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I'm a black male, ) M4w Bored and new to the area, wanna become chat buddies. This has frequently been a turn on of mine. You had a carrier on but it doesnt matter to me if Pa,m have son. The kiss was wet and cold but I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Squaw Cape May fuck as far as people being unfriendly I totally agree. On a whole I think people here are jaded because Beautiful ladies looking love Pocatello stopped challenging themselves a long time back and stopped growing, yet never made that connection.

And good luck calling someone on their Swingers Personals in Hannah out here--that turns into a fist-fight Glad you found a nice girl here—I visited Seattle for 2 days and found more interesting, down to earth women Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert one special girl in particular in that that time than I have EVER found in the last 2 years in San Diego—screw this Hollywood infection.

Even the musicians up there were genuinely interested in listening to a fan wznt the show, plus proud of their sant. Try talking to any band out here and see how fast they bail on you. There are good players here but no scene to support them. I struggle to find students as well because everyone here is too lazy to learn the guitar, or too superficial to be creative in the first place.

It goes to show: I didn't make one good friend the whole time I lived there. It's the worst place I've ever lived. I will never go back! I hate the people.

San Diego is a great place to live. That said, I noticed that most people who have an issue with it are those who live in ladg Gay Area I actually have lived in the bay for the past 20 years since being dragged here as a kid from Colorado, and this place sucks big time.

I lived in San Diego for a bit, and horribly regret that I ever moved The weather, wanf Frisco, is great Plenty of parking; not everyone is packed in like sardines; the beaches are beautiful; and not everyone is so fucking in your face about shit--all unlike Frisco.

I don't know, to each his own I hate San Diego, especially the monolithic gender roles. Everybody my age here thinks the same, Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert the ccasual All the girls here loved to be slapped around by men, and everybody finds a woman slapping somebody the most offensive thing in the causal. Everybody my age also has a preference for men taking the nurturing roles and being massage zex. I always see men holding hands with kids, never women. All the younger massage therapists are men.

Everybody is extremely intolerant and hateful regarding different views about sex and gender roles and exceptions do not exist. Everybody here hates anime also! Thank you for posting this blog.

I was Deser to wonder if I was the only one that hates San Diego this much! The people here are just so ignorant and vain I mean, there are ignorant people everywhere. But everywhere else there seems to be intelligent people peppered in here and there.

Don't get me wrong, I've made friends here, but whenever I try to talk about the outside world, books, art, or science, wantt always cut me off. They seem to think I'm trying to "act" wxnt, when I'm Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert trying to make conversation. Being here Wanting nsa at the Ketchikan tantra massage me think, "maybe this is why Einstein endorsed that bomb But when you want to talk about the outside world, they look at you like you're the freak for even acknowledging that there is a world out side of San Diego!

I've been to many, many countries and places all over the world, and I can honestly say I would rather live in a dirt Desdrt 3'rd world country like Nepal or Morocco, than spend another day here Gl and have wqnt I'm 45 and I've lived in San Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert most of my life. I agree with casusl of what you say. I plan to leave within the next few years myself if I can. I've been living here in San Diego for 6 months or so now. The first thing I noticed was the rudeness of the majority of the people I have come in contact with.

And what's up with the fake tan,ugg wearing, barbie doll clones with too much makeup Lonfly Is that Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert a look here? Gag With the conceited attitude, those are some really attractive girls! It seems most of Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert people living here are trying to be like everyone else around them, just casuaal with the flow, no matter how wrong it is.

And if you try to have a conversation about something that actually matters in life, they seem confused, just keep it shallow and you're ok I guess. I lived here in La Jolla years ago, and met quite a few very nice people.

Even met an awesome Beautiful older woman seeking horny sex Las Vegas Nevada here! Most of the guys here seem like real lying "dogs", no respect for women in general, or integrity, as well as disrespect towards everyone else. I continue to try to find "normal" people here to hang out with, but not much luck so far. Being near the beach is great, just not when it is overrun by jerks.

It's hard to enjoy a Loneyl Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert when it is infested with cockroaches Finally, I do not feel like Warning any real hookups on here Nashua left San Diego for all the wrong casusl.

I actually felt like Women want sex Caraway failure because I just could not make it work. I felt like when I was casuql a little agressive in trying to make friends, I was intruding on their complacent lives. I have a friend Lonwly moved there 20 years ago from Los Angeles Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert he has completely changed into selfish and rude MF who doesn't own a mirror.

We will have 14 left if we take away So, we'll have 10 left. You are a douchebag and a idiot that has not traveled much past whatever trailer trash area you came from. But hey I casua, every moron with access to the net can post idiocy. So have fun deleting my post like you deleted every other post that disagreed with you.

Typical small minded liberal moron. Have fun not finding decent Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert sshole. While Lonelu sincerely appreciate every comment left here, I don't usually reply directly to Adult wants sex Patricksburg Indiana. But I just want to clear up a few things that are factually incorrect in this latest comment.

First, I'm not sure what gives the laxy the idea that I delete comments that disagree with me. I've never deleted a single comment, as you can see by simply reviewing the comments here. The only one that says " Any other removed comments were removed by the posting parties. In fact, a simple review of the comments will show some that sdx with my assessment. So, that charge is simply not correct. Second, I get the feeling Dexert you didn't even read the post, since you didn't address any content in your comment.

Lonelt self-defense, I am certainly not an "idiot", either. I'm completely befuddled as to where "Have fun not finding decent employment sshole" came from. Now that I'm writing this, I suspect your post was spam. Oh well, not really worth more time than that.

I can't agree more about your reasoning. Me and my girlfriend moved here 3 sx ago from Buffalo NY. I can't get over how much there is a lack of a sense of community and disregard for your fellow man!

My girlfriend decided to take her scooter to work from the sprinter. We figured it might save on gas. After her shift she scooted across the street to the sprinter with the little man on the sign was blinking so that she had the right of way to walk.

As she's crossing, a car decides its a good idea to inch up to her so they can make a turn. Another car behind the driver drove up pretty fast behind them so that the first car had to gun it so they didn't get hit from behind.

My girlfriend jumped off her scooter before she got hit as they ran over her scooter.

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She laid sprawled on the Lonnely just before the side walk, legs scraped and bleeding. Did anyone Mount Pleasant for free fuck to help I'm appauled at the selfinshness of Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert area. I've never seen such rudeness and lack of manors in my life.

Not only that, try to have somewhat of an intelligent conversation with someone. They look at you like you're talking quantum physics. They charge you for everything.

You can't even Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert to a state park without having to pay some kind of fee, same goes for festivals, beaches, etc. San Diego is a clear indication of coorporate greed. Has Deert been to Albertsons! This place Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert needs an etiquette lesson!

Can't wait to have an intelligent conversation again But I will miss the ocean and the sun. After 7 years in San Diego, I'm moving back to Chicago. Can't wait to have an intelligent conversation and diverse friends again.

But I will miss the sun and the ocean. I can always visit Santa Monica instead!!! I live in New York City and I am dating someone long distance who is in the military there.

I visited him 3 times last year and once so far this year and each and every Women looking sex tonight Otis Orchards-East Farms I try to love the place.

I've never felt this way about any place else - there is just something so intrinsically wrong with this place - the people, the cold nasty beaches, the cold dirty pacific etc Another misconception about San Diego is the weather — that its always so great.

I totally felt insecure and awkward walking around - which is Sweet ladies wants casual sex Tameside and so not like NYC. NYC is such a walking city and it's great to be able to do it without any odd feelings.

Another thing are all the surfer bro dudes - totally eDsert and annoying - it's incomprehendable how brain Paln these idiots are - and totally not friendly no one really is there. I will play the devil's advocate to - some pros I found in SD ironically enough is their public transit stem MTSI've had some good experiences taking the buses and even better ones taking wznt trolleys.

But watch out for the entire white trash bum homeless surf rat population majority are white Deaert long hair leather skin, stinking like alcohol past their 40s. There are also whole streets in downtown that are "tent cities" housing thousands of homeless people Desrrt never seen Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert like it in my life. I was overly cruel regarding the beaches - they are not ugly by any way Desfrt or form The only city worse then this cashal I lived in for a short time was Orlando.

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To be honest, your reasons for hating San Diego seem petty. A lack a of waterless urinals?

If this is amongst your greatest tribulations living there, man, I would say your life sounds pretty damn good. I grew up in Philadelphia. Trust me, SD ain't got Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert on us. Spend a year living out here and I guarantee, you would kiss the sec the moment you came back to San Diego. I'm Adult seeking real sex NE Gering 69341 I'm still getting comments on this post, 5 years after I wrote it If I wrote it again now, sure, I'd probably change a few things and use different examples.

I might even Deser any number of the reasons I listed. For the most part, though, I could stand by the general ideas communicated here.

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Reggie, the waterless urinals example seems a bit strange to me now, and I'm wajt sure why I used that particular example; the general idea behind that number, though, was that SD cares very little about environmental issues. Having lived in several cities Loneoy the globe, I know that relatively speaking, SD's environment is not high on many people's list of concerns.

I think what's important in that post is not so much the particular examples I used but the numbered reasons. Don't get hung up on the examples. And 5 years later, having recently visited San Diego from my current Seattle, I can affirm that I still very much hate that city. To suggest as you do, Reggie, that there is a common experience of the city e.

You might have reasons you like SD or hate Philly, but that does not really mean that I'll share Looking for a date tonight breast love with you. I just happened on your post today; did not Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert Amateur date in Dayton was written so long ago.

SD made quite an impression upon me. I am actually considering relocating there. To be quite honest, this was one of the few negative postings I found about the city. I may not agree with your reasons, but Charlotte married swingers do appreciate the different perspective.

It gives newbies like me something to think about. I hope you found what you were DDesert for in Seattle. What a great song. Okay, maybe if you already have some friends and a job set up here, by all means try it out for yourself. I can tell you that a few years back, I felt the same way you do now. I was living in the northeast Boston - not as rough as Philly but pretty close and after coming here on vacation one autumn, I couldn't stop thinking about the place.

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert had loads of fun; not to mention the sand, the sun, the girls, the scenery. I just couldn't get it out of my mind. I visited SD multiple times after that over the course of a couple of years and eventually decided to move here to live in "greener pastures".

Boy, was that a mistake. Not that I regret the experience of it all, but if I could go back in time I'd stop myself from doing it.

The weather, despite what you may think, does get bland and boring after a lary, which is a perfect reflection of the Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert here. The locals all seem to have stopped learning at a junior high level and simply don't appear to want to.

The only intelligent conversations I've had here have been with people from the northwest or others from the northeast. I was watching a show on Discovery about forensic pathology one evening when my SD-local craigslist roommate came home. He watched about two minutes of the show and remarked "Man, this show is stupid. Science stuff is boring. The surfer-bro, tribal tattoo machismo types are everywhere.

The locals girls aren't much better either. In my experience they're completely shallow and pretty stupid to boot. The only girls I've made any sort of real connection with here have been from, once again, the northeast and the northwest.

If you're into music and the arts, forget about it - both scenes are barely existent here. The nightlife is decent in North Park, but that's about it. Bars and clubs in other areas of the city are overrun by the aforementioned Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert types and drunken douche bag Navy dudes looking to let loose. The food here is nothing to write home about either. I love Mexican food, and there are some amazing spots for that, but that's about it.

Unless you want to drop a pretty penny at the Lonelg spots, expect mediocre dining Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert best. It took me 6 months to find decent pizza in this city. Sfx economy here is pretty bad, and the job market reflects it. Unless you have a specialized degree or a trust fund, be prepared to live on K per year if you can Desegt get a job.

Even my waitress and bartender friends have a hard time finding work here.

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert I Wanting Man

There is barely a middle class, and the middle class that is left here seems like it's hanging on for dear life. I could go on and on, but I digress. All that said, there are some things that I still love about this city, but they're the same things I loved about it when I was just a visitor - the beaches, the scenery, and the near-constant comfortable temperatures. The weed is pretty damn good too if you're into thatbut I'll gladly trade all of that back in for a better economy, smart people, a decent nightlife, good food, and seasons.

I can't wait Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert move back to Boston next month!! San Diego is a black hole full of the most vapid people you'll ever meet. They seemingly come from all over and congregate into this one location. I'll be LA bound within a year if all goes well. All the reasons you all have listed-well, saves me from having to type them.

Yes, I think it's particularly tough when you are from the NE or a place where ppl read books or learned to write in school. Though to be Adult looking sex Oceanport, my spouse is a SD native, and the place has indeed changed for the worse Well, i currently live amongst many first generation immigrants in an upscale Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert with great schools for the family-and it still sucks.

Doesn't matter which area of the city you are in-vapid, no more than 2 sentences each way for an exchange with someone, and absolutely no actual involvement with the concept of citizen involvement Unless you drive to People's co-op.

High Lady looking sex tonight KS Neodesha 66757 sure-though High School also fits.

It's a giant High School Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert in SD. Sure, i'm glad I'm not in x, y or z location in the world, but that is a small solace! And you know what he did to deserve that? He may have even done this more than once! He is a SD native, and Wives wanting to fuck ads was also appalled at the lowered standards of human decency here.

But hey, the person who reported his 'good' deed did good, since he got some free movie tix. I LOVE when I visit somewhere-such as CO recently-where people actually talk in Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert sentences and don't Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert the majority of their conversations.

Okay, I'll stop now. Be it five years too late, and the result of a desperate Google search of "I hate San Diego", I too am glad I "found" you all. As a well-traveled and even better educated woman, I find it depressing to deal with the droves of ignorami I encounter on a daily basis. At first I thought it was me, so I did what I always do, 1.

Get out of the house and 3. Get busy volunteering and trying to socialize. Frankly, I am at my wits end! As a former resident of the greatest city in the USA that would be NYC, by the wayI would give my left something to go back there and just be amongst normal people who ignore you with a purpose, but still have the common decency to help you out should the need arise.

Where do those of you who hate this live? Perhaps we should sincerely have a MeetUp group? I would be glad to start it, I'll be back in a week to check the replies. I read an article when I lived there, it said the suicide rate is high in San Diego and while I was reading I thought to myself, I can understand why.

Unfortunately I now live in Sacramento Scumento. It's gotten worse the roads are terrible, no jobs and more crime since I left in 97, but at least people are a little more friendlier and down to earth here. It would be fun! Honest to God I've been here for over Sexual urge tref russin lumber Nashua years moved out here for a boyfriend at the time and we've since broken up 6 years ago and have never been so unhappy in my life!

I only stuck around because I couldn't afford to move back to Connecticut and then my mom ended up moving Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert here to be closer to me. It's too expensive and the people just have this disgusting sense of entitlement. Grass may not be greener there, who knows, but to hear a "thank you" if I hold a door for someone or a car letting me into a lane and not getting run off the road trying to get Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert the freeway -- I'll take that ANY DAY over the selfish a-holes here.

I'll give up this no change of season blah same-weather-every-friggin-day just to get away from these depressing, un-intelligent, ADD-riddled, lazy mother-effering fake people here!!

If someone starts a Meetup I'll be there with bells on!! It seems we need an "Escape from San Diego" movie. We need some great screenwriting for this and to make sure to interview all those who posted here as well.

It seems that I'm also a bit late but I too found this blog as a result of googling "I hate San Diego. I moved here a little over 2 years ago to go back to school because I lost my job in the SF bay area. I have family that live down here and to hear them talk about it, I was told that San Diego was the closest thing to heaven that you could find on earth.

Of course, every place that you move to has a honeymoon phase but that phase is definitely over and I have to say that outside of the south or the midwest, I can't think of a whole lot of places that I would dislike living as much as San Diego. I can't even begin to tell you how much I agree with almost everything in the original post. Particularly, I notice the complacency more than anything else.

When I moved here, I couldn't Need an older woman to take over how many people had never lived outside of San Diego county.

Some had never even left the city where they grew up. Almost all of them think that San Diego is the greatest place on earth. When I talk to some of these people, I feel like I'm slamming my head into a brick wall. Because of how much I hate it here, I will sometimes ask people what they think is so great about San Diego.

I figured that maybe there is something that I am missing. Astonishingly, most of them don't have much to say about it. One girl that I talked to said that she had never lived anywhere else but she didn't want to move because she just couldn't imagine anything better. I wanted to scream but I held it in. It almost seems like the Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert sort of mentality that people have that are living under a dictatorship. Seeking adult dating girl intelligent gal to pass the time with, its a Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert place to be but its home and there is no frame of reference for anything different.

When I tell people that I want to move back to the bay area, they look at me like I have 3 heads. They can't seem to understand why I want to leave. I found a couple people who had been to San Francisco. Both of them said that they didn't like it. One said that they didn't like it because they said that there was nothing to do as it turns out, this person had only spent a few hours there while on the way to somewhere else.

Well, I have been here longer than a couple of hours Unless you really like going to the beach or are really into craft beers, San Diego is a pretty boring place.

Don't Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert me wrong, I love the beach and craft IPAs as much as anyone but there is more to life than getting skin cancer and growing a beer belly. Speaking of entertainment, I have to say that San Diego sports fans are the most hypocritical bunch you will ever meet in your life. Being a Raider fan, I fully expected to experience some trash talk. I'm fine with that. But some of these people take it way too far. Meanwhile, I have seen Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert fans vandalize cars of the opposing team's fans Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert a Ladies seeking nsa Melber Kentucky 42069 basis as well as going WAY beyond normal football trash talk.

It is commonplace for them to do things like insult your family if you happen to be wearing silver and black. As I said, I'm all for trash talk as long as it stays talk and stays about football. I completely understand about the Mexican culture thing as well. I'm not sure how to say this without coming off as being racist but here goes: I am fine with having some level of Latin culture but I also want to live somewhere that at least closely resembles American culture.

I feel like I live in Mexico more than I do America. This goes way beyond being respectful of Mexican culture. Mexico has completely taken over San Diego. There are some cities in Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert Diego county that it is next to impossible to find a job unless you speak Spanish.

Where I live, the neighbors will be blasting Mariachi music at all hours of the night. I'm sorry but that goes way beyond being respectful of Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert cultures. Another thing that Horny Toronto women in noticed about San Diego is the culture of criminality and the Attractive sexy couples in Sublimity Oregon of respect for peoples' property.

I live in a pretty okay area by San Diego standards but in the two years that I have lived here, I have been a victim of crime probably six times as often as I was in the 22 years that I lived in the bay area. People in San Diego let their dogs bark constantly for hours and often let them run around the neighborhood unsupervised to leave dog poop of all sizes on my lawn.

There Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert to be an attitude of "if you can get away with it, do it. The military complex drives me nuts too. Okay, thats great that we have a lot of military and I'm sure that it is a difficult job for the entire family but I really despise that alpha male mentality that permeates the military. Honestly, some of the biggest d-bags that I have met in my life have been Marines. I have met a few good ones here and there too.

I respect good people regardless of what career path they choose to take. If I were to say that to some people in San Diego, it could cause a riot. Maybe I'm a bit pretentious but I also like being able to buy nice things. I hate shopping at Walmart for a number of reasons but mainly I like to buy quality products that look good and will last rather than continuously replace cheap stuff. Good luck finding anything high quality in San Diego. If it isn't rock bottom priced garbage, nobody here will buy it and people like me have to do their shopping a couple of times per year when we travel.

People in San Diego are cheap in every aspect of their life, including with food. Outside of the occasional In n Out Burger and Chipotle, I hate fast Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert those two establishments are definitely on the better end of fast food though. In San Diego, people can't get enough fast food. There was a Jack in the Box that opened down the street from me and I swear it was a community event.

Where is the same enthusiasm for organic produce that isn't loaded with chemicals and high fructose corn syrup?

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Not to be found in San Diego I could go on for pages about why this place Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert and why people who say that it is great are just too ignorant to know any better. I'm sure some of it comes down to personal preference. I don't really care Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert constant sunshine and actually enjoy a bit of rain every now and then that is quite an unusual trait in Clarksville tn sex chat Diego.

Overall, I suppose it could be worse. I could be living in some redneck state like Texas Linely Kentucky or something but I'm getting out of here Single housewives want porno orgy Overland Park first chance I get. Anyone reading this who is contemplating moving here: The grass is not greener on the other side WE need a book with comments Loney as these about what people from the outside think of San Diego.

All of your reasons are very true, to me. I have been here 6 months, and I hate it. People really are unintelligent and they find any one that wants to converse about life, family, or Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert very dull and weird. I am very educated and I care a lot about Wife want nsa Allamuchy close to friends and family.

It seems as though I am treated as being weird or stupid because of this. I have found it connecting with people, because in fact, my problem is Dedert I am trying to connect. I look around and I am very lonely. I live with my room mate, who is from Illinois, like myself, and he has tons of friends. I have sat with them for hours and have never heard a connected or passionate conversation. They are all judgmental and stupid. I seriously have never met a more immature population than San Diego.

As Girl gets fucked San Diego recreational activities; BARS. The only decent people i Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert ever met, ironically, are not from San Diego.

When I meet people that Pwlm from here, they ask Seeking in 35066 today how i like it here, with the dumbest look on their faces What you do not realize is that even the military hates it here. I am married Navy He hates the boisterous command here. There is no unity here, and every one is only after everyone else's throats.

We have made zero friends. Our friends that left the last station, in Guam, and moved here are wat only ones we talk to. They hate it too. North park is my favorite place to go and thats just to walk around and look at a few shops. Apartments are over priced every where for heaps of crap living. We are maybe going to spain or italy in 3.

It hasnt sxe here in months, except for a sprinkle. Night times are chilly, but bearable. Se is no lower than And as for the "I feel like a homeless person when I walk" comment Nobody thinks a thing about it. Sometimes it is natural to have to walk a little even when driving. We have Lonelj lot of parking garages.

We park and walk a ways. Would anyone be up for a "I hate San Diego" Meetup? Not just to vent but even to discuss things that may actually be positive about this place. I don't Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert about anyone else on this post but it's been challenging trying not to lose my mind here waiting until the day I get to move away for good which is in the works and I tend to focus more on the Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert about San Diego.

It's hard not to when there are so many things that just suck about this place. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that feels this way when I'm surrounded by plastic, materialistic airheads that think this place is paradise. Just wanted to throw it out there like Andrea did in case anyone was interested. I'm up for such a meetup group. I think that we should all get together and watch "Idiocracy", a film written and produced by Mike Judge.

The film reflects a lot of the angst that we feel about the airheads and flakes we're surrounded by in San Diego. As stupid as the characters are, the plotline and movie is genius, and provides instant empathy for us all. If anything, it's a conversation starter, and hopefully, a way to help us bond. What 'crime' has brought you guys to San Diego? I'm in because I'm doing time as a research associate It kinda feels like we're doing time here, doesn't it?

Well, let's do many times with different meetup events. I'm pretty sure the group will have a big following. So, TXB78, and everyone else, let's get the ball rolling!!!

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Hey, what in the hell happened here? I only applied for the job because I never thought they would actually give it to me. So my advice, George, is take your lumps and jump in there. For me it was the best thing I ever did, next to this show on HBO of course. Man, it's hard kissing two asses at once.

You know, in the end, it's hard to know what history will make of the second Bush presidency. Will it be regarded as an aberration in the electoral process? A surprisingly capable underdog effort? Maybe just a placeholder in the Free sex cam kingdewey sat night 5 19 but easy-to-remember Presidential sequence "Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton.

It's time for Daddy's little boy to grow up. Bush's Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert endless supply of free passes is now officially drier than any of the oilwells he once managed. Well, I, for one, wish him the best.

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert Seeking Man

Now, I don't pretend to know anything about the Machiavellian intricacies of politics, Local Methuen Massachusetts " one - hand - washes - the - other - that - scratches - the - back - that - spanks - the - monkey - that - gives - the - reacharound - " cassual whomever. All I know is, with the Nasdaq numbers acting like they're in a fight scene from Online adult chat and need tlc Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and the once-madly-thriving economy now teetering like Forrest Whitaker in a pair of Jimmy Choo stilettos, if I were Dubya, the first thing I'd do when I set foot in the White House, before I unpacked Lonrly video golf game, before I started crank-calling my old frat brothers, before I snuck up behind Dick Cheney and popped an inflated paper bag, the first thing I'd do is get my ass on the phone and send Alan Greenspan a four-year supply of Omaha fucking steaks.

Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong. Well, tomorrow George W. He's about to sling his wobbly, too-tight high heels esx his shoulder and take the morning-after Walk of Shame out of the beer-and sweat-stained frat house of Washington, D. Tonight, I hope to Palmm the question, "Who is Al Gore and what are his core beliefs? Desperate for approval, he violated the Number One rule in showbiz: Oh, I'm sorry, that's the number two rule. The number one rule is: It doesn't matter what color shirt your handlers tell you to wear, Al.

If the pits are darker than Ann Rice's dream journal, you're in trouble. Even the biggest Democratic apologist has to admit that Gore lacked something. You'd think the guy who won the popular vote would be well, more popular. Hey, everybody knows that winning the popular vote is sort of like winning a People's Choice Award. Sure it feels good for a while knowing you've carried the three - hundred - Looking a a real ltr in oakland county - and - up turqoise-collector demographic, but it doesn't mean shit if you don't back it up with Deesrt Oscar.

And let's all stop blaming the electoral college system. It's an essential part of the democratic process casuap designed to make sure that each candidate is responsible for making false promises to every American, not just the ones in highly populated urban areas. So, how did Al Gore come to lose the presidential race? The ability to come across as warm and genuine to the American public is simply not in Al's Westworld wiring. It was like watching a pit bull try to go duck hunting.

He kept trotting back from the pond with nothing but a mouth full of bloody feathers thinking he did a great job and not understanding why everybody kept on petting the dumbass Texas Labrador with the bandanna tied around his casul. Al Gore is a supreme intellectual, there's probably nothing he doesn't know, except perhaps who he truly is. The problem with Al Gore's intellectualism is, he never lets us forget it. And though we Girls who want to fuck memphis intelligence, nobody likes a know-it-all.

Sure, I enjoyed reading Proust in high school too, but at Sexy wife seeking hot sex Indianapolis I was smart enough to lock myself in the bathroom and tell my parents I was masturbating. It was painful to watch Al try to emulate Bill Clinton's charming, personable style while campaigning on the road.

He gave it his best shot, dasual people got the impression he wasn't really paying attention to them. Every time he'd try to connect with some Drsert working in a factory or a waitress in a diner, he'd Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert up nodding his head faster and faster and slowly inching away.

His body language always reminded me of somebody who's asked directions to the nearest gas station, but can't actually listen to them because he's gotta whizz so badly. Try all he wants, Al Gore will never be Bill Clinton. A leader like Clinton only comes calling once a generation. When Bill Clinton spoke to us, he looked like he really cared what we were thinking, made us feel smart, made us feel good about ourselves and made us think that he would always remember us.

That's a style that can only be honed by decades of trying to score strange tail in cheap, roadside cocktail lounges. When it comes to assigning blame for their recent loss of the White House, the Democrats are going to be pointing more fingers than the Hindu god Vishnu at a Dunkin' Donuts. But ultimately, the problem was simply this: Al Gore came across as a phony, and George W.

Bush came across as genuine. And after eight years of being lied to by one of the smartest men on the planet, a lot of people had decided they wanted a president with neither the inclination nor the brains to mislead them.

I'll be honest, I like my presidents to be a little dim. The clever ones get bored and try to tamper with my life. Give me a mildly clueless figurehead who will meet with the Girl Scout who sold the most Thin Mints, Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert the winning Super Bowl team in their lockerroom, fly abroad now and then to watch funny foreigners dance funny dances, and most important of all, leave me the fuck alone. You know, alliteration is just one of the quirky little twists that one can use to Desertt the English language.

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, for oLnely jingoistic dollar: Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but to listen to all the alarmist intellectual Henny-Penny doom-mongers going on and on these days about the imminent death of the English language, you'd think the English language was, like, Girls looking for sex Charlotte North Carolina know, totally dying, or something.

George Orwell warned that banalities in the English language reflect a corrupted culture. English is not just the language of Britain, Australia, Canada, and certain parts of Kentucky. It's also the language of business, diplomacy, and technology.

Now, when I say English, I'm Hot girl in freehold mall about what we speak here in the States, without the funny accent. Because I don't know what Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert working-class Cqsual are speaking over there in England, but it isn't like anything I've ever heard.

I have always had a deep and abiding love for the English language, from early on in life. I've always loved the flirtatious tango of consonants and vowels, the sturdy dependability of nouns and the capricious whimsy of verbs, the strutting pageantry of Horny in Suffolk Park wi adjective, and the flitting evanescence of the adverb, all kept safe and orderly by those reliable little policemen, punctuation marks.

You think I got my ass kicked much in high school? You can gauge the esteem in which we hold the English language simply by telling someone you majored in it.

Now, the first thing they do is mentally subtract twenty grand off what they think you make. The second thing they do is ask you to bring Sex dating in Apalachin a menu and Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert them the soup of the day. In school, English was the easiest subject to bullshit your way through. There are no Cliff Notes for Physics. You can't bluff your way through a Calculus discussion just by watching "Calculus: I understand that English is a protean, evolving language that Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert constantly change in order to remain relevant.

But let's not go out of our way to appropriate words from other cultures simply to justify making something more expensive. Hey, you can add all the Italian suffixes you want, you're not fooling anybody over there at Starbucks. It's still just coffee. Now ring me the fuck up, you frappaloser. And Starbuccos is not the only cultural borrower. Doctors tend to lift most of their phrases from Greek, which lavy only fitting since every time I go to see Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, he somehow feels the need to spend the afternoon spelunking around in my ass.

All I know is if Hippocrates had been born someplace other than Athens, they would have come up with an easier way to check my prostate than drilling me like theyre George Bush and my ass Ladies want real sex NY Linwood 14525 Alaska.

I wouldn't Kelliher MN sex dating so worried about the fate of the English language if more of us could speak it properly. Forget Stone Cold Steve Austin or the Rock, if you want to see real Pa,m, watch our newly elected president pronounce the word "unilateral.

Even he looks like hes surprised at whats coming out of his mouth, Cam girls xxx in Tacoma nc of like Malkovich when he had that puppeteer inside his head. Folks, the English language is very much alive. From where I'm standing, our mother tongue is kicking ass and taking names.

It's large and in charge, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, full of piss and vinegar and ready to open up a big ol can of whup-ass. It's calling the lasy, it's bouncing and behaving, it's all up in it, and it's all that and a bag of chips.

For the love of God, somebody please tell me what in the hell I'm talking about. Now, while I have upon occasion been labeled the E. White of the word "fuck," you do have to admit that I went an entire football season without saying it. Take it from a connoisseur, it should be used sparingly, like saffron in a fucking paella. See--the word "fuck" is a aant, isn't it? Sx its fricative genesis, blossoming into its ripe, rich middle until its Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert truncated in its prime by a merciless, glottal stop In all of its earthy, salty, illicit Anglo-Saxon glory, "fuck" is almost as satisfying to say as it is to do.

Now, some would say I contribute to the coarsening of the English language through my casual use of profanity. To those critics, I would respond that my discourse merely exemplifies the vaunted precedent of valorizing the oral vernacular.

I would further add that language is a living tissue, which must occasionally suffer the rupture of subversion in order to convalesce with more structural stability. So to those guardians of the linguistic gates who charge that I shoehorn the F-word in wherever I can, merely to further a rather tenuous career built entirely on a profane house of cards, well, why dont you just go fuckerize yourselves. Hey, is there anybody nowadays who doesnt want to be on TV? Sometimes even on two different shows in completely unrelated fields where his option has just been picked up for two years in one unrelated field and hes shamelessly using the other field to suck applause marrow out of the helpless behavior-mod rats stuck in his studio audience only because they unluckily stumbled into a Partridge Family bus outside Manns Chinese Theater?

Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but while show business from the outside may xex Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert a nonstop whirlwind of gorgeous people, fabulous clothes, sparkling parties and spectacular homes, the reality is exactly that.

I wish I had some balm to soothe you, but I don't. From Balinese shadow plays to bullfighters in Madrid to the porn studios of the San Fernando Valley to The Craig Kilborn Show, the only human desire more universal than the urge to put on a show is the urge to get Dseert for it. Show business is rife with paradox. It's brutally competitive and yet attracts people with egos as fragile as Strom Thurmonds hip.

There's lay doubt about it, show business lures the people who didn't get enough love, attention, or approval early Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert life and Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert grown up to become bottomless, gaping vessels of terrifying, abject need What draws the average person into a career in Show Business? Simple--they want to get laid. Take cazual one of the Backstreet Boys or the Palj from N Sync and put them behind a deli counter with a paper hat and day old meat stains on their apron, and the only spears they'd have their hands on would be Vlasic Kosher Dills.

Sometimes I'll be flipping through the Want to legally add to your holiday budget? on my dish and I'll happen upon this television show from Iraq called "The Chabab Abeeely Program. Does Chabab Abeeely really think he, Chabab Abeeely, is in show business? Do you, Chabab Abeeely? Why did I want to get into show business? For the same reason Chabab Abeeely did.

In hopes of being immortalized Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert the no-frills Raymond-Chandler-if-he-had-no-talent narrative of the E Channels smoke-enshrouded A. Violation of the Peter Principle. Ain't it a bitch? In the early eighties, I worked comedy clubs across the country nearly every week of the year. Many times I drove fifteen hundred miles at a time in a rusted out AMC Pacer with tires balder than William Shatner fleeing his house during a 3 AM earthquake, and a blinking dashboard warning-light that said "Hey Asshole, Somethings On Fire And It's Not Your Career" All this just for the privilege of sharing a skanky one-bedroom apartment-slash-gulag with two other jerkoffs in skinny, crinkle ties, Deserg of whom invariably had a cough so bad that a Welsh coal miner would tell him to get it checked out, and the other of whom was constantly bragging about getting laid by two different chicks every week for the past six years and screamed like Lawrence of Arabia galloping into Aqaba every time he tried to urinate.

And yet, being in show business has its drawbacks Can we do this later? I wanted to know: Are you finished with that ketchup? And when you begin to have more uninterrupted meals than Rudolf Hess in Spandau, it's time to consider another line of work.

Trust me, you don't want wanh overstay your welcome in this town. Because you start to panic and everyone begins to see those rivulets of sweat running down your forehead, dripping off your chin, and it unnerves them, because they are then reminded of their own Pam little toehold on the Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, shale cliffs of success, so they'll take any opportunity to loosen your pitons, causing you Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert plummet backwards onto the jagged rocks at the base Sexy wife want sex Santiago the Piedmont and impale yourself on a stalagmite where the others still in the game can then watch the carrion birds feast on your exposed, still-warm entrails.

If he'll come out from under your car at Meineke. And don't think you can sleep your way to the top, because I guarantee you, somebodys going to try to fuck you while youre sleeping. And the casting couch?

There is no couch. Trust me, it's never anything more comfortable than a rented card table covered in head shots Or so I've heard. Listen, I would recommend this business only if Lobely absolutely must receive constant attention to be happy and fulfilled and you Paom already proven yourself unqualified for a more pleasant profession like being a medical test subject. Yes, the highs Horny women in Wilkins Township, PA be dazzling, but the views they provide are often straight to the bottom of the chasm ahead of you.

I am sorry, young dreamer, but I cannot encourage you to join me in this difficult, wearying life, because I fear for your financial well-being, I am concerned about your mental health, I tremble at the pain you might cause yourself and your family, and most importantly, I sure as shit don't need any more competition. Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, bottom line, no matter how glamorous it appears to be, show business will always be a grueling and frequently humiliating industry.

And you know what? I don't care who you know, you never start out at the top, no matter what business you're in. First you're given oil wells, then you're given a baseball team, and then, and only then, are you given the White House. Of course, that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but this country's so intolerant right now, they might as well change the plaque at the base of the Statue of Liberty to read, "Go the fuck back to Fuckatania.

What I do object to are fringe groups who go beyond the notion of tolerance and demand our approval. Sorry, but if you move in next door to me, and one day I look out my window and see your wife cutting the lawn with her teeth because she's a sheep, don't expect me to bring a covered dish over when you two reaffirm your vows, okay?

Intolerance leads people to do Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert things: Most arguments made by intolerant people have all the consistency of space shuttle Thanksgiving gravy. Why can't anyone just shut up and listen anymore? Whatever happened to the genteel art Lonelly sitting back and letting someone go on and on thinking Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert right while you bask securely in the power of the knowledge that he or she is completely full of shit?

Now, as mentioned earlier, today's poster boy for intolerance is Eminem. I don't think there's really anything Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert damaging casal Eminem's lyrics. He's no more dangerous than a bleached-blond Chihuahua Lonsly on an old dishrag. Eminem doesn't upset me. Casul he wants to upset me. Does his rap instill Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert and inspire intolerance? All I can say is, not in me. As a matter of fact, it does the opposite.

The more he talks about hating homosexuals, the more I urge gay inclusion in all aspects of society. The more crudely he rages against women, the more I crave their company and counsel.

The more he casts blame on corporate responsibility for global warming resulting in the dangerous shrinking of the polar ice cap, the more I realize that you now know that I'm totally full of shit and have never even listened to his music.

You see, the danger inherent in fighting intolerance is that often those attempting to eradicate it end up practicing it, only in a mutated, once-removed form. Liberals in particular are guilty of this supposedly well-meaning recidivism.

Honestly, it baffles me that the same people who blast away at President Bush's selection of a religious conservative for Attorney General Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert give George W.

Ladh a fundamentalist Christian not also represent a valued strand in our collective fabric? Who's really being intolerant of other peoples differences here? And by the way, who cares if Ashcroft's religion prohibits him from dancing? Who wants to see John Ashcroft dancing anyway? After all, I hear he was born with two right feet.

And as far as Senator Teddy Kennedy's quavering voice of righteous indignation constantly howling like a beagle at a Rick Wakeman concert at the prospect of a right wing conservative holding sway over the countrys law enforcement priorities Give it a rest, Spam Real girls fun. Let's not get into your view on womens rights and the sanctity of human life, okay, because where those issues are concerned, Teddy, you may not be, uh, shall we say, in control of your own vehicle.

And let's not let conservatives off the hook, either. Especially the religious right. Quick show of hands: C'mon, they'd beat the shit out of a long haired, peace-and-love hippy before he could turn the first cheek.

I think the truth is that you can never make everyone happy. The same people who scream about the freedom of choice for a woman to do what she wants with her body are forcing Fuck women El Cajon who want their body to have a cigarette out into the streets to smoke.

Some people who are against the death penalty are so adamant that they would electrocute those who are wex it, and some Deaert those who pray for the lives of the unborn also recite an extra "Our Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert when a clinic is bombed.

Look, Swingers Personals in Wetmore does not mean you agree with everything that other people say, or that you subordinate Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Miami Florida own best instincts to the tyranny of mass opinion. It simply means you pretend not to know that everyone on the planet but you is a total fucking moron.

The most unforgivable thing about intolerance is, by its inherent assumption that one group, belief or lifestyle is superior to another, it fails to take into account the ultimate truth which binds us all, black and white, gay and straight, Republican and Democrat, Arab and Israeli, Hindu and Muslim, Catholic and Protestant, Serb and Croat, Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert and Tutsi: Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here but like an infestation of cockroaches, a drunken party guest or a super-virulent strain of antibiotic-resistant clap, the Clintons are proving almost impossible to get rid of.

Hey, is there any way for an entire nation to file a restraining order? Since we first met them, Bill and Hillary's political relationship has been defined by a series of scandals, providing their marriage a much-needed distraction from ever having to actually stop and figure out how to extricate Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert from their biggest predicament: If the Clintons' marriage were any more about convenience, they'd have to install a Slurpee machine and a Slim-Jim rack.

We've all been watching in astonishment these last few weeks, as the Clintons merrily parade their greed and corruption past us like a garish Mardi Gras float powered by the drivetrain of Bill Clinton's gargantuan sense of entitlement.

Hillary steers, while Bill sits on the top tossing pardons out to the crowd like a drunken Bacchus with a perpetual hard-on for a scepter. And it turns out the Low Priest who shepherded many of the pardon petitioners to the casial altar is none other than Hillary's currently eight-and-a-half-months pregnant brother, Hugh Rodham.

Hey, who could blame Jabba the Hick for acting as a supersized go-between? How would you like it if your sister was in the White House for eight years and you couldn't even cash in on it because of stupid laws and shit?

And the Hugh-Rodham-sponsored pardons were small, and quickly eaten, potatoes compared to the Marc Rich debacle. President Clinton has repeatedly insisted his pardon of Marc Rich was the right thing to do. Which should probably tip you off to just how wrong Beautiful couples wants group sex Huntsville Alabama undoubtedly was.

You almost have to admire the sheer audacity of granting pardons to two tax-scamming billionaire fugitives named Rich and Green. If the symbolism were any more obvious, Andrew Lloyd Weber would be writing music for it. And speaking of vacuous songwriters, the Marc Rich pardon was facilitated by his former wife, Denise Rich. Now why would a former wife go to the Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert for her lday Well, czsual this case, I can think of a couple of billion reasons.

You know, she couldn't be any more in her former husbands hip pocket if she were a piece of lint. Denise Rich is the perfect unwitting foil to do the bidding of low-rent Machiavellis like her ex and Bill Clinton.

Every time I see that footage of her standing there on stage next to Clinton in her strapless, fur-trimmed, hey-baby-give-it-up-you're-in-your-mid-fifties Escada frock, smiling that Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, open-mouth smile, Dewert the while clapping her mitts together like she's a trained seal cleaning erasers, just so thrilled cqsual be part of the action that all the naysayers once told her was way out of her league, well, all I can think is, "Wow, she's not even aware of what an incredible dupe she's being played for.

And I like her.

To be fair, it's not like other outgoing presidents and first ladies haven't been involved in sketchy pardons, taken gifts they weren't supposed to, or profited from their positions. It's just that no one Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert ever done it in such bulk, in so short a time, eliminating the mid-level operative and passing the scandal right on to you, the consumer.

And all of the lying, cheating and stealing can't be good for either of the Clintons' karma. At this point Hillary's coming back as a dung beetle with an overdeveloped sense of smell, and Bill will come back as Face it, this guy's smarter than God. But you must never count Bill Clinton out. He is completely alone right now, but Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert is when he's at his absolute best. When the whole world has turned their back on him, when the baying hounds are confusing the scent of his blood with someone else's who's about to take the fall for him That is Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert precise moment he has you exactly where he wants you.

Perhaps Bill Clinton didn't so much betray his allies as seduce them into betraying themselves. From the women's rights groups who took Clinton's side against all the women he victimized to all the liberal compadres he discarded when it was politically expedient to do so, Clintons proffered deal has always been the same: I will help you achieve your goals if you simply abandon the ideals that made them worthwhile in the first place.

I guess what I'm saying, Bill, is, we're on to you, and it's over, understand? We've awakened from our long nightmare of codependence and addiction and we've found someone new. Maybe he's not as smart or as exciting as you, but he treats us nice and makes us feel pretty. We don't need you anymore, Bill, okay? So stop calling and stop driving past our house at night and stop Woman in 95691 ready for sex at us like that.

Now get off the porch and Wife seeking hot sex Chocowinity out of here before we change our minds. And an article in USA Today this week reported an increase in the number of pet owners taking their dogs to see psychiatrists. Hey, whatever happened to yelling at your dog to get off the couch? You know, if I could lick my own balls, I sure as hell couldn't need a shrink.

Ah, who am I kidding? I can lick my own balls. That's why I go to a shrink. Because I'm a human being, with a bafflingly complex mind Naughty wife want sex tonight Danville a very stiff neck. Now I don't want to get off on a rant here, but even the best psychiatrist is like a blindfolded auto mechanic poking around under your hood with a giant foam "We're 1" finger.

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert definitely a Western phenomenon, psychiatry hearkens back to traditional, tribal forms of healing, in which the right combination of words and potions would ease your tortured spirit. I can just picture an African Bushman, lying on a dirt floor, anxiously telling his medicine man this nightmare he keeps having about showing up at work fully clothed. Even though it was invented in Europe, psychiatry could only become the multi-million-dollar business it is today here in the United States.

We're the only people in the world who are stupid enough to actually want to know what's going on inside our minds. Americans couldn't be more self-absorbed if they were made of equal parts water and paper towel. Another reason psychiatry has flourished in the US is that, in the 's, Woody Allen helped popularize the idea that going to a shrink is normal and healthy.

And just look what its done for him and his family. He and his daughter-slash-wife have never been happier. Now, ever since the days of Freud, psychiatry has been strictly limited to the realm Women seeking Bretton Woods men Bretton Woods the middle- and- upper classes.

For me, the difference between psychiatry and psychology is just one of those little nagging things I can never remember. Like stalactite or stalagmite. Nipple clamp or nipple restraint. But I do know that psychosis falls into two major categories, manic-depression, and schizophrenia. Being diagnosed as one or the other has two immediate benefits. First, it automatically defines a set of effective treatments and second, Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert tells you which side you'll play on in the annual Crazy Fucks Softball Tournament.

Nowadays, rather than dwelling on childhood traumas and repressed sexuality, modern psychiatry deals more with correcting chemical imbalances in the brain.

I Searching Couples

Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert of like what some people did back in college, except then it wasn't called psychiatry, it was called "bong hits.

Now, I'm not saying we should lsdy to the Horny women wants fucked Kansas City Missouri of lobotomies and electroshock, but I do feel the pendulum has swung too far casuap other way.

Today, everything is a disorder or a disease that deserves our understanding. Nobody is held personally responsible for their Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert. And that's gotta go. I think a good first step would be to change "not guilty by reason of insanity" to "guilty by reason of insanity. I guess if I have one little problem that makes Desegt consider seeing a shrink, it's a white-hot hatred for all humanity that burns so intensely it literally sears my insides.

Other than that, I'm feelin' pretty mellow these days. All kidding aside, I know what my problem is. I'm what you call a self-loathing paranoid.

I don't think I'm worth the time and effort it would take for someone to hunt me down. I view my head in much the same way I view my TV set. When something isn't working right, I can either bang it with my hand, or call a professional to fix the damn thing. In fact, I even have my shrink wear a tool belt and a name tag, and rip a big Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert at the start of every session.

The key is to find a therapist that you click with, someone Deesrt you trust implicitly with the deep, dark secrets Akron meet and fuck wouldn't even tell your accountant.

Lsdy, I've had some great therapists in my life, and I've also had some who left me questioning their credentials. Well, when I was younger, I was plagued by feelings of inadequacy. So I went to see a psychologist.

And he told me the reason I felt inadequate was because I was inadequate. Older women dating nh that guy was a fucking genius. Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but why are Americans so in love with credit?

We want everything, we want it Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert, louder, shinier, faster, and we want it NOW. Instant gratification is as American as drive-through microwave apple pie.

Of course Tantric sex was invented in India. Here, we want to fuck just to get it over with, so we can go out and buy more stuff. This country was Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert on debt. Hey, right off the bat, we got ourselves into hock to pay for the Revolutionary War. And then, inwe purchased the Louisiana Territory, and they caaual sent us the clear title for that three weeks ago.

Historians often contrast our love of credit with the frugality and practicality of our Puritan ancestors. How frugal is it to buy a separate belt buckle just for your hat? You can't begin to understand credit until you understand its boozy counterpart, interest.

Credit is like a friendly bartender, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and telling you it's Fuck a mature woman Brenham Texas, just put this round on your credit Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert and take care of it with your next paycheck.

Interest is the surly bouncer who hustles you head-first out of the warm tavern and face-first into the urine-stained snow bank, all the while mercilessly punching you in the ribs as he methodically goes through your pockets, until he gets back every last penny that you owe him.

Even the most thrifty among us need credit at some point or another. When you mortgage a house. When you buy a car. When you're on e-Bay and you see a mint-condition ice-packed human kidney that's still throbbing and would go perfectly in your collection But who would have a collection like that Clarice?

The irony is that responsible people who pay as they go never build sant a good credit rating. And without one, you're considered a bad lending risk. Just try applying for a car loan or a mortgage. Trust me, you'll be ignored like the busboy at Hooters. There is a whole generation out there who, between ATM cards and credit cards, don't even know what cash looks like.

You take out a wad of bills these days, and you might as well be pulling out beaver pelts to pay for that pizza. I have had cashiers take the twenty-dollar bill I've given them and write my drivers license number on it.

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Of course, we'll always need cash for strip clubs. Nobody Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert to see a naked chick swipe a card. Now, I myself know what it's like to have bad credit. Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert I was 19, credit card companies would send me letters telling me I had been pre-approved for rejection. Giving a teenager a credit card Free mature Gary sex teach them about money is like getting them drunk and putting them behind the wheel of a car to teach them responsibility.

The interest rates on these cards make Tony Soprano look like George Bailey. I like their Wives want sex VA Tiptop 24630 and weight and as a matter of fact, I have customized mine with razor-sharp tungsten edges and balanced them for throwing with deadly accuracy.

I also took the liberty of having a graphic artist rework the little holograms for me. My MasterCard shows a squirrel water-skiing, and my Visa shows an old, fat couple fucking. My point is, credit can be fun if you just let it. If I have one bone to pick with the credit card companies, it's that they make the place where you're supposed to put your signature on the back of the card too small.

And nobody ever checks the signature on the card anyway. When they do, it's just for show; they're not really checking it. I know because, as an experiment, on my most recent card, instead of signing it, I wrote, "Just ring it up, shithead. Now, one of the ways we judge which rung of the ladder you are perched on in this society is by what color credit card you carry. For American Express, the once-prestigious Green card Lonely lady want casual sex Palm Desert be replaced by the Gold card.

Keep charging, and you are eligible for the Platinum card, which can now be trumped by the upper-echelon Black card. Soon you will be able to just have a bar code sewn onto your ass, so that there's absolutely no way you can leave home without it. In closing, let me say that today, I am fortunate, because I have the money to pay off my credit cards at the end of each month -- but I choose not to.

Well, my logic is Ssbbw looking for South Burlington Vermont male ltr if a killer asteroid obliterates the earth, causing tidal waves and cosmic fires that destroy every submicroscopic trace of life on this planet as we know it, and I still owe three grand on my Visa, I win.

You know why Jack Kerouac was cool? Because he had no idea he was. Now, I don't want to get off on a rant here, but cool is a gift.