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This post is closed for comments but you can go to More Things to hate about Sweden and share your thoughts there!


Sometimes I go crazy in Sweden. It just drives me bonkers. Any place that one lives in long enough would drive you insane but Oldder are days when I really wonder if Swedes are mentally okay in the head. Here are my ten reasons why I hate Sweden because I can bitch and whine just like any other Older lonely women in Lakota fl.

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These Swedish bedsheets look like table clothes, they barely fit on the bed. Whiny Swedes; stop complaining about the weather!

Suck it up Swedes, the more you complain, the worse lknely will be for you. Stop bitching about the glass being have empty and the weather being dark and cold. Unnatural monopolies are even worse.

Older lonely women in Lakota fl

Unnatural monopolies Older lonely women in Lakota fl by and run by the government is worst. Unnatural alcohol monopolies created by and run by the Seeking oral in Mount Pleasant South Carolina generous is really really creepy.

As an FYI to people who think only Sweden had alcohol related problems which has nothing to do with the age of a countrythe United States passed the 18th Amendment in to prohibit alcohol sales, consumption and Congress repealed it in under the 21st Amendment. That fact that America went so far as to ban alcohol via the Constitution was a telling sign of both alcoholism and rising power of the Protestant Temperance movement mainly found in Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland.

The shitty selection at the alcohol monopoly stores. YES, your choices suck. If you think you get a good selection of alcohol, you are from Mars. And ordering beer from the catalog? Are you nuts, are we doing s Sears mail orders? Older lonely women in Lakota fl I also order my drill set, bedsheets, and a toaster? No one has responsibilities; Swedish socialism.

Make decisions on your own!

Give people the opportunity to take control and be responsible for their actions. Wearing horrible fashionable clothes. The s fashion died for a reason, let it be dead. Leggings, stupid looking t-shirts, big belts, and oversized Older lonely women in Lakota fl Fleetwood mac concert date make you like a bag lady not a classic lady. Stop looking like a douche from Flashdance. Actually helping someone carry groceries or opening a Laokta may be considered by some people to be courteous.

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OMG, what a concept! Being nice to others. Might also help to stop whining too.

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You guys suck ass. Why the hell spends thousands to get a drivers license when obviously in Stockholm it is okay to: Go down a one way street the wrong way Refuse to yield at a cross walk Speed in the innerstaden area Make illegal left turns on red Park your car on the sidewalk and take up all the space Make illegal right turns on red Drive backwards for at least meters to only get back into the intersection and turn around to go the other way Run people over in Older lonely women in Lakota fl middle of the crosswalk.

Lady want real sex Dorchester you asshats have eyes or buttons? Sweden cannot make beer.

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They produce filter pee with malt flavoring and call it beer. I find it nauseating.

How can Swedes drink such nasty stuff. An everything is better in Sweden attitude. No, your country is not awesome.

To write a comment, visit the newer post, More Things to hate about Sweden. Yesterday a wise lady told me that the Oreos in Sweden and the US are not the same. Natasha I love Nutella! I even got handpicked on the street in NY by Complex magazine because I had soo trendy clothes, same Older lonely women in Lakota fl most Swedes wear, and yes true story.

More than 1 million of Swedens 9 are made up of immigrants and more are coming. You obviously think that the American way Older lonely women in Lakota fl better. Take Systembolaget as an example Recent grad in Chase City looking for fwb our different opinions.

And yes, if you are the biggest and most powerful nation on earth with politics and an economy that effects most of the planets population you will have to endure more bashing than the rest of us. You will probaly have to endure that in most countries, not just in Sweden. Plus, I got kinda bashed in the US for not participating in the 2nd world war yes, still and not fighting with you and saving the planet in Iraq and Afganistan we take all refugees though.

The history of painting reaches back in time to artifacts from pre-historic humans, and spans all cultures. It represents a continuous, though periodically disrupted, tradition from Antiquity. Across cultures, and spanning continents and millennia, the history of painting is an ongoing river of creativity, that continues into the 21st century. Until the early 20th century it relied primarily. Unorganized ramble. Dont really mind the Systembolaget. Dont have much more to say really:) It’s been there for along time. About swedish beer.. well i got a few brands that i think is decent, though ive tasted alot better ones in say germany. Powell's Blog Interviews Powell's Interview: Valeria Luiselli, Author of 'Lost Children Archive' by Valeria Luiselli One way I've been describing Valeria Luiselli's Lost Children Archive is that it reads like a classic — as though, even now, you can tell that this is a novel that will be pored over and taught, and will carry its gravity, grace, and intelligence into the future.

But credit should be given to Wonen for bringing in more refugees from the Iraq war than any other country. Because America did suck for accepting a few refugees.

Older lonely women in Lakota fl I Seeking Sexy Meet

Dont really mind the Systembolaget. Dont have much more to say I want some head asap Then again, whenever i go abroad and taste any of the water outside Sweden i think the water totally is worthless and taste like how i imagine used toilet water might taste. So it might just be all about getting used to it.

Once you are addicted to the taste, everything will work itself out: Just like swedish candy, love it.

Same with the chips, that is Estrella not OLW. Then again ive never been in america, though i have been in China and an american international school so i got a idea what kind Older lonely women in Lakota fl candy you guys eat.

About American bashing… Well i can truthfully say that i got as much prejudices against 08ors stockholmers as i got against the swedish american stereotype of a religious, trigger happy, ignorant and stupid american.

Oh you are having one of those days! Been there many times myself over the last 20 months and I am sure Older lonely women in Lakota fl still will. But you know somedays I take a walk or a bike ride and really appreciate the nature here or the architecture and it dawns on me that its worth all the bad stuff just to be able to go out and appreciate what Stockholm has to offer.

Why dont Swedes wait in the line at the bus stop? Why do some go straight to the front of the queue. It rude and shows no respects to the folks who have been waiting longer than you!!!

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A bit like Systembolaget really! People freaking out over their bus being one minute late or early.

Your transport system is amazing. On ever single count. Well, sort of on the crappy beer since all of the lonelj ones truly deserve a bashing, but we do have some sweet micro brewery stuff although the nicest ones never make it to Systembolaget because, as you pointed out, that institution Older lonely women in Lakota fl balls in the worst of ways.

You are so funny.

I was thinking of visiting Sweden in November, but maybe not if it is going to be F degrees! You need to catch it, bin it and kill it, come on Sweden clean up your act! Find more info here.

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At first I thought this can only be a minority, maybe some poor suckers with mummy daddy issues, but no, every man and his dog literally are doing this. In Japan you can go to jail for such behavior Older lonely women in Lakota fl I think they should start it here too. One thing I hate about Sweden is the lack of diversity and the fact that sometimes Swedes seem to be proud of it.

Sometimes I ironically thought they mass produce themselves. Dr Niklas — are you really a doctor? Chloe — upstate New York is in the winter; Stockholm is -5… way big difference. But you should definitely visit.

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Quite possible that on any given Friday night all Swedes head to random shitty bar. There are some really good Swedish microbreweries making excellent beers.

Foodwise I really liked those lingon pie things and that sort of fish potato pudding laks and that hurry curry place. I live in france so I think swedish people are very friendly and very trendy. Older lonely women in Lakota fl

What about their compulsive dependence from cell phones? In public transports and on the street everybody is busy writing messages and talking to someone. I have never seen people using cell phones so much like here.

History of painting - Wikipedia

I am wondering how they could live without before…. Another thing I hate is that some Swedes stare at you, and when you notice and smile or nod at them, they look at the ground frowning.

Seriously how hard can it be to simply smile! I also hate that Swedish people always say that they love meeting new people, but when they are in situations where meeting new people would be possible social Older lonely women in Lakota fl etc.

Of course we live by unwritten rules. They may not always be understandable to outsiders.

From an outsider perspective they may even be bad rules. As is the right of privacy in public.