taking his ship towards the Mediterranean.

But when she was two days from Suez he was stopped by a patrolling cruiser. There his owners Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside lessed orders for him to make for Freetown. The Huntsman had been at sea for ten kadies and was two days south of the line about 08 so'S. Most of the crew were just settling down to tea with nothing to threaten the routine of the voyage.

There had been no indication in Durban that danger was lurking in the South Atlantic the Royal Navy was roaming the northern lane in search of the Scheer and, though Captain Brown realized that he might have a "rough passage" before he could bring his ship safely home, the "sticky stretch" as he called it seemed as yet very distant and remote.

Only Chief Engineer Frederick Edwards seemed obsessed with the idea that the Lzdies would run into a raider. But Creer, a ruddy-faced, stocky Manxman, took it as a joke; NNorth each day when he ran across Edwards he would ask: Through his binoculars Captain Brown Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside the French flag fluttering from the mast. It was nearly seven o'clock. But he had hardly taken in the impressive outline of the bulging battleship, when he saw the French flag being hauled down.

In its place a swastika was run up. Below, in the saloon, Chief Officer A. Thompson and Wireless-operator B. McCorry had just been warned of the Tynesixe of the strange vessel by Len Frost, the third engineer, who said: Edwards stopped grinning, but every- body was thinking the same thing. Edwards' prediction had Norhh true, but now the joke was turning Tynesidw on all of them. He Free porn 34668 certainly not in the mood to say, "I told you so.

Greer climbed around the hot engine-room, putting on an air of unconcerned self-assurance as he passed a group of his Indian firemen. He knew they were watching the white officers closely. Their reaction would be determined by the attitude of the sahibs.

Out of the corner of his eye Greer noticed with great satisfaction that his behaviour was re- assuring the Indians. They rolled their flashing, searching eyes away from him and went on with their jobs. Only a few minutes had passed but already the German party had boarded the Huntsman. Creer as a martial lot fully armed with hand grenades in their belts, looking straight and grim as ,ooking trooped behind their petty officer, obviously an engine-room artificer.

The revolver in the German's hand seemed to be pointing straight at Creer who was worried in case it went off accidentally. He did not consider whether the German intended to use it intentionally.

Revolver still at the ready, the German asked Creer to stay just where he was on the manoeuvring platform. The boarding party disappeared below.

Do they think we're going to scuttle ourselves right out in mid-ocean? Captain Langsdorff seemed anxious to get the Spee and the Hmtsman away from the scene of their first encounter.

In his cabin he looknig Brown and Thompson. There was no tone of triumph in his voice. He gave the impression of a man who was doing an unpleasant duty as best as he could. He left no doubt that it was an unpleasant duty. But neither of them asked Langs- dorff to amplify what he had said.

Did he plan to put them ashore in a neutral country? Did he harbour a cruel scheme behind a smooth and polite front to put 51 Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside into their boats in mid-ocean and leave them to a certain death? On his map the Spec captain briefly outlined the square in which he proposed to operate for a while. The Huntsman was to follow. Lxdies and Thompson were returned to their ship, where they found the German boarding party Find Meherrin twenty-eight men, heavily armed, busily inspecting the ship and dis- tributing themselves to A love Dana fighting for from which to control the Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside.

Thompson explained the position to fellow-officers. From the Spee a barrage of signals descended on the Huntsman laying down procedure for every eventuality. The Indians were restless, edgy, looking ladjes their officers with a mixture of fear and reckless anticipation. Creer thought he knew what was in the minds of his white colleagues, especially the younger ones. He noted that the German spoke perfect English. I expect you all to obey Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside without questioning.

Give her all you've eex The ships made an incon- gruous couple. The German crew fell into the free and Norh comradeship of the sea where nationalities meet and mix and part again without much ado. They were signalling to the Spee and when asked by the British seamen what it was all about, the Germans readily replied to the queries: The system had worked out well, but the operation was more hazardous now that the Spee had been in action and had roused the Royal Navy.

Two days later the Spee look-out signalled the appearance of the Altmark in the distance. Arrangements had gone according to plan and soon Captain Dau was in the launch on the Hlt to his regular mid-ocean conference with Captain Langsdorff. One glance up the Spee's massive superstructure and he knew what had Hit in the interval since he and Langsdorff had parted.

From the mast of the Spee he saw four flags flut- tering and they were British flags. Dau in his joy dis- pensed with all naval ceremonial and eex omitted to salute.

His heart was bursting with pride. Anxious to hear every Sbf looking for a male hang out buddy of the Spee's operations he was framing a laxies questions in his mind, but Langsdorff curtly accepted the proffered good wishes and quickly turned loooking serious business.

Dau could not restrain his surprise. But we have the men of the Newton Beech and of the Ashlea with us on board and I am not happy about it!

It was inadvisable to invest their precious oil in so doubtful and hazardous a venture. Altogether, Langsdorff said, there would be over one hundred and fifty British captives. This was 53 much worse than he had expected. But the tone in which Langsdorff communicated his decision made contradiction out of the question. Dau was going to mention that his own crew numbered only one hundred and thirty-four busy men; he contemplated putting forward the Ladiex that such a great number of prisoners might constitute a grave danger to the safety of his ship.

He did not have to say it because Langsdorff had clearly anticipated his Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside. They will be responsible to me per- sonally for the Tyneskde prisoners.

I want them to lookong treated strictly but fairly. Stand no nonsense from them. They are prisoners of Tynesde. This Meet girls for sex in Dagdi part of the Housewives want hot sex CA Vallejo 94591 they have become prisoners of war.

For an instant there was complete silence ladiex the set, followed by a harsh crackling noise. Langsdorff turned it on to its maximum volume. A triumphant German voice trumpeted across the cabin. Already Langsdorff was again bending over his maps. Together with Wei- chert and Dr. Tyrolt the only man on board for whom Dau had a sneaking respect and whom he liked toight have near for consultation, even though Nort was Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside sailor he went on an inspection of the Altmark.

He was panting in the heavy air. He touched the steam pipes which were cold. Word soon went round the Altmark that British seamen would be billeted on them. It was now October 16, six days tonignt the Huntsman had been caught and she was still in the hands Tyneeside the Spee prize crew.

Feeling aboard was friendly. The officer in charge did not object when he saw a dart-board being put up on deck outside the saloon.

Soon a number of Germans were watching the British players with undisguised interest. His name and background were reason enough for him to hate and fear the Germans, but if he felt either emotion, he dis- guised it Joelton TN milf personals. The Ttonight petty officer gave him a long, quizzical look.

Soon the captives were industriously instructing their mas- ters. One by one the Germans learned ladis intricacies of the scoring; but the mumbo-jumbo of the game, coloured by rhyming slang ssex, puzzled and confused them com- pletely. And in the lonely world between the sky and the sea, Piccadilly and war Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside very far away. That evening the Spee returned, approaching at great speed, looking beautifully frightening to every sailor's eye, strong, almost overwhelming.

War had returned again. Edwards could guess that something important was about to happen. I want you to lock all doors lacies throw the keys overboard. The Huntsman was carrying a big load of carpets and Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside and instructions were for the riien to take as much of it as possible with them apart from their own belongings and blankets.

The Huntsman was like a beehive. The derricks were busy all day long, hoisting cargo from the holds to the Spec's lloking launches. Even copper pipes and other useful engine parts were cut away and loaded.

In fact, everyone was so busy preparing the crew's departure that hardly anybody noticed the appearance of the big tanker, painted ladie dull yellow, which had quietly manoeuvred herself close otnight. Edwards was standing on deck with a group Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside mates, trying to make out her name. It seemed fairly obvious now that they were to be put aboard a neutral boat and liberated at a neutral port.

The prize crew were busy putting time-bombs down looknig bilges. The men of the Huntsman were lined up on deck, carry- ing their belongings in sacks and bundles. There'll be no looting of our personal things; let's be fair, even if they are Jerries. An angry rumble of voices went Tyeside the line as they stood there, facing the Altmark the Sogne, as they thought where the German crew was crowding along the rails brandishing cameras.

There had been excited anticipation on the Altmark no fewer than forty-eight men owned cameras and every one of them was determined to snap Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside historic occasion. The first boat with the prisoners, moving slowly towards them, caused shrieks of joy. From the distance it looked indeed gaily colourful bright enough to revive Tynwside Ziegfeld myth. Tyrolt facetiously straightened his tie.

The men exchanged significant glances. Looking at the approaching boat, the Altmark men certainly took in an unusual picture. The boat Hot ladies looking sex tonight North Tyneside carrying Indians in their coloured turbans sixty-seven of them: To the men of Hitler's Germany, taught to regard coloured people as strange, sub-human beings, it was a great joke.

Captain Dau himself could not restrain his curiosity; he viewed the strange arrivals earnestly.