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Posted by bandiet 13 yrs ago I was talking to a chinese girl the other day and she asked Chiha this question. I told her a slut was a woman who engaged in casual sex.

But then she said nearly all western women seemed to engage in casual sex as far as she could tell. Then I told fucj it was a woman who had had many sexual partners. So she asked if angelina jolie was a slut then, cos she had been with a good few men.

Now i dont know what fuc slut is anymore either, but i do know very few women regard themselves as sluts. Madders 13 yrs ago steady on there setanta, you sound as if you have had a bad experience, dont let this cloud your judgement of women.

I am a slut.

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Or A woman prostitute. Come to think of it, the term may apply to men as well; - basis, sexual promiscuity.

I have heard people using that on men now. For men, a slut is any female who is more sexually experienced than the man and where the man is worried that his performance doesn't match her previous lovers. To a man, a slut is also any woman who sleeps with a lot of men but refuses to touch him with a ten-foot barge pole.

A biatch sleeps with everyone BUT you. To me, a slut is someone, EITHER sex, who sleeps with anyone they want, regardless of their relationship status, and has little or no regard for their feelings.

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But I kn an exceptional slut but I have not slept with everyone, yet. And I do agree that most men are proud of their insults where alot of woman would be hurt. It's amazing most of you guys don't even know,just think about when you used fjck Sluts to fuck in China - Hong Kong it. It's not just because a women sleeping around millions do secretly or in the Blonde looking for mature man with man and or women.

Don't you say all the time to just about anybody who is sloppy,dirty,unorganiced,bad manners etc???

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No matter you say it to a man or a women,this fit's anybody who fit in this picture. This is the american way at least.

You guys must be from other countries or out of this world? But I am a proud slut and slutty behaviour actually keeps others from other 'sluts' I think I know what I am trying to say maybe something along the lines that Jerry Hall used to say before she found out he was indeed a slut Vulvic 13 yrs ago Some very good points posted above.

Centuries ago they used to be called 'witches'. The name may have changed but the intent and purpose remains the same. What saddens me is to hear women call other women 'sluts'. I think I'm a male one: That's a new one to me.

I like the sound of Strumpet. It's got a shakespearian ring to it. H 13 Hobg ago the word slut is a family of words however the true mean which is only related to sex outside of marriage is basically desires Penis massage Eupora Mississippi their hearts male and female to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another sexual immorality and debauchery.

I hope you have a better understanding now. Fanatical Support 13 yrs ago Are you talking about harlots? H 13 yrs ago Ti the subject was about the meaning word Slut Harlots is somthing totally different http: Tana 13 yrs ago A male slut is a stud.

H 13 yrs ago family of words? You must be logged in to be able to reply.

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