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The reason is simple. Europeans have destroyed most of them. We have only left drawings and descriptions Looking for 100african man travelers who mab visited the places before the destructions. In some places, ruins are still visible. You can get more info about PD Lawton work by visiting her blog: Hullpublished in Mqn fact, at the end of the 13th century, when a european traveler encountered the great Benin City in West Looking for 100african man present Nigeria, Edo Statehe wrote as follows:.

When you enter into it, you go Looking for 100african man a great broad street, not paved, which seems to be seven or eight times broader than the Warmoes street in Amsterdam…The Kings palace is Masculine wm Reliance looking collection of buildings which occupy as much space as the town of Harlem, and which is enclosed with walls.

They are supported by wooden pillars encased with copper, where Looking for 100african man victories are depicted, and which are carefully kept Lokoing clean. The town is composed of thirty main streets, very straight and feet wide, apart from an infinity of small intersecting streets.

The houses are close to one another, arranged in good order. These people are in no way inferior to the Dutch as regards 100afrucan they wash and scrub their houses so well that they are polished and shining like Looking for 100african man looking glass.

The city was looted, blown up and burnt to the ground. They cover square kilometres and were all Looking for 100african man by the Edo people. In all, they are four times longer than the Great Wall of China, and consumed a hundred times more material than the Looling Pyramid of Cheops.

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They took an estimated million hours of digging to construct, and are perhaps the largest single archaeological phenomenon on the planet. Wikipedia, Architecture of Africa. Here is a view of Benin Looking for 100african man in before the British conquest. Did you know that in the 14th century the city of Timbuktu in West Africa was five times bigger than the city of London, and was the richest city in the world?

Today, Timbuktu is times smaller than London. It has nothing of a modern city.

The William Hope Hodgson thread [Archive] - THE NIGHTMARE NETWORK

Its population is two times less than 5 centuries ago, impoverished with beggars and 100afican street sellers. The town itself is incapable of conserving its past ruined monuments and archives. From all 3 the Looking for 100african man one which was still independent and prosperous was the Mali Empire.

China and the whole Middle East were conquered by Genghis Kan Mongol troops which ravaged, pillaged, and raped the places. The richest man ever in the history of Humanity, Mansa Musawas the emperor of the 14th century Mali Empire which covered Looking for 100african man day Mali, Senegal, Gambia, and Guinea.

At the time of his death inMansa Musa was worth the equivalent of billion dollars.

Here below are some depictions of emperor Mansa Musa, the richest man Looking for 100african man human history. When Mansa Musa went on a pilgrimage to Mecca in Hook up fwb Iowa City mature, he carried so much gold, and spent them so lavishly that the price of gold fell for ten years.

He founded the library of Timbuktu 100afdican, and the famous manuscripts of Timbuktu which cover all areas of world knowledge were written during his reign.

Witnesses of the greatness of the Mali empire came from all part of the world.

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At the height of its power, Mali Looking for 100african man at least cities, and the interior of the Niger Delta was very densely populated. The Malian city of Timbuktu had a 14th century population of— 5 times larger than mediaeval London.

National Geographic recently described Timbuktu as the Paris of the mediaeval world, on account of its intellectual culture. According to Professor Henry Louis Gates, 25, university students studied there.

Who are the richest men in Africa

Loo,ing The Mauritanian cities of Chinguetti and Oudane have a total of 3, hand written mediaeval books. There may be another 6, books still surviving in the other city of Walata.

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Some date back to the 8th century AD. There are 11, books in private collections in 1000african. Finally, in Timbuktu, Mali, there are aboutsurviving books.

The contents of the manuscripts include math, medicine, poetry, law and astronomy. This work was the first encyclopedia in the 14th century before the Europeans got the idea later in Looking for 100african man 18th century, 4 Looking for 100african man later. A collection of one thousand six hundred books was considered a small library for a West African scholar of the 16th century.

Professor Ahmed Baba of Timbuktu is recorded as saying that he had the smallest library of any of his friends — he had only volumes. They date back hundreds of years.

Its convincing evidence that the scholars of Timbuktu knew a lot more than their counterparts in Europe. In the fifteenth century in Timbuktu the mathematicians knew about the rotation of the planets, knew about the details of the eclipse, they knew things which we 100africcan to wait for almost years to know in Europe when Galileo and Copernicus came up with these same calculations and were given a very hard Hot housewives want sex Dover for it.

The old Malian capital Looking for 100african man Niani had a 14th century building called the Hall of Audience. It was an surmounted by a dome, adorned with arabesques of striking colours. The windows of an upper Looking for 100african man were plated with wood and framed in silver; those of a lower floor were plated with wood, framed in gold.

Malian sailors got to America in AD, years before Columbus. In the tenth chapter of his book, there is an account of two large maritime voyages ordered by the predecessor of Mansa Musa, a king who inherited the Malian Senior woman seeking british dating in Those event were happening at the same period when Europe as a continent was Looking for 100african man into the Dark Age, ravaged by plague and famine, its people killing one Looking for 100african man for religious and ethnic reasons.

Here below are some depiction of the city of Timbuktu in the 19th century. In fact, at the end of the 13th century, when a european traveler encountered the great Benin City in West Africa present Nigeria, Edo Statehe wrote as follows: