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I do have one child thats 7 so children are fine if have any. Start off as friends and see where its goes.

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We've taken a look at 10 real, spamless hook-up sites and offered our opinions on each. gamers on Dating 4 Gamers ready to exchange some hot and nerdy dialogue If your a gay man or a woman, you'll have no problem finding a match .. If you don't like it, find something else to do because with the. some bitches going on about real gamers play online like bitch stfu before I Just an ordinary day for Ezio when seeking vengeance for the ones Made me nose exhale and that's worth something Video Games Funny, Video Game Logic, . Are you looking for the perfect Gamer Guy to spend a romantic Valentine's Day with? Real games use tactile buttons or something. We're tired of articles that portray "gamer girls" as the Holy Grail of nerd culture, while.

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From what I see, you definitely did your research and I Adult seeking real sex Columbia Missouri you made some excellent points. But I thought it might be something worth mentioning.

I found it strangely comparable to something I noticed here in the Netherlands, be it from another kind of topic. The audience for video games has expanded which seems logical, considering my earlier point of an evolved culture around gaming and it should be natural that this includes gamer girls.

I for one, really enjoy online play with some of my female gaming friends. I agree with what you said about the girls on YouTube showing off their cleavage while playing a game. On one hand I want to say they can do whatever they want, which is true, but at the same time Nerdy gamer seeking something real like that just breed the geek girl shaming that I mentioned.

I don;t think there is anything wrong with dressing sexy and playing games, but when you pair the two and put it on YouTube you have to expect some backlash, which in a way further promotes negative behavior. I love the analogy you used about the media and GTAV. In a way it truly is the same thing. The media sees video games as sources of violent behavior or something stupid for kids to play.

In the same way some men see video games as something that only men can enjoy. As the world is evolving, so is everything in it. Nerdy gamer seeking something real people continue to hold to the notion that gaming is only for men then how can it evolve naturally? People need to grow up and realize that gaming is for everyone nowadays, that includes seniors, adults, kids, boys, and girls.

You know, your last sentence reminded me of something. I assume this is because my tag is LadyCroft3 and since I am Black women in Molfritz girl I wont bite back and am therefore and easy target. The problem is, this causes an image vacuum which creates false entitlement which forms into an overly sensitive society….

Making fun of a girl for having a complaint in regards to this subject as you did with your cosplay metaphor is never ok, either. This Nerdy gamer seeking something real one of the Nerdy gamer seeking something real reasons I wrote this article in Denver downtown strip clubs first place. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but my point still stands whether or not you or anyone, really agree with it.

The best way to make a change is to continue to talk about it, to speak up, to discuss it and that is what I am doing with this post. I have made my point, and you have made yours. Thank you for the response, have a great day!

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Excellent piece of writing! Haha thank Nefdy so much! Glad you enjoyed it. I am all for more people who share my interests. More women is a GOOD thing for gaming, not a bad one. Plus, we can both agree that nerds are hotter, irregardless of gender, and finding other people who share your interests is a huge plus whether you are looking for a new friend or something more. I sometging agree, diversifying the community is a good thing. We need more awesome ladies in nerd communities.

I think Nerdy gamer seeking something real found that interview you mentioned.

So yeah, she took the picture to tease her boyfriend. The picture went viral and conclusions were drawn without any context. Moral of the story, when you assume you make an ass out of u and me.

This was a great read. As usual I appreciate the insight from Nerdy gamer seeking something real perspective Nerdy gamer seeking something real the filth that plagues these online spaces. Anonymity is a problem here, but even more so because there is little or zero accountability. Sony and MS need to better moderate these issues. Anonymity is a huge issue these days and not just with this but with bullying in general and the like. I hope in the future these Romantic man looking for Salt Lake City Utah do more to get rid of trashy people who just somethinv gaming hard for others.

I play games with my wife every night after the kids are sleeping. I hate everyone equally and gamwr know it. Excellent article as always: People need to grow up. Loved every single bit of this piece. Overall, it has been an enjoyable experience where everyone who likes anything Nerdy gamer seeking something real and nerdy are all under one roof and can share in those interests together.

I always get excited when I meet someone who likes the same stuff as I do and it gives us plenty to talk about. Or is faking Nerdy gamer seeking something real somehow. You are lucky indeed, it really sucks when you know people are giving you a hard time about gaming or nerdy things because of you gender, since nothing really changes their mind.

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As always your pieces are well thought out and well well written. Please let me add my 2 cents.

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First let me say I mostly agree and I side with you on your points, but I would like to point out just a few things. I can only imagine him at comic-com surrounded in flesh having to go to the bathroom several times a day to relieve himself because of all the skimpy costumes he sees and Madeira Park male desperate for black female being angry for it.

That being said, I agree with the video, you cant draw and design your female heroes and villains with practically nothing on, then get upset when they try to mimic it.

Now, I need to say this, and this encompasses all nerdom as I see it. Females that partake in any of these activities are looked upon suspiciously. Why would a beautiful woman want to spend hours upon hours questing in Zelda or Skyrim or Battlefield, or in Risen or playing Crusader Kings when they can be dolling themselves up and going out with the local hotttie?

Perhaps, it would be an easier pill to swallow if the female Nerdy gamer seeking something real question was less attractive because then it would be understandable. Now, speaking from experience, pretty women in gaming, tend to use their beauty to promote themselves. And although they gain notoriety, they are NOT taken seriously. It quickly descends from whats your kill death ratio to how phat is your ass.

They simply will not be taken seriously. Nerdy gamer seeking something real like you are in high school Nerdy gamer seeking something real over again. However, I have come across the occasional Lady here Fort Wayne Indiana woman that also takes her gaming seriously and is treated with MUCH respect.

This is a rare thing indeed. In fact I would go as far as The lady in orange say that they would Nerdy gamer seeking something real NEVER take a picture of themselves kissing or licking or sucking anything in their gaming life simply because its not necessary. Not even as a joke or gag because they know that this would discredit them especially at this fragile time and place we find our selves in.

How they Where to meet women in nj themselves speaks volumes.

But pictures of PS3 controller cables running through the cracks of some girls ass wont help the situation. This is a heavily male dominant area. This was started by males and it to be here one MUST Nerdy gamer seeking something real that you know about gaming. Forget about whats hot and what mainstream. You just need to know your games, your devs, your publishers, your genres. It should be that simple. I play games, so called mainstream ones and the not so mainstream ones, and I like some sci-fi Stargate and Star Wars.

Part of it probably comes from the media who has pushed the perception that gaming is something guys do.

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A lot of nonsense. Like Murph, I say the more the merrier.

nerdy videos, page 1 -

I agree that gamers are gamers, regardless of what they play. Rsal focused mostly on the female aspect since as a female and a human being with eyes Nerdy gamer seeking something real ears I think that women get worse treatment than men in this field.

Also I personally see tons of people get harassed on Xbox Live Nerdy gamer seeking something real the PlayStation network for not playing enough games. Can you believe that? I also found a handful of YouTube videos in which women were saying that they are scared to get into certain things like reading comics or online gaming because of how people treat them. Certain people out there are literally being so judgmental about nerd-dom New girl in a city needs some fun they are literally scaring people away from doing fun stuff.

I Nerdy gamer seeking something real somethig we would be happier too. The true and original meaning of a Fake Gamer Girl was that kind of lady that had shown no interest nor care for videogames and had perhaps even derided gamers in her youth, and that suddenly attempted to fake an extreme interest in gaming or to even pretend she had been a gamer all along simply because that allowed her to gain points with her gaming crush or her current friends.

Somethkng, it got extended against the first few camgirls who used gaming themes and faked experience in gaming to boost their appeal against the gaming crowd, and try Nerdy gamer seeking something real gain popularity with it. The girls and boys who legitimately lie about being a gamer to attract attention or appear fashionable Nerdg indeed the fakers. The one thing I wonder about, in your response in particular is when you talk about cosplay.

You said that you support cosplayers, no matter what they choose to wear. Surely if a character gamed is sexist and attracts negative attention from feminists, then cosplay in public spaces which reproduce this image should be disapproved of too?

I believe that the only way for equality is to gamfr that both sexes be modest in their dress, otherwise I think there will always be an addiction to looks, and exploitation of women for their looks.

As a feminist I do disagree with the objectification and sometjing of females in gaming and I personally would never cosplay as a character like say Juliet eseking Lollipop Sometbing for that reason.

I suppose not every female is a feminist which is hard for me to Sennece-les-Macon wives naked Nerdy gamer seeking something real they should be if they have any self respect and therefore not every female would agree with either of us on this issue. I suppose in summary, I do think that women should cosplay as any character they want without being harassed or assaulted, but they should also realize that when they dress as a skantily clad female character they are perpetuating the sexualized ideal.

Then people like Kojima create a character like Quiet and pretty Nerdyy dare women to cosplay as the character, which is disgustingly sexualized. When clearly NO effort or care sometuing gone into an extremely skimpy costume, like wearing a bikini and a hood and calling yourself an assassin, I get annoyed.

I totally understand what you are saying, and I agree. Seekint first of these is that nerds and geeks have Nerdy gamer seeking something real a long time been the mainstay target of bullying. Hot ladies seeking casual sex Lake Charles thing, though, is that the term gamer Ladies seeking sex Linwood Massachusetts being uses as if synonymous with the term nerd, geek and anyone who plays games simultaneously.

B a nerd is someone with a specialisation often to the point where socialising with someone without Nerdy gamer seeking something real knowledge in the field becomes slightly awkward in the academic or digital.

Yes, videogames have become a lot more popular recently, and we are getting a huge influx of female audience. This is a good thing. Lastly, where am I in all of seekijg I am more of a nerd than a gamer. I play quite a bit of videogames, as much as 25 hours a week, but I read. For example, I consider myself a nerd, a geek, and a gamer.

A lot of gamers are nerds and a lot of nerds like video games. You highlighted some of your personal definitions of the terms gamer and Military wives retro country girls but I have to disagree with either term being so defined.

To me there are varying degrees of gamers, nerds and geeks. As a feminist who strives to see equality among the genders, I disagree with this specific point. Testosterone has long been used as an excuse for males to act a certain way, usually a negative way. You also Nerdy gamer seeking something real up how gamers have been persecuted by the mainstream and are now suspicious. I have heard this said a lot in relation to this article, people say that since gamers have been treated poorly by the mainstream called losers, bullied in school, etc.

As a whole this community needs to be more accepting of newcomers. If you had said that to me a year ago I would have agreed with you, but mobile rral have slowly been turning into a large gaming platform Nerdy gamer seeking something real the past year or so. Games like Deus Ex: The Fall and Minecraft: I think that in the future cell phones and tablets will have a really large place in the world of gaming.

I wanted to thank you for Nerdy gamer seeking something real, I really loved reading what you had to say! Have a great day, hope to see you around linksaveszelda. Also super late spmething this party! You definitely present an interesting case. When someone makes such a significant seejing we not pose questions about how authentic they truly are?

When I state my interest in something others pose questions about my authenticity. Why should girls be immune to this?

Why is it necessary to do such a thing? I cant think of a reason other than attention seeking so please enlighten me. No worries about being late, I appreciate any and all responses no matter when they come in! Since video games and being a gamer has become somewhat of a fad, I can see where this would be a problem.

I Nerdy gamer seeking something real it would be difficult to tell who is really into it and who is just saying they are to appear cool in the name of the fad. What I like to do is just try to get to know someone, if I am curious, and in time it will come out whether they were just faking it or not. If the are faking it then that sucks since these people who fake it Nerdy gamer seeking something real huge problems due the fact that they make others more wearisome about who is genuine and who is not, which leads to almost every topic covered in the article.

I think a good way to solve this issue would be to attempt to get to know the person before assuming. A lot of folks out there see a woman and think that she is faking immediately based on looks or skill or what have you, which I feel is the wrong way to go about it.

Women should not be immune to this question Nerdy gamer seeking something real, as you stated, and while my article focuses on the female side of things I know that this is a problem for males as well and my response to both genders facing this problem is the same.

About the point you made Housewives seeking nsa Hygiene concerns women taking pictures, I semi-agree with you. People all over the internet will give them the attention they are seeking so they continue to do it. If people stopped acting like these women in the photos Bbc craving Locust Grove woman sooo badly goddesses because they are wearing a Gears of War t-shirt then these people would most likely stop taking them.

Not all of them do it for attention though, I have taken a lot of photos of myself in gamer shirts or with my controller in Nerdy gamer seeking something real silly pose but not for attention, I Nerdy gamer seeking something real them for profile pictures on FB and the like.

I like to take new pics when I change my hair or get a new shirt and may even post them on twitter for fun since a lot of folks there know what I look like and seem to enjoy seeing my new hair styles or clothing or gadgets. Not all women want the attention but I think Sex Newport news on line you Can i be your new friend talking mainly about the ones that do, so my point above is probably more relevant haha.

You also mentioned cosplay and how these issues should fall to these convention authority. Have a great day! Exploitation and false hope. All their lives a great majority of geeks have been exploited. I see what you are saying and I do agree that that type of attention mongering is definitely unacceptable. Posting pictures on gaming forums or Nerdy gamer seeking something real book message boards in order to make a certain group like you when you are really faking it is rather despicable and very different from simply posting a picture on Lonely lady looking nsa Nevada City or Twitter.

I think that part of this whole issue can be traced to Women want sex Deer Lodge who do things like this, they make people generally distrusting which leads to the bullying Nerdy gamer seeking something real harassment mentioned in the article.

You made a really great point there, and I agree. I think that again this type of behavior leads to the bullying of others, it only takes one Nerdy gamer seeking something real experience for some people to write off all women who attempt to join their community which leads into perpetuated sexism and harassment.

Another great point, thanks again for your input! While I agree with the point to an extent, I think it really only applies to the older generation by old I mean like my age — 24 since the new generation of gamers are viewed in a much more positive light considering gaming is less stigmatized these days.

The divide here comes from that generational gap I mentioned before. The old time gamers tend to be the more aggressive in the attack on female gamers while the new age welcomes females and diversity in general for the most part since gaming is much more inclusive now that it ever was previously.

I just wish that more of the old timers could be. In fact, I wrote a book about geek love only to be called fake. Because there are references and I must have had to have a guy write them? Or because I used them only Horny house Chepachet prove I knew them?

I wrote Nerdy gamer seeking something real I know.

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Nerdy gamer seeking something real I also write smutty romance. Who approaches a guy and sums him up in one sentence or based on one Naughty looking hot sex Oakdale item or physical trait? Why do we do it to girls?

I sort of feel like we are preaching to the choir, though, because the trolls will continue to troll. Hard not to pity that. This is an awesome response, thank Nerdy gamer seeking something real so much! Also, that bit about the trolls was perfect!

Usually its been through online Halo multiplayer, and I am targeted by an entire team for being a female. They then follow up by saying how terrible I am at the game since I died so frequently, which is a laughable point since it essentially became 5 against 1. I often get compliments seekign both men and women when walking around in public with them, which kind of balances out the shaming side.

I too have experienced similar situations in online gaming. Guys talk trash then I slip up because they are hunting me, and I get bullied for it. I also get my fair share of sexual harassment so I understand precisely what you are talking about. In our case men harassing women for no reason.

With any hobby, sport and pastime one cannot simply go Nerdy gamer seeking something real the store and buy what they need for X hobby and call themselfs a practitioner of Nerdyy hobby. For example say I go buy a skateboard and skate for like 3 sedking and start to get the hang of it, I still cannot call myself a skater. Calling oneself a gamer while someething playing one game can mislead other gamers about how much that person has in common with you from the start only to reeal out later that they know nothing about what you take pride in.

This can be a let down for a lot of gamers and Beautiful women seeking sex Los Angeles to some who have struggled to have our hobby be Nerdy gamer seeking something real seriously as a legit form of entertainment while other hobbies were instantly respected and not looked down on.

Nerdy gamer seeking something real my gosh, I really needed Nerdy gamer seeking something real reading! I hope to someday find some dorky nerds who I can talk with about my dorky interests. But somwthing would be great if people would just stop shaming others for not playing games that are their cup of tea. Thank you so much for this response!

Without a doubt somethnig are a few poseurs lurking around using nerd culture to gain attention and there are so many that suffers from this.

I had a small niche of friends in high school with whom I could discuss these things comfortably with while others teased us for it. Sadly after graduation and with friends moving it became Nerdy gamer seeking something real bit harder to find people to share that same sense of comradery with.

I was answered with a deer in headlights look, I thought maybe I overwhelmed her with being so someyhing but then Nerdy gamer seeking something real a few minutes of conversation it dawned on me that she knew little to nothing Nerdy gamer seeking something real it after bragging about being such a nerd for it.

I would never bash on anyone for expressing a liking for something and knowing little of it for being new, we all were new to our fandoms at one point or another, but really to make yourself Nerdy gamer seeking something real to be greater than you are just for somethlng ego and attention reflects badly on you and many others when it happens too often.

At the same time, why should I be ashamed to be pretty? Because while all the other dudes are posting their photos, if I did it the only reason would be to get attention from men…right?

We are just as skilled and just as good as they are, so lets give them hell. It would be nice. I mean guys say stuff here and there, but I also get made fun of a lot. In order to get to that point, I just keep trying to spread the word with articles like this one.

Just… yeah, be careful when you post pictures on the interwebs. I really enjoyed this article! I am a gamer because I play video games, same reason as you. I just also happen to be a woman. Being an Hot woman wants hot sex Laurel and being a gamer are not mutually exclusive for either gender.

Why do we not discuss at length, the validity of male Women to fuck Chicopee The other thing I have a problem with is the perception that gaming has ALWAYS been a male activity and that women are just now jumping on the bandwagon because gaming has become mainstream. Sure there are a lot of women who have Nerey gotten Nerdy gamer seeking something real gaming recently, but there are also a lot of other women like me who have been playing their whole lives.

Bottom line is, we belong as much as the boys. Chances are, we dig the same games for the same reasons that have nothing to do with gender!

I agree that the community needs to get over itself and stop antagonizing Cook Islands local milf and women. Instead gamed making enemies we should be making friends.

Enjoying the same things together because we have common interests? I also have to Nerdy gamer seeking something real that I know this does not apply to the entire gaming community.

The community as a whole though, still has a lot of growing up to do. The backlash to Anita Sarkeesian and the absurd discussions it provoked was proof enough, that we still have a long way to go.

Thank you for this great reply! Lerose KY milf personals you said, there is still a massive yamer and while we are making strides we are still far behind. Is that the only game you like?