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I love petite gals

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A THICK GIRL. Looking for I love petite gals dominant woman HiI am a. I understand if your relationship with your family is bad and I wont disrespect you for that, just dont insult my family and friends.

Age: 34
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Am Seeking Sexual Partners
City: Indianapolis, IN
Hair: Not important
Relation Type: Mature Adult Wants Looking For Hooker

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I'm not a very tall guy so that's not too bad. Plus the things you can I love petite gals with a smaller girl make me feel like I'm a WWF wrestler mixed with porn star.

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I'm on petkte small side too But guys think it's cute I find them just as attractive. Or I should say a lot of times, even more attractive.

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I love petite girls, I have hit on at least 10 petite girls that are all really skinny and short. I don't know what it is about petite girls.

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I can't help but love petite girls. The funny thing is I love big breasts but every girl I have hit on are petite flat girls. Its the same thing.

You have a bit below height, but that's fine. If you wear high heels or something it'll work if your boyfriend is like 5'9 or something. I like petite girls.

GUYS: What do think about petite girls? - GirlsAskGuys

Height does not have anything to do with how attractive a girl is. A petite girl could be much more attractive than a tall girl.

You are probably very cute. These days a lot of my guy friends prefer the shorter girls.

Its not like it use I love petite gals be anymore when guys wanted to date a model who was 6 ft or taller and was stick thin! I might add that also being petite doesn't make us less of a woman and we can be just as strong and feisty as someone whose taller. Im short but I don't take no ones crap!! I absolutely LOVE petite girls.

I love petite gals Want Cock

You would get a lot of care and pampering from me! HOTT if you ask me!

I can't say I love petite gals that I like petite girls, but 3 of my guy friends all love petite girls. Results 1 to 30 of Who loves petite girls? I like em about waist level. I like most types of girls.

Check out my band! Originally Posted by FL Originally Posted by maxout Smackmymiscup for treason against teh misc. Originally Posted by josh 7am.

They look so totally cute in the shirt which most times reaches below their knees and makes you just want to wrap pettie I love petite gals in your embrace.

Scientists say shorter girls have more estrogen than taller ones, therefore making them more feminine than the big girls. While cuddling a BBW lady will provide all the cushion you need, the petite girls fit so well into you.


They occupy less space, which allows them to snuggle up really close to you as your arms reaches and wraps around them completely. By clicking again you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to data transfer policy.

Petite girls are the beautiful small ones who seemingly float around the place with I love petite gals. Most petite gals were practically born in their heelsso they might even be able to outrun you in them!


Yes, this could be your new reality! She makes one hell of a little spoon, and oh how snuggly she is.

Call her babe, baby, sweetheart, beautiful — whatever. My goodness these names are truly meant to be condescending, demeaning and they are definitely unattractive words.