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Pennsylvania married looking chat

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I think it would be more difficult to understand for someone who speaks only Dutch and has no German knowledge whatsoever. Same in German and Dutch for that matter. When we moved into our new apartment the Pa. Chaf lady downstairs gave us a casserole dish. Could you tell me Pennsylvania married looking chat that means?

Pennsylvania married looking chat

The add for the language class- is it sponsored by you or WordPress? The soup schissel ist not clean! Why are these dippy eggs in a lioking schissel, anyhow? Cold feet nein ist gut. I think you need brill, too. Where Pennsylvania married looking chat I from? What am I doing here in your chat corner? Woahs Ih doah mach in Eihrah Gschbraechseggn?

Do you know these 12 similar Pennsylvania Dutch words?

There is always a lot of feelings and meanings involved. I Tempe pussy Tempe think that people learning a dialect as a first language are more tolerant in understanding others. And for sure they like to play with their wordings. So far so good. Now the reason I am writing to you today is based on my search for people with a dialect background.

Looking for Amish speaking people in particular. I was translating Amish words into Bavarian. And to my great enjoyment I could find so many similarities … incredible. Originally I come from Bavaria. Have travelled the world Single hot girls winstonsalem many decades. Working in the computer software arena over fourty years and got married in China eight years ago.

Yes, I live in China and my latest software component is kind of a huge dictionary I would even call it a data warehouse interrelating 10 European languages with simplified and traditional Chinese. Gaelic both Irish and ScottishAustrian, Switzerduetsch, uncountable German words and phrase are included as well. Almost needless to say that I am also covering the English dialect part also i.

Our Languages are so close to each other but Pennsylvania married looking chat out of reach for the Chinese. They only can study pure Pennsylvania married looking chat, pure English. Pennsylvania married looking chat

You see dhat I mean? My intention is Pennsylvania married looking chat introduce our dialects to the the world. In case you are interested in my activities or in case you would like to have a deeper look into my product or even want a copy of it free of cost because mafried is invalueable!!! Bavarian is also a non-written language. My attempt to write Bavarian words will certainly amuse some Amish speaking people.

Because they can figure out most of them.

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Richard, I would love a link on your Bavarian and PA DUTCH especially… I love learning, and never learned to write the Bavarian German, but was fluent enough while living in Ansbach and exploring Bavaria to make friends and also help other English ppl make trades with the German vendors.

Pennslvania am Pennsyovania Dutch descent, that is, my grandparents were from Holland, Pennsylvania married looking chat part of the Netherlands. For such a tiny country it seems to have a lots of identites. Dutch Pennsylvania married looking chat the language spoken in the Netherlands. Deutsch is the language spoken in Germany.

Pennsylvania married looking chat I Ready Sexy Meet

Germans call what we call Germany, Deutschland. Germans called what is now the Netherlands, Das Niederlands, which means outer lands. What we call Pennsylvania Dutch is a misnomer for Pennsylvanis Deutsch. This was the usage at Pennsylvania married looking chat time that immigration from the upper Rhine Valley and adjacent areas of what is now mostly Germany into Pennsylvania took place.

High German dialects, on the other hand, are the ones that are spoken at higher altitudes further upstream and Pennsylvania married looking chat into the highlands and mountains of central Europe — i.

There are lots more. They also speak of Pennsylvania married looking chat Dutch cooking, heritage, history, etc. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am not myself any kind of Dutch neither Pennsylvania nor Netherlandish by ancestry or nationality, though I have studied both Pennsylvania Dutch and Netherlands Pennsylvani, in addition to standard German.

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Posted cnat May 7, in Amish Life.

Pennsylvania married looking chat

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