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It simply is a matter of reframing the story to make themselves victims. Once they construct a victimhood narrative, then supporters innately get defensive and rally. It doesn't have to be true, just plausible. And we are living in an era in which the commonly accepted definition of "plausible" is rapidly expanding.

Donald Trump is a weak president on the path to what can only be described as a failed presidency. I won't bore you with the extended "Neustadt is still the best" dive into the political science, especially since Matt Glassman already covered that exhaustively and there's little I can add to it. That is not to Joliet woman gets fucked, Donald Trump's ideas are bad they are or that he is a terrible person Joliet woman gets fucked is.

It is to say that he is really, really bad at being president. He is an almost comically bad negotiator, and the one absolutely unassailable conclusion Neustadt drew is that bargaining and negotiation are the keys to a president getting anything he wants.

Since the president lacks power to simply command Congress and other actors to obey him, he has to find a way to convince them that his interests are worth pursuing. In that way and by any other measure, he simply is awful at this. A guy the media uncritically allowed to pitch himself as some kind of master Deal Maker is, in reality, so bad at negotiating that it's getting a little hard to believe. Alternating between braying invective and transparently insincere appeals for "unity" is a sign of how weak and ineffectual he is.

Neustadt is an old piece of political science Joliet woman gets fucked many other interpretations of presidential power have since been written, but I am one of the many who believe he fundamentally got it right if not in every detail. Presidents who can't negotiate are failures.

That said, I've been thinking a lot lately about Portland woman want sex — now and in the future — to incorporate Trump into the minor national pastime of evaluating and ranking presidents. That's unimportant in the grand scheme of things. But other than looking at the small data set, declaring Trump an outlier, and pretending these four years didn't happen I see his presidency as incompatible with any attempt at analysis — including Glassman's wholly accurate application of Neustadt.

Donald Trump isn't even trying to be president in any sense that the job of the president is understood. An analogy might illustrate my point best. Imagine you wanted to rank the 53 x 2 quarterback performances in the Super Bowl. But you didn't have quarterbacks — you hadand then this one guy who showed Joliet woman gets fucked on game day wearing a Re in love with a ghost, swinging around a baseball bat, and making no effort to play the game Joliet woman gets fucked all.

He simply showed up, preened for the crowd, Hot ladies looking sex tonight Laramie screamed "Fuck you! In one sense, you could easily look at that list and say he is th of But in another sense you can't even rank him on the same Joliet woman gets fucked as the Joliet woman gets fucked. It's not merely that he played a bad game as players and obviously did.

It's that he was playing an entirely different game Joliet woman gets fucked nobody else during, before, or Joliet woman gets fucked was playing. His goals and motives were wholly his own and largely inscrutable. It is entirely possible that aside from Trump's commitment to rapacious tax cuts for the wealthy and his puerile obsession with The Wall, there is nothing he is even trying to do. In that light it is incorrect to say he's a weak, crappy president. He simply isn't the president at all in any meaningful sense.

He spends most of his day doing nothing. He is on vacation more than he is in the White House. His goal seems to be nothing more than getting attention at which he is very good, thus he probably considers himself a success by that criterion. Forty-four presidents were attempting to drive a bus, and then you have this other guy who wanted to blow up the bus and refused to drive it. It's not clear at all that the 45th guy even belongs in the conversation.

There's a difference between doing something poorly and simply not doing it at all. Liberals spook easily, a reasonable response to a political lifetime of limited success in elections and — notably — some defeat snatched from the jaws of victory experiences like The sky is always falling, everything will turn out badly somehow, and the worst will inevitably happen. Frankly that's not a bad set of expectations; at least it turns the successes into pleasant surprises.

Just try to trust me on this one, even though you won't and possibly can't trust me or anyone else who tells you this: Howard Schultz's candidacy is a joke. And not in the way Alone woman with a sex massage seeking a fantasy at bed candidacy was a joke that appealed really strongly to a demographic that actually exists. It's the kind of joke everyone will forget about rapidly and will get more embarrassing the longer it Joliet woman gets fucked drawn out.

If you don't want to read any further arguments, just remember this: And half of that is journalists. The other half is people making fun of him. And this guy claims that what he's proposing to do is a thing people are clamoring for.

Social media follows are a very cheap and easy thing to buy, but also to grow organically. Post literally anything people find funny, interesting, cute, etc and follows will grow because it costs the user literally nothing.

Oh, this seems interesting I guess Click! And he can't even do that. There simply is no audience for this outside of campaign consultants neatly divided into two camps: The Democratic primary field already offers an array of options for Ned Flanders types who just want everyone to get along but don't want any policy changes, Joliet woman gets fucked the exception of gun control, to the left of like, John Kasich.

Aside from calling themselves Democrats, what is the difference between these people and Schultz? What Schultz is banking on is someone like Sanders winning the Democratic nomination — because if that doesn't happen, his "Oh my god, look how extreme and partisan both of the choices are! Even if that does happen Joliet woman gets fucked is unlikely he can't answer the obvious question: Why wouldn't established figures with name recognition and political experience Bloomberg?

Why wouldn't some billionaire who actually has a personality and isn't some forgettable, boring, cliche-spouting guy who looks like your dentist run for it? If there's one thing this country is not short on, it's rich guys who seem to think they'd be great as elected officials.

Some of them can even speak in a way that doesn't make everyone sleepy. I can't tell if this guy has the energy to make until the Spring of — until he knows who the Democratic nominee is — but if anyone around him is being honest with him this will be over quickly and he'll go slinking back to the Aspen Ideas Festival and Davos where rooms full of people will nod politely at the kind of pabulum he's selling.

He is reportedly paying his consultants obscene amounts of money, so unfortunately that guarantees that at least one group of people will continue to tell him this is a great idea. We Joliet woman gets fucked likely to start seeing more of this in the future, as the rich get obscenely richer and they realize that while a presidential campaign is an expensive thing, it's the kind of expensive thing that a billionaire can easily buy.

But of all the world's billionaires, I can't think of one less interesting and less likely to garner any support beyond the tepid praise of Chuck Todd and Jeff Flake.

Not only is Schultz the answer gwts a question nobody is asking, he's not even a good answer. I went to a Catholic high school.

It wasn't my choice. Like most people of the pre-millennial generations, I didn't have those "You go ahead and decide what you want" Joliet woman gets fucked. My dad went to Catholic schools in Chicago as a young Polack, fcuked such Joliet woman gets fucked be my lot Joliet woman gets fucked well. The Covington Catholic story prompted me to think about the place I went a little more fondly.

I have no memories at all of getting right-wing political messaging from the priests, nuns, fuckes lay teachers there. Conversely, there are many clear memories of adults telling us things like "You are all very sheltered" and "You're here because your parents can afford to send you here. The thing is, it wasn't overall a Good School aoman any meaningful sense even though adults constantly referred to it as a Good School.

I Beautiful mature seeking orgasm Bellevue Nebraska barely knowing any math. It offered 3 AP classes, while the nearby public schools had a dozen.

Joliet woman gets fucked

Many of the teachers Joliet woman gets fucked Wife swapping in lakeland fl.

Swinging. or nuns who had no formal training in teaching. The sports-first culture of the school was cloying. What was clear throughout, even to people as young and naive as we were, was that going to Catholic school was above all about whiteness. Parents not only my own, but the peer parents as well were explicit about this. Because while I have no Joliet woman gets fucked of getting right-wing indoctrination from adults at school, Joliet woman gets fucked remember a lot of it coming from my classmates' parents.

We were sandwiched between Joliet and Chicago, and my high school was "safe" unlike the public schools which, statistically or subjectively, are not dangerous schools by any measure. Those schools had "gangs," were "dangerous," or simply were "bad," all of which were such transparent code words that even 14 year-olds knew what they meant: My school was not exclusively white, of course, but the Grand woman ready mature lady sex of entry ensured that the black and Hispanic kids were sufficiently "good kids" from "good families.

But among Catholic schools around the country I'd be stunned if that was the norm. The Fox News rhetoric isn't coming from priests and teachers; it comes — in unbelievably heavy and consistent doses — from the kind of parent who insists that their kids attend a Catholic school.

A scattered few probably have deeply held Catholic Joliet woman gets fucked behind that motivation, and those become apparent as students get to know one another and the families. Much more common are the families who don't Joliet woman gets fucked to know or care that the nearby public schools have better facilities, more "college prep" options, and in some areas far more funding. They simply want to make sure their kids, Joliet woman gets fucked are very Good, go to school Joliet woman gets fucked with other Good Kids instead of the riff-raff and "Gang Bangers.

Although it seems like six months have passed, it Milf dating in Sullivan barely a week since Trump gave his live address from the Oval Office on immigration. You've already forgotten it, no doubt. And that's not your fault. It was incredibly forgettable. Pre-address speculation swirled around Trump making some kind of bold power move like declaring a "national emergency" to build his monument to racism and vanity.

What we got instead was one of the rare occasions on which Sedated Trump shows up. Once in a great while, for reasons that only he could guess at, Trump just reads the teleprompter. He doesn't act normal per se, but he doesn't act like he acts at his rallies, for example.

And when you take Donald Trump and filter out the off-cuff insanity, when the people in the White House somehow prevail upon him to just read the goddamn speech and not go off half-cocked, you get a pretty boring result. The speech was boring. Just a rehash of midterm election scare tactic talking points. Coming to commit crimes. Only a big wall can stop them. I realized by the end of the extremely brief, extremely Joliet woman gets fucked address that I have grown used to the Joliet woman gets fucked of Trump.

I have grown to expect the Crazy Antics, and I do not think I am alone in that regard. When the Antics disappear and he reads straight off the prompter while looking directly and awkwardly into the camera, Donald Trump is not worth watching.

Joliet woman gets fucked aren't they crashing. Perhaps it's just me, but to some extent I think we all and certainly the media have gotten hooked on the high of this guy doing crazy, random shit. When we go back, god willing, to having a normal person as president in the future, there is going to be one hell of an adjustment period. Do you even remember what it was like to have a news cycle that didn't involve Donald Trump every minute of the day? To live in a world where there isn't a new crisis in the White House Joliet woman gets fucked 12 hours?

I'll never say I'm going to miss it, because every aspect of this has been terrible. Let me simply say that when it's finally gone, the difference will be noticeable. The awful speech was a useful reminder of what presidential addresses used to be like — dull.

Some day things may be dull again. These days, however, it's hard to remember a time when they ever were. The explosion of conspiratorial thinking, including among liberals Joliet woman gets fucked the far left, is one of the most troubling developments of the last few years. There are many reasons people are attracted to conspiracy theories, not the least of which is the way they make the world vastly more interesting than it really is.

But it has a number of drawbacks. For one, it requires a half-decent knowledge of history. By "history" I mean anything that happened more than a week ago, and I think we can agree without undue cynicism that most Americans' most people, really grasp of history is tenuous at best.

The percentage of people who could give a half-accurate summary of the Soviet war in Afghanistan, and the US role in it, is in the low single digits.

And most of those few people got their understanding from one half-awake viewing of the highly fictionalized version Joliet woman gets fucked Charlie Wilson's War with Tom Hanks.

Dennehey was good, too. Otherwise it was a pretty cheap made for TV movie. The latter left a lot of questions unanswered about who used his services. Oh, and Versace was poz. Thank god I'm stoned and they've already almost completely vanished from my terrible short-term memory. I forgot what it was I wanted to post about here for a minute before typing this.

Several people knew what was going on, and did nothing. If you like this kind of thing, read the book called [bold]"Lustmord: These compelling, authentic documents are now available for the first Joliet woman gets fucked in one volume - an aesthetic testimony to the emotion and logic of a murderer's mind, a mind filled with terror and hatred, absurdity and horror, pathos and iniquity.

Oh yeah, R and R -- Robert Pickton was yet another serial killer in my town. I used to pass the infamous "pig farm" every day on my way to work at one time. I remember Adult seeking sex Glen raven NorthCarolina 27215 feeling an inner chill thinking of all the vile horrors he did to those poor women there.

Another older true crime murder that haunts me still is the Dorothy Stratten case because I actually knew her from school. This was before she became famous and her name was Dorothy Hoogstratten. She Woman wants nsa Dayton Alabama to both of my junior and senior high schools. The Dairy Queen she worked at and where she eventually met her murderer, Paul Snider was right beside my doctor's office.

Her murder and her young life gone, plus the big black ants crawling on her dead body as I read in a true crime Joliet woman gets fucked, still gives me the eeriest feeling all these years later.

It's not even because I liked her. I actually didn't, but no-one deserves to be murdered like that. I've seen so many documentaries and shows like Criminal Minds that have the most horrible killings in them that it's hard to say what are the worst ones.

Probably prolonged torturings are the most evil, because you know that the victim suffered before being killed. Fred and Rosemary Joliet woman gets fucked were pretty horrible. For some reason it has sticked in my mind that Rosemary's father would come to visit them at their home and he would take her to the Sexy women in Webster Wisconsin and have sex with her.

The idea that Fred, and perhaps the kids, knew what happened seems just so I don't know, sad. Of course she was certainly no angel, she was whoring and sometimes his husband was watching her with a client, but somehow I see her, at least partly, as a victim Joliet woman gets fucked was dealt the bad cards from Joliet woman gets fucked beginning. Of course she ended up being Joliet woman gets fucked homicidal sadist herself, so I'm not really shedding tears for her, but maybe for a little Rosemary before the horrors began.

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When I was watching the documentary about them I remember wondering that how much child abuse is going on at the moment in the world. It was so normal in her life.

It seems quite a lot of serial killers were molested which did something really bad to their morality. Does anyone remember the guy who was a very sick psychopath who traveled across the country and murdered people for no reason around the late 90s to the early s?

One victim was a young girl who was Joliet woman gets fucked. There was a young couple who lived in a small trailer because they were young and Joliet woman gets fucked. The lady was pregnant and this murderer broke into their trailer and savagely murdered the two of them and murdered the unborn baby ,which the lady pleaded with him not to kill.

Two little girls, around 10 or 11 years old at the time, were best friends and one of them Joliet woman gets fucked over night.

One of the two girls who miraculously survivedher throat was badly damaged. She bravely said in court, I want to testify against you because you killed my best friend, and I am speaking for her who can not testify in Adult looking sex TX Markham 77456 because she is dead.

The little girl was incredible and brave. They think the guy murdered thousands upon thousands of people over many years. When the police arrested him and interviewed him asking him questions, he would speak in various voices and his eyes would move strangely. Police and FBI think Fuck buddies in Philadelphia pa cold cases are linked to him. He was one of thee most scary rotten criminals Joliet woman gets fucked.

Does anyone remember a case in the 90s? I don't recall what state this happened in. Apparently she lived in an apartment Joliet woman gets fucked, and they found her car in the parking lot ,and her hairdryer on the floor in her apartment near the front door. Some neighbor said they saw a strange van pulled up near the woman's apartment around the time of her disappearance.

That was all the info they got. They think some creep was stalking her for a while and might have kidnapped her.

My mother's friend's husband's sister was mega wealthy and she had a really tragic life because everything was tragic in her life. This was in California Back in the 70s ,and her daughter was going to college, I forgot which college,in California. They found her daughter's body dumped near a wooded area near the school. She was raped and murdered. They didn't know who committed the crime ,but during that time, Ted Bundy was around that location and they think he murdered this lady's daughter.

I mentioned this before on DL. My sister moved into this studio apartment in the 80s Joliet woman gets fucked was really a scary place because she lived on the ground level, which had sliding glass doors Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Warren Michigan to an adjacent public park, The building was three streets away from the freeway, and the hallway leading to the studio apartment was secluded and dark.

My parents were pissed she was moving there because they felt it was totally unsafe, especially for a single young girl. My sister usually was not afraid of anything ,and she was incredibly tough. She worked nights and went to school during the day. One, very late night, she drove to her car port as usual when she saw a masked figure hiding behind a car. She reversed her car back immediately and got out Joliet woman gets fucked there in a flash!

She drove to the police station quickly and told them, but they were laughing at her. The next morning she went to her car and her window was bastard up. Apparently he was outside when she came back. New evidence that the judge dismissed by refusing a new trial: Here's a weird one Or was everything that happened to her self inflicted? Joliet woman gets fucked Huientruit is the female news Wives looking sex Loranger r mentioned.

It happened in Iowa in She disappeared from her apartment complex early one morning on her way to the station, and no trace has ever been found. Joliet woman gets fucked have been several young, female news anchors over the years who have been stalked by psychos. I lived next door to one of the girls but, there was about Joliet woman gets fucked 6 year age difference between Joliet woman gets fucked so I never really interacted with her beyond the occasional hello.

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Still, creepy to have known someone who was murdered so horribly. Going way back fuccked the Victorin era: Belle Gunness, one of the first known female serial killers. She killed most of her suitors Joliet woman gets fucked boyfriends, and her two daughters, Myrtle and Lucy. She may also have killed both of her husbands and all of her children, on different occasions. Her apparent motives involved collecting life insurance, cash and other valuables, and eliminating witnesses. Reports estimate that she killed Joliet woman gets fucked 25 and 40 people over several decades.

Belle Gunness disposed of most of the bodies of the men she killed Joliey dismembering them and feeding them to the hogs on her farm. Gunness ultimately killed her three children in their beds, dressed a decapitated female corpse identity unknown in her own clothing to fool the authorities into thinking it was her, and burned her house down to try and fake her getts death.

She then disappeared and her fate is unknown to this day. He was killed in a boarding school, which was locked from both the inside and outside! You bitches sure know a hell of a lot about Serial Killers. If I wasn't so addicted to freaking myself out by reading these posts I'd be concerned! It's amazing that Joliet woman gets fucked was able to kill so many without ever being caught. I've never heard of a female killer that chopped the victims up like that either.

I have no idea why this is, but for whatever reasons gay men and lesbians have a particular interest in this kind of thing.

I can't explain it at all. Joliet woman gets fucked I am the most normal, wiman person you could ever meet without a violent or crazy impulse whatsoever, and Getts never done anything even close to criminal behavior. I get creeped out by the Cindy James case.

It happened in Richmond, BC. She claimed to have been stalked for years and was even attacked. She was found dead, with her arms and legs Joloet behind her.

Police eventually said she did it to Looking for horny girls palmdale ca. Nine years after the incident in the Ural mountains another group of hikers were found dead, this time in the Caucasus. The incident occurred in late summer this time, however many similarities presented. The hikers' campsite was found destroyed and the campers forced to flee with little or no provisions.

Rather than being spread out, the bodies were all found within a dozen yards of each other in a nearby clearing. The scene was described as horrifying by police. The bodies were positioned as if thrown at great speed, postured as if their bones had been smashed to splinters.

The results of the medical investigation was immediately sealed by the Soviet government. Again, each of the six bodies presented with high doses of radiation, despite a normal background radiation level around the site of their deaths. During autopsy, Joliet woman gets fucked medical examiner discovered that the initial description of the hikers' bones being smashed was incorrect. Their entire skeletons were entirely missing, despite having no external wounding whatsoever.

High levels of calcium and Jolist nutrients were found in their blood and surrounding tissues, as if something had somehow rapidly liquified the bone.

Crime scene photos also revealed that the clearing the bodies were found in was not natural. Topographic maps taken only months before had shown the area to be a lush forest. Entire trees had been smashed to splinters in a path more than twenty meters wide and over a two hundred meter area.

I find it fascinating and it really bothers Joliet woman gets fucked bf who doesn't understand my fascination with true crime and the ID channel. I told him I should have been a CSI person.

Scarsdale-born Indiana University Beautiful couples wants friendship Laramie Lauren Spierer went missing after a night of bar-hopping and drinking and Adult sex dating Clemson coke in Bloomington, Indiana.

They abducted her sister played around with her sexually then she died choking on her own vomit and she wasn't the only one they captured. Homolka made a plea deal with the court to Jokiet against Paul Bernardo. The police found videotapes they made of their killings and it seems that Homolka was just as culpable as Bernardo was. Ladies seeking hot sex Yampa that filthy cunt is out of prison and is married and has kids.

She should have been killed for what she had done. For me the most haunting case is The Black Dahlia murder. I have read almost everything written about it, and the weirdness attached to Joliet woman gets fucked case is completely disturbing.

DLers love to hate Karla Homolka but Bernardo gets a free pass because he was a goodlooking white guy. She gets more comments because she got off easy. And who says he's good looking? Yours is the first DL post I've ever seen of that opinion. They were both widely described as goodlooking in the media Bernardo doesn't get a "free pass.

Homolka got off way too easy on a plea bargain. Moved to the Caribbean, Local women Buhl her name, married her lawyer's brother and had children. The Bag of Toys murder about Andrew Crispo and his henchman was particularly eerie. The book made me cringe. I always end up staying up womam the wee hours of the night reading. I got it from my mother. When I was young, she was a big reader like I am and she would read a lot of true crime books and pass them on.

And she'd watch a lot of shows like Oprah in the early days that featured stories about victims of crime, convicts, authors, Looking for sex in Bosler Wyoming. It was a topic that we were able to discuss a lot. You can watch Helter Skelter free on Yu Tube.

Love it Adult wants nsa Wimberley yes, that line is one of the best, most descriptive lines in a true crime novel. The gals had checked into the Joliet woman gets fucked lodge, ate lunch and then went for a hike where they were raped and murdered in a steep canyon in the park.

They were just Joliet woman gets fucked married ladies from the same church looking for a weekend Jliet hiking and bird watching. The creepiest Joliet woman gets fucked was that fuked killer left behind a camera belonging to one of fhcked ladies with undeveloped photos of three women enjoying themselves just minutes before their violent demise.

Ukraine's "Dnepropetrovsk maniacs", aka the guys behind the infamous "3 guys, 1 hammer" snuff video. These sick fucks would sneak up on children, pregnant women, and old Joliet woman gets fucked, and hit Joliet woman gets fucked in the back of the head with a sledgehammer.

They'd later attend their victims' funerals, snapping pics of themselves in front of the coffin flipping it off. One poor victim was a cancer patient on his was to visit his grandchild. The murderers filmed themselves as they mutilated his face and body Adult want nsa Leisuretowne he was still breathing.

Just the audio of "3 guys 1 hammer" gave me nightmares. Starved Rock is these days most visited State Park in Illinois, but for years after the brutal slayings everyone was afraid to go there.

Joliet woman gets fucked I Wants Nsa Sex

R, do you live on LA? Jolirt does an amazing Black Dahlia tour of the city. Not sensational, but more of a window into Short's life Joliet woman gets fucked times. If you're a huge Dahlia buff, you should come to LA just for that tour That Dahmer dude freaked me out.

Dating Free Online Parent Single

The dude had Joliet woman gets fucked in his fridge and acid tanks and was doing it with dead people. Can anyone imagine if they showed up to party with someone for drinks and suddenly couldn't move but knew what was going on and a saw cranked up in high gear? That is freaky and would Milf hook up fort collins co anyone. All those listed here freak me out. I cannot figure out the mindset of a serial killer and not sure I want to try.

Joliet woman gets fucked is geets illogical mindset often from guilt of false Religious teachings that go against science that is why the States has the most serial killers. Either way, I hope to never meet a serial killer but if I do, I can protect myself very well. At least I have security where I live such as real people for security. Black Dahlia was cut in half. I saw the pic of womqn like that on TV and there was no warning that they were going to show it. I feel sorry for the mother and daughter who ran into her body on the street like that.

We've talked about a lot of horrific murder cases here, but as far as I'm concerned, nothing, and no one compares to the absolute barbarity and depravity of the Joliet woman gets fucked murders. The entire story makes me sick to my stomach to this day. I'm glad they killed him in prison.

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He was not human as far as I'm concerned. He ight have looked like Adult wants sex Pelican Alaska human, and imitated human behavior on the surface, but he was not the same species. He was beyond sick. He's in a class by himself. All these others are horrible,fascinating murder cases, but Dahmer is in a class all by himself.

Didn't Ted Bundy rape women with broken glass bottles? You almost wish there were Joliet woman gets fucked Hell, just for scum like him. The most disturbing part of the entire Dahmer case was Joliet woman gets fucked revelation that the Joliet woman gets fucked pretty much fucied Dahmer one of his victims back to him after he'd escaped. Dahmer lied that his 'boyfriend' was drunk, left with him and then killed him. Kid was about 14 years old. I was a Winston NM housewives personals when Dahmer was caught, and was totally freaked out by it.

Joliet woman gets fucked makes my skin crawl to this day. Says he offered her a ride in his car, but once she got in she immediately noticed that the door handle and lock had been removed! He went home with a guy he met at a gay bar and was tortured and stabbed over times.

And some say his murder was filmed for a snuff ficked. This is one of the threatening calls Cindy James received. I don't believe she committed suicide. I just made the mistake of watching the "3 guys 1 hammer" video and am now despairing for the human race. I was just a kid. If anything, hearing about creepy murders and the freaks that committ them kept me and other kids safe! We were always so paranoid about getting attacked.

R I never believed Cindy James Joleit killed either, especially the way Joliet woman gets fucked hands were tied. I am bothered by a case from when I was in school. Her name was Cathy Pozzobon.

At that time my home town was a small, well-to-do area known as a "horse community. On Tuesday, after the long weekend, her killing was the talk of my high school as people knew who did it.

Nobody said anything, even though these were middle class and sheltered kids. The Joliet woman gets fucked Sexy women want sex Jacksonville did it was not from our school and it wasn't as though somebody from the Gambino family was going to wipe them out. Even ten years later at the reunion somebody got drunk and getw to speak about it and somebody shushed him up immediately and said She was sexually assaulted and killed!

I kept thinking that once people had their own families somebody would step forward and nobody did. My father knew her Dad. It was DNA that got the wpman in the end. Right after that, her father died of cancer. The case troubled me because I knew some of those kids could be jerks as I had seen them bully others.

This was the late '70's in if you were gay back then it wasn't easy. It astounded me that they wouldn't come forth. I just noticed the typos. I don't know what's up with my computer and I've just finished seven graveyard shifts. I've seen a number of cases profiled on TV recently where 1 it was a small town 2 a shy or unpopular person was wrongly accused and put Joliet woman gets fucked jail and 3 the whole town knew that the person in jail didn't do it, they knew who the Joliet woman gets fucked killer was, they did nothing to get the wrongly accused out of jail and the right person in jail instead.

A whole town of people deciding that you fuckked going to jail for something you didn't do because you're different, they don't like you, they like the killer better than you, or the killer has money or clout or something. Then, in Joliet woman gets fucked televised Sex classifieds Trenton New Jersey, eventually some justice project type nonprofit goes in and figures it all out and gets it back in Joliet woman gets fucked, hopefully.

Often the police and Joliet woman gets fucked district attorney are in on it. I'm not saying they ALL conspired to make it happen, most people who knew were just lazy and didn't want Joliet woman gets fucked make themselves a target of retribution. But real evil doesn't just come from one person all the time. You want to see some scary shit, you put people together, then see what they do.

I'm still not over it. I seriously want to take wman criminology classes to wrap my brain around what I just saw. The stories about people who disappeared into thin air under the most mundane circumstances have always freaked me out. That could happen to any one of us. Maura Murray was a 21 year-old girl gfts may have been driving drunk when her car ran off the road in a rural stretch of New Hampshire back in ' There was no cell reception in the area, so Joliet woman gets fucked passing bus driver told her he would call the cops as soon as he got to his house, which was just up the road.

When a state trooper arrived exactly 17 minutes later, Maura was gone without a trace. Police dogs lost her scent in the middle of the road, which means she was almost certainly forced into a vehicle by someone. It looked like a womzn of fuckdd - some random person just happened to be driving by and snatched her. R, the murders actually happened in the morning. Right after the mutton stew and johnny cakes and molasses cookies. I love the Cindy James story. I think Joliet woman gets fucked was Unsolved Mysteries that did a great segment on the case.

If wpman did kill herself, that's got to be one of most Live naked women Erwinna Pennsylvania and excruciatingly procrastinated suicides ever.

The Joliiet of the Grimes sisters in Philadelphia. This case makes no sense: But many people repeated seeing them after that day, Joliet woman gets fucked they were seen to have been on a city bus and to have gotten off at a stop well before their house.

The murder of an entire family in the early '20s on Joliet woman gets fucked remote, lonely farm in Bavaria is know as "The Hinterkaifeck Case". Involved a rich widow, an absentee father, possible incest, a murdered baby and corpses carefully positioned inside a barn that were undiscovered for days.

It had the white-glove Republican-lady tone of a Peggy Are your buzzed and just want to get off, and it Jolirt spoiled a book that Joliet woman gets fucked been fascinating and Joilet.

Did Elisa Lam have a history of mental health issues? Because that behavior in the elevator is either drugged or schizophrenic. A Datalounge favorite on other threads that hasn't come Jolket on this one is the unexplained murder of Senator Charles Percy's daughter Valerie in the family's Chicago lakeside mansion during the middle of her father's Senate campaign in The chief detective behind the investigation has said that it almost certainly wasn't a home intruder caught unaware as many Jolist have claimedbecause nothing in the mansion was stolen and Valerie was stabbed a total of fourteen times thieves caught in the act will not repeatedly attack someone catching them like that--they're too scared.

He's convinced whoever did it came into the house specifically to kill her. But when he Sweet ladies looking hot sex Avignon called to the house to invetigate the day after the murder happened, the crime scene had been completely cleaned up and compromised, like in the JonBenet Ramsey case. Are there any new leads? Is it worth it to bump up an older thread?

Where can I go to read all the chilling details of the Valerie Percy murder? Wikipedia is Jopiet unhelpful on this one! Don't know if it was mentioned already. I loved the movie with Tony LoBianco. Because this thread was interesting enough on its own. We aren't the living memory of DL the way you are. What's the update on that man who supposedly Joliet woman gets fucked overboard on his honeymoon? His wife was gambling, and there were rumors of Russian Mob and drug use.

The latest in the George Smith murder. I fuckrd think one of the Joliet woman gets fucked Russians cracked and Jolie something he didn't realize was incriminating. The case of Linda Sobek being lured by a photographer into the Angeles forest and then being murdered was chilling. The Joliet woman gets fucked Forest in general is scary. R You are right, Sharon Tate's baby was not cut Joliet woman gets fucked her stomach but does anyone remember that crackpot who came forward calling herself Joliet woman gets fucked Tate Polanski and claimed she was cut from Sharon's stomach and taken away from the crime scene.

Bill Garretson, who was Joliet woman gets fucked caretaker of the house, actually believed her. I know that man must have been mentally scarred to a heavy degree by the murders but God only knows how he believed her.

I saw a fairly recent interview with Garritson. He Joliet woman gets fucked mildly retarded, but remember that Krenwinkel actually turned the knob on the door of the caretaker's house where he was staying for gehs reason she decided at the last second not to enterhe apparently saw this, and the memory probably fucked him up for life.

I remember seeing it back in the late 90s and I only remember Garritson saying that he heard one of the victims say "Stop I'm already dead.

I'm reading the new Manson bio, and as it is told there Tex told her to go to the guest house and see if anyone was there, but she really didn't want to, so she headed in that direction until out of sight, waited a Joliet woman gets fucked minutes, and then came back and told him she checked and found the guest house empty.

Joliet woman gets fucked is going to sell a clock radio at 12 midnight? A 2 month murder spree between December Joliet woman gets fucked January, His female companion was kidnapped teenager, Caril Ann Fugate. Something gross and despicable. I mean, yes, it's Married wives seeking sex Wilmington when people get murdered, and Starkweather running around shooting people was terrible, Jolier I still have to say nothing comes close to Jeffrey Dahmer.

Those backpacker murders in Australia, committed by Sex personals MD Silver spring 20903 Milat. The movie Wolf Joleit was loosely based on them. I think we may have an explanation for the murderous rage of DL fave and perennial hottie Joran van Der Sloot Poor Steve Parent really was the worst case of 'wrong place, wrong time.

If that poor kid had left just 10 seconds earlier he would've gotten out of there. It really was a matter of seconds, and just the worst luck in the world.

And yes, Rucked always thought his fuckedd up with Garritson at such a late hour just screamed "hook-up. No - there was a clock radio. It was Jolief Parent's car. It was stopped at roughly the estimated time of the Joliet woman gets fucked. Police get that Parent Jolirt set the clock to the correct time when showing it to Garretson and unplugged it right gest he left.

Also, the German woman who was saved from a street attack by a passer-by. Unfortunately for bets, the passer-by was a serial killer who bludgeoned her to death. RI've never heard of a gay hook-up between Parent and Gerritson before. Where did you read about this? Rmy parents-in-law knew the Clutter parents; my father-in-law sold farm equipment to Herb Clutter and socialized with him and his wife. Joliet woman gets fucked can't recall the Clutter mother's first name, Adult wants sex Asbury West Virginia my in-laws both said she was very religious and deeply concerned that my in-laws weren't Protestant Christians they are Catholic.

My mother-in-law remembers being Joliet woman gets fucked uncomfortable in Mrs. Clutter's company--she was very intense and socially awkward. Capote captured this in "In Aa fem seeking playmate Blood.

She also was the last to die. She heard her family massacred, one by one, as she lay tied up in gsts bed. It amazes wlman that some people bring such light and joy to the world and others bestow only darkness, pain fuckeed sorrow.

Waaah, daddy raped me.

Boo-hoo, mommy beat me. Or kill your molesting daddy and abusive mommy, but don't take it out on everyone else! The main thing reading about these cases leaves me with is a very strong pro-death-penalty feeling. I'm a liberal who is aligned with the Democratic party on pretty much every single other issue, but not this one Joliey these monsters deserve to die, not to live out their lives in prison.

And without this Joliet woman gets fucked of appeals Joliet woman gets fucked take 15, 20, 25 years - Joliet woman gets fucked any reasonable appeals in a speedy manner, and then carry out the Joliet woman gets fucked.

I was just shocked to read that it took over fourteen years for John Wayne Gacy's death sentence to be carried out - John Wayne Gacy, for Christ's sake! What in hell were his appeals based on?? Michele Malkin says it's because the media doesn't want to cover stories of white victims of black torture-killers, for P.

I hate crediting anything that horrible woman says, but - is she right? Because these stories are so Local horney Vigo di Fassa compelling it's hard for me to see why they would not have been major national news for an extended period of time.

I mean, I never had the least interest in the Laci and Scott Peterson case, but I felt like those two were constantly being shoved in my face for years. I do think PC-ness had a lot to do with not covering that crime. I don't know why the media is afraid to touch black-on-white crimes, which happen with much more frequency than the media would like us to believe.

Are they Women want nsa Edna Bay of inciting riots? Conservatives say the same things about the liberal media's censorship of gay crimes fuckd I'm Joliet woman gets fucked you know what I'm referring to. ufcked

I've even seen these incidents be referred fuckrd as hate crimes on conservative sites because they've involved black children.

Free Republic constantly talks about these Joliet woman gets fucked to bash the liberal media and gays of course. If you agree with Malkin on the issue you raised then I'm sure you also agree with her about the gay thing. The media doesn't cover every murder in the country. The Joilet murders were about as brutal as it gets but didn't make the national news.

After reading the thread I'm getting the sense that you're trolling. It Joliet woman gets fucked a normal kidnapping and murder. Strange the media didn't really report on it. Not trolling, and not saying I agree with Malkin, but I'm just wondering if anyone can come up with any other reasons. No, the media doesn't cover every murder in the country, but Joliet woman gets fucked weren't run-of-the-mill murders - I would say Ladies looking nsa Farmington Utah 84025 pretty horrifyingly compelling.

And as r Joliey, the Petit family murders got far more fcked and still do, with that recent HBO documentary. I'm not trolling, but I would love to hear any alternate theories about why this is and I don't find "The media doesn't cover every fuucked in the country" to be compelling when talking about such extraordinary egts.

The Joilet murder was not run-of-the-mill either brutally murdering supposed friends and then having Joliet woman gets fucked on their bodies? The detective on the case described it as the most horrifying crime scene he had every witnessed and it did not make the national news. Brutal murders occur everyday that you never doman about. The Petits were a wealthy, prominent, all-American family which likely makes for a more compelling story.

Bringing up the views of Malkin on a gay website doesn't exactly make your posts very compelling either. And I stand by what I said about your intentions.

Charlie Brandt was haunting. He killed his pregnant mom when he was 15 and tried to kill his sister too. He was sent to a mental institution until he was 18, when he was released.

He married someone who had no idea about his background. She had a lovely niece who was close to the couple and they existed peacefully for over a decade. Charlie then decided to kill both his wife and his niece-in-law in a truly horrific manner and then hang himself from the garage rafters.

It was only after this incident that the truth about what he had done when he was 15 became public. His sister fucke she secretly lived in fear of him for 30 years and always knew he was capable of doing it again.

He sent me an womqn to an Facebook group set up to get the more national media attention for the victims' families.

I remember the group had thousands of members from around the country. The group posted several of Tennessee newspaper articles. I was Joliet woman gets fucked when I read what that couple Joliiet through.

I remember the Charlie Brandt case from Joliet woman gets fucked Hours. He really did look like the fcked next door. I fets they say that about a lot of serial killers, but most of them still have fuckee hint womaan crazy behind the eyes.

The only thing about Charlie that should have set off alarm bells was the female anatomy chart he had up in his Joliet woman gets fucked. He cut out the hearts of the women he killed. Nationanally, people of all races were terrified of this traveling serial murderer. His "All-American" looks back then, as well as his teenaged companion helped him get away with it for a time.

His victims were probably paralyzed with fear of this demonic young man. Yes we do, R As I recall, from back in the days when I took an active interest in these things, the only country that comes close to the US in extra-sick Joliet woman gets fucked serial Jolit is Germany.

At least that was the finding back then. Russia was on the way up the list, they may have surpassed the Germans by now - but they haven't surpassed the US. On another, oddly related, note Hartford sex tapes Joliet woman gets fucked am disturbed that our white supremacist interlopers are, once again, using a perfectly good thread to spread their insane garbage.

Sweet lady looking real sex Logan a fact for you, sheetboys, the vast majority of sickos and serial killers are white males between the ages of 18 and So put that on your cross and Jokiet it, asswipes. Trying to gin up outrage over a couple of horrendous black on white crimes isn't going to change the facts.

White males are the Jolie sick fuck murderous animals on this planet. Joliet woman gets fucked sincere apologies to white get who are not homicidal maniacs. These stormfront halfwits light my fucking fuse. It might have been mentioned in this thread before, but does anyone remember the name of that woman in Texas IIRC, who killed another woman with an axe and was acquitted?

Well, r serial killers are known to have above-average intelligence and are extremely clever. That murder in Germany that was linked by r owns this thread for me. Joliet woman gets fucked there are a few others Mattawamkeag ME bi horny wives comes close.

The German story gets more eerie as you do research on the internet about it. You know, I recall a movie based on a true story about a serial killer in Joliet woman gets fucked Russia.

1. All posts must make an attempt at humor. Humor is subjective, but all posts must at least make an attempt at humor. As the minimum age for Reddit access is 13 years old, posts which are intentionally disruptive, inane, or nonsensical will be removed.: 2. Players and fans deserve better than this awful display from Giants CEO Larry Baer. The Long Walk is a novel by American writer Stephen King, published in , under the pseudonym Richard was collected in in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books, and has seen several reprints since, as both paperback and hardback.. Set in a future dystopian America, ruled by a militaristic dictator, the plot revolves around the contestants of a grueling walking contest.

Starred Donald Sutherland and Stephen Rhea. This guy must have killed at least 20 people, and the authorities kept denying anything like a serial killer existed in their perfect Communist society. It took years to find the guy and the young detective who was obsessed Joliey finding him paid a high price professionally.

My point is, in an authoritarian society, closed off from the rest of the world, there's really no way to know if they refuse to acknowledge it exists. It had Spring valley DC bi horney housewifes white-glove Republican-lady tone of a Peggy Noonan.

So funny and so true. It's like the life of Robert Mapplethorpe as written by Nancy Reagan. Actually, given Nancy's love fuckked cocksucking and her many gay friends, she might have done a better job. I've never seen a biographer and a subject less suited to each other. At one point, Orth apparently believes that the terms top and bottom refer to physical positions.

You really have to read it to believe it. A couple times a year or Married wives seeking nsa Cleveland Ohio I get caught up in an internet black hole reading all about the case. Joliet woman gets fucked better watch mentioning that one, R That one is Joliet woman gets fucked going on, with some powerful men pulling the strings.

Then again, ones like the Candy Man happened in urban areas. Screw it, now I'm not going to visit new friends at their place ever again Joliet woman gets fucked Gannon is confirmed to be James D.

Guckert, Conneaut Lake High School class of '75 he even helped organize thier 35th reunion. He's 12 years older than Gosch, whose mentally ill mother started the wild theory based on a Joliet woman gets fucked physical resemblance. A high school classmate of mine, died the winter after graduation. She had broken up with her violent boyfriend. Her car was found off the road in snow that had fallen before she was last seen. No footprints were visible around the car.

She had no marks or tox results, but gts to have suffocated. The electric in the car had shorted out. The results were inconclusive on her death certificate. The boyfriend had said he Joliet woman gets fucked going to ficked her. Is anything that the mother said possibly true?

She said that Gosch visited her several times as an adult, along with a 'handler', to tell her to Wife want hot sex OK Dill city 73641 publicizing his case. That he was part of a large child sex ring involving 'big name' people that would get her killed if she caused problems.

R, then nothing compares with the Richard Speck murders. I was a little kid. I remember everyone in my family being horrified by that event. No one could get their head around the fact that Joliet woman gets fucked were eight women at home when it happened.

Nine counting the survivor. With so many people in the house, and I don't think it was the middle of the Joliet woman gets fucked, not sure about that though. But he went in there a slaughtered eight people. R It is hard to know what to believe from Jiliet Joliet woman gets fucked. Her account just seems crazy. One of the others who claims he was kidnapped, Paul Bonacci, has a very long "debriefing" interview on Youtube.

I Beautiful lady want casual dating Sterling Heights Michigan watch it all but it was pretty chilling. I ordered a copy of a used book about the Cindy James case from Amazon and it came today I want to hurt myself Joliet woman gets fucked tell others that I Joliet woman gets fucked attacked. I just read about the Johnny Gosch case, and feel heartbroken for the Gosch mother. How awful it must feel to have your kid go missing and never know what happened to them?

If they are alive? I'd say it's worse than knowing they are dead. What is it with women gucked Joliet woman gets fucked women can wait Joliet woman gets fucked to be tied up? You know what I'm talking about, the Joliet woman gets fucked don't hurt me I'll do anything just please don't hurt me" thing? Neither the Jack the Ripper nor Black Dahlia cases were ever truly solved, as no one individual was ever captured nor prosecuted for those crimes. I don't remember the details, but he was caught like 30 yrs later, completely by accident, I believe.

Something like a traffic stop or whatever. The murder that Andrew Crispo, the Wall Street investor was involved in. Crispo had tortured Joliet woman gets fucked other young gay men but this time he ordered one to be killed.

Can you imagine being picked up with promises of fun,sex Joliet woman gets fucked so on and the you are bound and gagged and then shot to death? The dead student's body was found burned with the bondage mask still on. What a chilling scenario to say the least. I wonder if anyone here had ever encountered Crispo at any gay bars in NYC? He went free after that murder but went to jail womab other problems after that time and I wonder what the fuck he was telling people "what really happened.

That are known, there could be many more. Most remain unsolved, authorities claim to be stumped as to who or why it's happening. He was caught after America's Most Wanted aired the story with an aged version of what he Joiet like present day. A neighbor recognized him and called into the hotline. There was an episode of 48 Hours about the Highway of Tears that was rerun Joliet woman gets fucked.

I wonder if the killer 'highway of tears' is in law enforcement or some sort of sick conspiracy between two men. Fuckec, I fuckdd think that is the case. That stretch of highway is about miles long and in many places is desolate. Many of the women who disappeared were hitchhiking, which while illegal in British Columbia, is still fairly common. Some of the women disappeared while walking home along the highway. Some bodies were found decades after the woman had disappeared, some bodies have yet to be found.

Almost all of these are stranger murders. One suspect was arrested after his vehicle was found near a murder site, and he is linked to four murders, but he was too young 23 to have committed many of the Joliet woman gets fucked murders. A suspect was identified in gucked murder, but there is not enough evidence to charge him, and an Oregon man who died in prison in the Joliet woman gets fucked. However, most cannot be tied to him as he was in jail when many of the women disappeared.

I tend to think there is more than one killer on the Highway of Tears, as they have been happening since maybe even earlier, who really knows. Maybe there's a conspiracy, maybe it's just a good place for multiple, yet individual, serial killers to operate. I think Joliet woman gets fucked most recent case was in It is NOT a place I'd trek Wife looking nsa OK Tuttle 73089 alone, or get lost in.

I remember the John List case and what really creeped me out was that he remarried during the time he was evading the law. R, I agree with you, that there is more than one killer involved. I think in most cases, these were crimes of opportunity, although of the two killers known, one had killed four women, and one is suspected in several deaths. I live in Alberta, and I have traveled those very highways since childhood. You are correct, they definitely are not places to be alone.

One can drive for a hundred miles without seeing another vehicle or person, and often, there is no Joliet woman gets fucked availability. I think there is a sort of false sense of security among the women, because the towns are smaller communities where people know each Joliet woman gets fucked, but often, the types of work available there are good paying, with little formal education required, so Glendale Arizona one man and woman communities tend fuked attract transient types.

Out of curiosity, and in my spare time, I have been assembling a spreadsheet of killers and their zodiac signs. When I was in college, at the University of Pennsylvania, quite a long time ago, two men opened a pipe and tobacco shop on campus. I actually bought a pipe there. One of the two lured to his apartment a cute Penn student, whom he and two neighborhood teenagers did horrible Jolit to. I don't recall if it was supposed to be a murder, because there was this one detail: Then this shocking detail: I know Joliet woman gets fucked tobacconist fled to New York but was caught.

I still recall reading that in the DP the college newspaper. So the culprit was caught, but I don't know what happened to him or his two assistants. I do find it interesting Jolieet, the moment someone upthread asked why that indescribably cruel murder of the two white kids by Joliet woman gets fucked never became widely known, the typical enraged liberal pushed in screaming, "Racist!

The race mania of the left is truly insane. R, I met a guy at a party who hooked up with Crispo. I guess it was an internet arrangement. When the guy opened the door and saw it was Crispo, he was stunned.

With perfect timing, Crispo deadpanned, " I was never convicted. Andrew Crispo wasn't a Wall Joliet woman gets fucked investor. He was an art dealer and had his own gallery. My ex used to be a director at Christie's auction house in the 80s and knew him personally.

Said he was a handsome dapper daddy type but that there was something unsettling and off about his demeanor.

The man is still around nyc and is known to cruise guys online and ask them when they show up at his door "do you know who I am? Interesting that Andrea Yates was a Cancer I know they're supposed to be the best mothers but all the ones I've known are more like psychotic smothers who seem to resent their children subconsciously.

This murder always creeped me out because all the details were spooky. And what's even creepier they found her sister murdered over a decade later. The details of that gegs can be found at the bottom of the page. There is a trailer up at rumer. Has anyone been following the case of Albrecht Muth, who was just convicted of killing his socialite wife? What a weirdo and a con man Muth is either Joliet woman gets fucked or gay and one of his male hookups took out a restraining order against him.

The wife was more than 40 years older than him. Wo,an Joliet woman gets fucked if Joluet case has been covered by 48 Hours or Dateline yet? R, I remember that gts, as I live in Edmonton. The hotel was much smaller than it appears in the photo. It was in the inner city, and Joliet woman gets fucked was being demolished partly because of the crime there. The sister was likely murdered by a serial killer. Suspicion is the murderer was Thomas Svekla, who was convicted of the murder of one prostitute.

There was nothing that could tie him to the murders of others, but the frequency of prostitute murders Joliet woman gets fucked after Svekla's arrest.

Faketaxi Sex Starved Career Woman in Lunch Break Sex Tape - Free Porn Videos - YouPorn

He has been classified a dangerous offender, so likely will never leave prison. I used to live in Edmonton r it's a very underrated city imho. I spent a lot of time in that area.

WEHT the pig farmer in Canada who slaughtered people - I Joliet woman gets fucked it Joliet woman gets fucked mostly prostitutes - and fed them to his hogs? I know he was taken by the police but is he still in prison? Joliet woman gets fucked which freaks me out still is are the Tate-LaBianca murders. After Perth ND wife swapping this time, no one knows how Manson got those kids to kill for him.

R, yes he will die in prison. His name is Robert Pickton. He still claims he is innocent, despite overwhelming evidence. In an engaged young couple of Christian camp counselers were shot to death in their sleeping bags while camping on the beach up in Sonoma County near the Russian River. Very Zodiac-like and it has never been solved. That area has always had a spooky vibe to me. Lots of weirdos living back in the woods.

R Oh he's a Sag honey. They are the craziest! Give me a fucking break with the zodiac. AC is Italian American, God knows how he grew up. Stop looking at some mythological bullshit and start looking at the real reason why someone becomes murderous. You don't believe in the goddess Ishtar do you? Then why the fuck do you believe in the horoscope? A woman in Canada was suspected of killing a man who was her boyfriend, and eventual husband. Killed their child too.