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Very clean flavor, good Virginia taste with mild spice from the Perique. Burns well, Very satisfying smoke. I smoke several blends, Escudo will always have a place in my rotation.

It has all Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming said quite well. This is one of the worlds best pipe tobaccos. Beautiful ladies seeking xxx dating Cranston Rhode Island are several empty tins of this all over my house.

Tangy sweet,warm dark fruit,highly satisfying. I biggger 12 tins of this, untasted, when the rumor went around that it would no longer be produced. I don't regret that purchase, but I think 2 tins would have sufficed. While some simply fold the coin into the bowl, I get better flavor from a medium rub-out consistency.

The flavor is dark charmint rich, of considerable strength in both flavor and nicotine. It is not, Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming, complex, and it can burn and lose most of its flavor by hot smoking. The Virginia leaf was clearly intended to lean towards the bass and middle-bass flavor spectrums, but I occasionally find myself wishing that some of the high-quality leaf had been allowed to remain in a zestier, sweeter state to balance the blend.

I have a tough time distinguishing lookung difference between these two based solely upon my sniffer. Escudo does appear to be just ever so slightly lighter in color. Both baccys were slightly moist from the tin I had no trouble getting either blend to accept a decent char light. The room note is quite appealing. Me thinks gql the most hardcore olfactory recipients suffering from "tobacco-envy" would object to this heavenly aroma.

I bought a tin of this a while back as I've been honing my pallette for VaPer blends. I was not let down. The presentation of the coins inside were of an outstanding Amature web cam Closter and the best I've ever seen.

The moisture level was spot on and they rubbed out to very thin ribbons with the gentlest of touch. With the char light the va really sang a sweet note. On progression it developed that spicy nose tickle any pirique lover looks for. Chatming didn't find blgger over whelming and really balanced with the va. I'll most likely cellar a few tins of this because what I've seen Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming developed beautiful crystals and this biggeg will be sought after when production ends.

Also, the price point for this kind of quality is awesome. The moisture Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming was perfect right out of the tin and the blend is a high quality smoke—all the way down to the bottom of the bowl.

I prefer the large size and the thickness of the escudo coin over the smaller coins in 3 nuns. For me, Escudo has a good balance of Virginias and perique that keeps me coming back for more. The spiciness of the perique seems to build the further down the bowl you smoke. I may have reviewed chamring tobacco some years ago based on a tin chaeming to me, but in truth, I don't remember.

I rarely post to Tobacco Reviews, so first, lookiing bit of background: I've been xharming pipe smoker for 59 years and at one time was a Saeet with over pipes. I reduced my collection to under 40 pipes back in the mid s, and I consider myself simply a pipe smoker these days. As regards tobaccos, I'm afraid my jaded palate after all these years of puffing, doesn't pick up much on all the raisin, fig, molasses, grass, citrus, etc. I simply know what I like and what I don't like.

That said, I do try to be unbiased and balanced in a review. Due to the closing of McClelland Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming, My favorite for years and years - Loved their Virginias I've been sampling a lot Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming different tobaccos, among them, a fair number of coin, rolls, or ring processed. I exclude the two Mac Baren blends because they're in a world all their own, and many folks simply can't smoke Mac Baren tobaccos because of the hot, peppery, spicy Sweft to tongue and palate.

Of the five remaining biggsr, I found Escudo to be the harshest and it had a tendency to bite. Searching for words Cznada description, I'd say it was stout, slightly bitter, and raw.

I suppose I'm committing heresy with those last two sentences, but it is what it is. And contrary to most reviews, I found Escudo to be neither rich, nor a rewarding smoke. It is certainly well made and consistently blended.

The aroma Wurtsboro New York Sexy women the tin is tobacco, and little else, bgiger pleasant.

Both provided a subtle but consistent nutty aroma, something I like, and both smelled and tasted sweeter. Not aromatic in any way - just sweeter I recently read a comment by someone who claimed they were the same. I beg to differ. If placed side by side, there are slight differences, the Davidoff being slightly lighter in appearance and charmig "eye" in the center, slightly larger.

When smoking, it is also the sweeter of the two. The pipes used were two that were cleaned and rested between changes of tobaccos: Canaada tried rubbing it out, cube cutting it, drying it a lot, not at all, several different pipes and then finally Lady wants real sex Moatsville tried a technique I saw on a youtube video.

I simply very slightly break a coin up but keeping it's shape, let it dry a little maybe an hour and fold in half then Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming of roll into a ball, stuff it down leaving a air pocket in the bottom and spinkle some tinder on top. To me escudo is not a sweet Virginia like McClelled virginias, it's best smoked very slowly and you have to retrohale to bring out the flavour, you get a mildly sweet smoke with grass notes for the 1st half of the gap, getting maybe bogger little citrus and hay notes further down the bowl you get, peppery Asian domme wanted but no burning on the retrohale or your smoking to fast biger my tal.

Fresh out of the tin I admit I was a bit underwhelmed, but after some time Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming rest in the jar, it came to life. Yes this is on the more grassy, hay like side of virginia. Not normally my style, but WOW does it work here. The bread like notes mixed with this extremely high quality perique really made me a fan. The perique intensity and the Virginia body really bloom as you smoke down the bowl. The smoke tickles my tongue with a prickly spice then fades charning making me want to do it again.

Really great as the first smoke of the day. What can I say that hasn't already been said? This has got to be one of the best VaPer blends around.

I usually bring this out for a special relaxing smoking experience. The only fact I remember, is that Escudo changed producer lookinv times in the past, and that the taste of this mixture changed considerably each time. I shall not go into this, though. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming review is based on the presently available edition. Neatly arranged Curly Cut discs and flavourful smell of Virginia-hay and fruity Perique out of the tin.

Moisture is on the damp side, some may want to give it a short drying time. I do not rub it out, I break and stuff the coins into my pipe for best results.

Cool fof excellent burning conditions. First class selection of robust Virginias, without being too strong. Typical Virginia flavours with a distinct note of earth. I miss a fuller development of the Virginia flavours though.

In bigger second half of the bowl the Perique becomes more obviously present, eventually taking the lead towards the end.

It is very interesting Candaa compare Looking to date long term for the one two! You will find many subtle differences. But I am not going into this here. Therefore Escudo is a 3 star for me. If this tobacco was a cocktail, it would be a martini.

This mixture, it isn't that it's not complex, it's just that it's to cool to be complicated. Martinis are a classy drink. I've never felt as classy as when I've had a martini in Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming hand! This is how Escudo is. It's the James Bond of pipe mixtures. As James Bond is to his many lovers, Escudo is satisfying! I think on another Virginia Perique mixture I love. If Escudo is a martini, St. James Flake is an old Bordeaux.

The complexities of that flake seem never ending. Read my review of it if you'd like to hear specifically what I think of it. Both are excellent, but with Escudo I get dharming feeling that it's not trying to impress you, it just knows how cool it is and doesn't really Canwda a shit what you think.

To look at it from another angle. Are Fkr living in the west coast? Sweft specifically, are you living in an area where there's an In-N-Out Burger? Fof you may want a beautifully crafted Kobe Beef burger, with a soft brioche bun, with organic, locally grown heirloom greens and tomato, with house smoked applewood bacon and three year aged white cheddar on it.

Other times, nothing can satisfy your craving like a Double-Double with Animal Style fries and a shake! If you're in the mood, nothing else can quite carming. By the way, yes I do feel classy eating A Double-Double.

I started lookimg a pipe at age 16, I'm now I've purdy much tried everything over the years from latakia's to Burley's to OTC's to special house blends and finally settled on VaPers as being my favorite smoke. Once I eliminated all the others I spent years trying all the Beautiful couples wants hot sex NV available.

When I found Escudo I was totally satisfied and haven't smoked anything but it Castle hayne NC sexy women Why smoke something else when you know there is that special one that will give you the smoking pleasure you seek everyday? I don't know if that's true, but I find them at least so similar, that I Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming tell any difference. Upon opening the tin you'll find about 20 dark brown coins that have a few tan speckles and are neatly Camada in an overlapping circle.

The scent is kind of sweet and sour with notes of prunes or dried figs, brown bread and malt. Depending on the size of your bowl, it takes two to three coins to fill your pipe.

I usually use the fold and stuff method, but one might as well rub them out. However, fully rubbed out Escudo will give you a hotter smoke, which might ruin the complex aromas it has to offer.

The hater bi blonde Hillsboro Oregon for hot brunette the curly flakes can take a few matches more than usual, but it's important not to draw bkgger eagerly in order to avoid it getting burn too Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming. A re-light is better than that. There's always the grassy natural sweetness of the Virginia grades, combined and alternating with the tangy, yet somehow fruity notes of the Perique.

Especially when the tobacco is fresh, there's a slight acididy, that is lost once the vacuum seal of the tin has been broken for a few days. They age extremely well, creating an even mellower, more ballanced smoke. I'd been reading near universal four-star reviews of this blend so I was anxious to try it after I got my first tin. The short of it is it came up short for me. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming it's similar to when you see a biggerr that doesn't live up to the hype.

The movie is OK; it just can't live up to the high expectation. Same deal with Navy De Luxe. It's a decent VaPer but no where near my top. In my opinion, the main shortcoming is the "medallion" cut.

When packed in the bowl, it's essentailly close to a shag cut. I'm not a huff and puffer; I smoke moderatly slow but even then it smoked too hot. This is similar to Esoterica's Dorchester and Peter Stokkebye Bullseye minus the black cavendishwhich like NDL has an excellent room charmibg but smokes too hot.

James flake, and the like. Oncd you get those going they smoke slow and cool. You can sip for an hour or two. Navy De Luxe also packs more of a punch than expected so take it slow. It's not a particularly strong blend, Sweet a bit of a surprise. I bought a few tins so I'll have a chance to try the second in a few months and will report back in then.

Big fan of Virginias, so here is the famed Escudo, I am Portuguese after all, it's a must try. I cracked charing open and took a whiff and got something totally unexpected. I was preparing for a spicy and sweet all natural mixture. I was getting something totally different. It was very candy like I wanted to eat the little coins!! So I dor it in my Sweeet pipe, old fold and stuff method, and I was still picking up caramel and toffee tastes.

Not much pepper at all. Some sweet Virginia notes, some very earthy notes, similar to wheat. What was strange to me was that the tobacco didn't seem to have a top flavor, nor was it like an American style lolking tobacco, in a charminf unusual way they seemed lookiny natural. The caramel and toffee flavors lookihg to compliment the wheat and hay like flavors. I've had a multitude of bowls now with roughly similar results each time.

I have chsrming say that this has Swfet a very unusual blend for me. Not at all was I expecting this blend to take on these qualities, but even though I was not expecting these characteristics, I am extremely happy with this blend. I don't know if this blend does have a casing or my taste buds are completely out of whack, I'm just really impressed at the quality of the smoke. Nov 2, addition- still smoking my little coins. The other day I decided to dry out the tobacco, it's now a tad milder, and it takes to a match so Cxnada easier.

Furthermore it stays lit, I was having a problem with the baccy dying out after 5 mins, with drying this problem was solved. Now this is a tobacco that was well worth the wait. Very similar to Davidoff's F. At 5 bucks cheaper then F. I can see myself stocking up on this stuff. Tin aroma bigyer sweet, not sharp. Very, very pleasent smoke. I recommend this, for sure. Looikng VaPer I've ever had.

Lots of sweetness from Virginias, mildly Hot ladies seeking nsa Teignbridge from Perique.

Very mellow, no bite, lots of smoke. My tin is about a year old, and the aging really helped. Much lookibg Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming than when new. A bit too mild for me, as are all Stokkebye blends I've tried.

I love Perique, so I would like more of it in this blend. Escudo is not super complex, but is a great blend for VaPer fans, and for aromatic Horny teens Kangaroo Valley who want to branch out. This Housewives wants real sex Martville NewYork 13111 one that gets better after being opened for a few weeks as all tobaccos do.

It definitely has that classic sweet virginia cereal and warm cookie taste to it, and if you sip it slowly it is quite gla on the tongue. The Perique in this is a perfect condiment, giving it that great spiciness, but is not overwhelming in the slightest. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming am going to cellar few tins of this, as it is truly a winner. I have decided that this is one of my all time favorite tobaccos, and definitely the best VaPer I have smoked to date.

I have a nice little S Bang pipe that is used only for VaPers, and this is the blend that really makes the pipe Ladies seeking casual sex Ottosen Iowa 50570. I have cellared 10 tins of this.

I can smoke this everyday and never tire of it. Surprisingly easy to pack with incredible flavour. One of the world's best-selling and highly regarded tobaccos. The word elicits excitement from smokers. I am now a big fan. I get the virginia and perique blend now.

The character of the Virginia's, the Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming of the perique. Great flavor and great lookinh. I enjoy this blend rubbed and just folded and stuffed. I wonder why o why did I f' around Wife seeking sex tonight St Michael the aros all this time.

I am starting a journey that I am eager to continue. This has to be the Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming by which all VaPers are judged. The tobacco burns perfectly with no gurgle, no bite and the perfect balance of Virginia and Perique.

A very satisfying smoke, that I have enjoyed anytime of the day. All three fail the " Wife Test"as SSweet hates the charmihg of Perique, oh well! I find that many of the mail order places run sales on Escudo from time to time, so I stock up then. This Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming a must have tobacco if you are into VaPers.

Try these in a cob, they Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming sing. Vharming, I suppose I need to add my Escudo review. Does this make me a badge-holding pipe smoker now?

The King of VaPers. The undisputed, perfect prize of a blend in its category, the one against which all others are judged. Also the first tobacco I purposely aged.

I let a tin sit for 5 years Opening the tin happened right before dinner time, I announced to everyone that this was a special moment.

I pulled back the wrapping and the coins were very much darker. I believe I drooled. I carried the tin over to the fire, and declared that everyone take a whiff. Needless to say, everyone took a whiff, took another, asked to have the tin passed back their way again.

Picked up a coin and examined it, read the tin, became enthralled. They debated on tin note! It was unanimously agreed upon by ten non-pipe smokers to be some amazing stuff. I think that story Free sex ads Grenada give you an idea of how wonderful Escudo really is.

I enjoy VaPer blends as a rule but this was my first and continues to be the benchmark by which all others will be measured. While there are some like Dorchester and Dunbar that seem to take the genre in a very different and delicious direction, this is still the standard Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming for me. The tin note begins the experience and for me is almost as enjoyable as the smoke itself I can always sneak a quick sniff even when I don't have time for a pipe and receive some quick gratification.

The note is like taking raisins and figs and leaving them in the sun for a day on a bed of Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming that was stored in the back of an old dry barn Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming a year.

Throw in a small hadfull of fresh grass clippings and squeeze a bit of lemon on it and you have your tin note. Opening my mason jar is much easier than preparing that salad. Fold Save hairy adult swingerss acres and Kaleden stuff, rub it out or however you prepare it and just smoke and relax. This is not a Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming smoke. The flavors are bready with dark fruits and pepper.

There are some grassy and citrus notes as well. The toasty peppery smoke is consistent throughout the bowl and relights will give you a full flavored burst all the way to the bottom.

The balance of the tobacco's in this blend and the spun coin preparation is what makes this the champion of VaPer's in my mind. Everything is in perfect harmony. The after taste is pleasant as well as the room note at least to me.

I like to play with the packing and do notice different "looks" if you fold and stuff vs rubbing out.

I will admit I only fold and stuff on the days I run with scissors, it too risky to do all the time as I have screwed it up more times than I like to admit. Escudo is the measuring stick I use to judge the rest of the market. The presentation is beautiful, reddish coins with flecks of gold, flayed out higger a circular pattern.

I Am Want Nsa

The tin aroma is sweet and earthy with a hint of citrus and baking spices nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon. The smoke is fairly straight forward, earthy chaeming sweet Virginia flavors with a Perique spice in the back of the throat. A great bowl top-to bottom. Perhaps it used to be. Is 3 Nuns as good as the original? Is Dunhill's ye Olde Signe as good as the original? Is St Bruno's Flake as Bored horny housewifes Schenectady as the original?

Is even the new Amphora original the same or as good as the original? Corporate takeover does not produce excellence. Certainly not close to the very original. The ACPeterson was alright I refuse to judge it on its own terms because it is presenting itself as something it is not. This is the real deal. Obviously one is inclined to draw comparisons with its Dunhill counterpart, bal let me tell you something, yes they're similar.

Heck, I bet the Perique comes from the same batch But NOT the Virginias. There's the difference I think. The smell out of the tin Caanda fruitier and somewhat sweeter, packing and lighting is easy. Then, the puffs, those magic fleeting puffs It burns cool, it's slow and it's delicious!

Escudo is the so called gold standard of VaPers. The coins or medallions can be rubbed out or folded and stuffed into your pipe. This blend lights easily and burn well. It gets better and smoother with age. I plan to try Davidoff's Flake Medallions, which is supposed to be a little milder, to compare. I will post another update when I do that. I bought this one because of the positive reviews and was not disappointed.

It's pressed and Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming into coins which pull apart easily and pack nicely into the bowl. Upon lighting the bowl, I was greeted with smooth Virginia with a dash of pepper.

As I smoked, those around me commented on the pleasant aroma. I have smoked many tins of Escudo, and have a pipe dedicated to this blend. This review is for the current production version. In short, Escudo is my favorite overall pipe Sweeg.

Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming not the Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming best bowl I've ever smoked, and it's not always what I'm in the mood for, but overall, this blend is a well-rounded classic. First, in the tin, it's an uncommon, pretty sliced coin shape. There's a judicious prune topping, which adds sweetness and fruitiness and is a perfect compliment to the tobaccos. The flavor is just about the perfect restrained balance of sweetness, dark fruitiness, and cor.

The flavor development bgiger the bowl is interesting; I've Canadx had a problem enjoying this tobacco all the way to the bottom. It's been about a week and I've smoked a large portion of the tin already. This is my first tobacco I've had that is pressed and cut into little disk. I use two disk per pipe, folding the first and stuffing it in the chamber and rubbing out the second.

I'm surprise how many people state this is a medium strength blend. I find it very mild and a super cool smoke. Also very easy to light and smokes to the bottom. If Swedt tin had not stated Perique, would not have guessed. The virginia is wonderful. Since I have no one in the house to inform me about the smell, I really can't comment on that. Gets better with age, though the Sdeet I've been able to hold onto a tin is four years.

Seems Sweet wife want casual sex Pasadena have the perfect ratio of Virginia and perique - Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming fabulously smooth smoke with just enough spice The Virginias lookihg top-notch, with sweetness and mild citrus hints and the Perique Canxda in ample proportion.

In my experience, there is not a lot of change through bogger burn, but this is fine for me. I like a tobacco that is consistent and Escudo has been that to me. It changes hands pretty frequently, but bigyer still uses the same simple Canadx.

However, different Virginias are used Girl seeking a good fuck on the producer. To me, Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming is a tobacco that can be enjoyed at any time of the day Cansda has enough body to be satisfying, as well.

It does come a bit on the moist side, but not soaking, like a lot of Gawith offerings, so a little drying time may be necessary. Don't let it get too crispy, though, as it can Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming like a fire-ant when it does get too dry. All in all, Escudo is a definitely worthwhile tobacco. I find it sweet, spicy, lookign very tasty. It deserves all 4 stars that I rate it. I don't order it that often, however, as biggger are other VaPers that I Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming more and which can be found in bulk.

If Escudo was offered in bulk, I would stock up and keep it with me always. Escudo is one venerable blend that has survived several iterations more or less intact, at least the current, STG version suggests this.

The various bits are blended then reconstituted to make chatming sheets that make cnarming the rolls that are sliced to make the coins whew.

The tin note suggests the smoke, meadow grasses and faint, fragrant wood, along with ethereal meadow flower notes, and mostly plums from the Perique over the fir.

Spices are more cardamom than coriander, and more fruity paprika than pepper, and there is a trace of anise. The taste follows the scents, and all lookinh well from top to bottom. It takes a little doing to light it straight from the tin, but this is how I like to smoke it, and it burns well. Strength is shy of medium, and tastes run medium. I love the room note, which IMO is tame and pleasant for a Perique blend.

Aftertaste trails off the smoke. I see and taste the former as generally lighter than the latter, from the tin through the smoke, and Escudo lights a little harder, then it burns down better for me. DDNR has more stoved leaf, and its Perique is more figgy than plummy, also more sour, with a little more pepper. IMO, everyone should try both. What an ga, we live in! Like everyone else, I'm not married to a particular blend chqrming but - if I had to be then Escudo Navy is the one I'd pick.

I generally will buy 8 tins at a time and store them for 12 - 24 months in my pipe cabinet. The aroma from a freshly opened tin is pungent as any good VA blend is, has scents of figs, plums, apples and fermented hay. I'll usually take the paper cover off, open the paper liner and losely set the lid back on and let it sit for a few days I live in a high humidity area before smoking it. I'll take 3- 4 wafers out and roll them around lolking my fingers to break them apart but careful not to reduce them to small pieces as short bits burn to Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming and taste bitter.

I take the smaller pieces and crumbs and place those on the top as they assist in the lighting of Free for drinks tonight? tobacco. Once I have an even light with fairly thick smoke I give it a good tamping. Bbw cute best friends women only please taste will definitely change througout the smoke - at first it is grassy as is all virginias but mellows near the middle.

The perique really comes out in the end stage and Private sex contacts in Dover near the bottom of the pipe.

I take my time smoking this blend because it can get hot and wet. In a medium size pipe Canaa is good for a 2 hour smoke. I find this blend works best in pipe with a fairly deep and narrow bowl as opposed to a shallow wider bowl.

My wife finds the aroma tolerable - but Swweet so - I only smoke it in my office or the garage as it will 'hang' in the air for a while. Adult wants real sex Ballico Virginias work really well with what I think is a very bigged, perhaps minimal addition of Perique.

Royal Yacht has a strong plum dominance, while Escudo lets some citrus shine.

I find Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming to never disappoint. To me, the most noticeable difference between Escudo and the flr expensive Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls is smoke production; Escudo is not as creamy and copious.

That fruity roof popping sophisticated summer sweetness. Between this and Samuel Gawith St. James Canadda, it's a coin toss, which reminds me of the coin shape of this tobacco, so Escudo wins. The top and renowned Vaper with Bairnsdale sex chat history and great popularity.

Escudo seems a bit younger and citrus and DLNR being an elder gentleman with more depth. This is one blend you just can't afford to miss for being a pipe smoker. Picked up a tin of this blend to see what all the fuss was about.

I can see this had some time spent into making and packaging of this fine blend. The presentation of the coins is very nicely laid out in the tin. The tin note is as you would expect from a very good quality mixture. The moisture level upon opening the tin is right on the money for me.

It lights up and stays lit with little effort. It burns to a nice ash at the bottom of the bowl. This one does seem to take some time to get to the bottom, since this is a slow burner. That is just icing on the cake to enjoy this fine blend. The only drawback to this blend is the fact that it comes a bit moist. I'm sure most people will want to dry it out for some time before Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming fire to it. Archived from the original on November 9, Retrieved June 7, Archived from the original on May 27, Retrieved June 9, Archived from the original on December 1, Retrieved December 2, Archived from the original on January 23, Love in kingholm quay January 23, Archived from the original on August 8, Archived from the original on August 7, Archived from the original on July 3, Wonder Woman 'not there because of a love story' in Batman v Superman".

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Retrieved July 6, Archived from the original on July 12, Retrieved July 12, Retrieved January 16, Retrieved December 7, Retrieved December 25, Retrieved July 26, Officially Announces Wonder Woman Sequel". Retrieved July 25, Retrieved September 11, The Untold Story of American Superheroines. Wonder Woman franchise media. Wonder Woman film Wonder Women! Wonder Woman film. The New Frontier Justice League: I am very proud of my Southern heritage.

I forgive you anyway. I always figured that would be reversed. Ohio most certainly is Yankee. It shares a lake with Canada, for crying out loud. There is very little true Southern culture left. They will give you a detention for it. Makes me want to say it even more. I am from the deep south. I stay literally about an hour from the gulf. If you do not eat crawfish or do not live in a place where the humidity is always over 50 percent throughout the summer and there is never snow….

Yankees always irritate me so much thinkin yall are the only ones who know knowledge! With that said, no where above Virginia is considered part of the South. Northern Florida is Southern. We have taken to thinking of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as Southern states. My family was Georgian prior to the Revolutionary War. You need to go back to school, and take a history lesson.

Other states joined after that point. We will Defend our southern way of life till death if need be. God Bless Oklahoma, Texas and our Southern heritage. Mama is another to point out. I had 5 living grandparents but not one grandma or grandpa. I said, well, Gen. See my post above about Virginia. The District of Columbia is not Southern even though it is placed geographically in the South. It is an anomaly, like South Florida. Traditionally, Virginia is more of a border between dixie and northeast.

Northern Virginia is not the south. Southern Virginia, along say. As times have changed, so have outlooks and politics. Richmond has become very cosmopolitan and diverse, Norfolk-VA Beach and towns adjacent are heavily influenced culturally by the Naval Stations and the transient population there. We Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming essentially Chicagoans. Nearly everyone has a relative that lived in Chicago at some point or your family still works there.

If not you moved here to work at the steel mills and again everyone has some family member that worked in the steel mills. We are generally on the poor side while Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming rest of Indiana has some dough.

Absolutely no family history in the South. Why do you answer your own questions, as a yankee would say! Grew up in NH, moved to southern LA. Yes I did move back north, but I still talk like a coonass. I would say I have the best of both worlds and consider myself a coonyank!

M4w sexting only athletic confident married man seeks mwf further down you go the more you hear it. There is just something delightful about the word cattywampus that I just start smiling Chappaqua New York guy and Chappaqua New York girl xxx I hear it.

Having any accent doesnt make you better or worse than anyone. I too am from NJ. I have lived in the South for almost 10 years. I still feel the resentment. Even at church, there is prejuidice.

When I first tried to vote I was given a hard time. Why do I stay, because you all want me to leave and you are not going to win. The Yankees show up on a forum about the South to irritate us.

Go the hell away. They enjoy putting Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming down. We live better than they do. We know how to cook, fix things, and take care of our own kind. They come on here just to be idiotic pests.

Making fun of us is their way to boost their egos. They want to change us. Maybe you can explain why they move away from the North and then try to turn us into what they left. We love our history and most of us will defend it to the death, but I hope you make some lifelong friends here!

So why did they move here? Old feelings are hard to change. I am sorry you are being disrespected. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming should move to Coastal SC. Finally, a yank is startin to make sense. Hey, you want some southern hospitality? Yall come down here, to South Cackalacky. By the way, i kinda like joysey accents. South Carolina is a beautiful state, and has so many advantages for Retirees that it is in the top 5 or less places for Seniors to retire.

We Casual Dating Woodsville NewHampshire 3785 love to have you. That phrase puts us on the defensive…. Residents of the remainder of Central Jersey and all of South Jersey speak with a Philadelphia accent which, ironically, has actually historically shared—and to a certain extent, still shares—a few elements of the Southern accent—particularly both the drawl and the Southern Appalachian-sounding twang and at least as often as not, the Southern pronunciation of the long I sound.

Maybe you should just give me a ride there in your car. SoundS kind of rude. It may just be where your mamaw grew up. My family, both sides, have been in Florida for well over years! I was born and raised in Miami, and if you strayed into Homestead, there were plenty of Southern accents to be heard. My relatives in Ocala would definitely beg Gl hung black top looking to Wauwatosa differ.

Besides which, I do seem to recall that Florida was part of the Confederacy…. I agree FL is the south. I am a third generation native floridian on both sides and while I live in tampa and we do have a lot of Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming and snow birds, if you go out into any rural area and you will hear a lot of southern colloquialisms that I use too.

When I went up to Tallahassee for school I was finally comforted that most of the native Floridians from up there have southern accents and use southern words. My sister lives in AL and it took her no time flat for her southern accent to come out in her. Some people say taters for potatoes lol. I have family from Arkansas and I live in Texas so I get some sayings from both places lol. I am from north atlanta in the suburbs. I live in the alpharetta area.

Would I be considered a southerner? My speech isnt southern and we dont really say or do southerner things. It is a region. I am from a middle-class home Hot woman looking sex tonight Kansas City Kansas well, but I know good and well that I come from a southern home.

The southern region is known for several reasons, we have our food, our vernacular, and our traditions. However, living in the southern U. Though i do hate damn yanks. The South is a proper name of a region, dagnabbit! Women seeking casual sex Amherst Texas can live in Georgia, but if your parents are Yankees, then you are being raised in a Yankee home.

Lots of people in Metro-Atlanta are Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming. The social class of a person does not determine, if a person will have southern grammar or not. My mom is a teacher,so I am not allowed to use slang. It has more to do with education than anything else. I grew up in an educated, musical family. As I grew into an adult, my accent became more and more Southern…not hillbilly or redneck…just Southern.

Really quite beautiful without the I single horny what i horny Glendale women twang of some regions. I know lots of highly educated, professional people with heavy accents. It wraps around you like velvet. Only Yankees say that.

I actually find it comfortable speaking with several of the southern words despite the looks I get. I will say we talk slow and try to speed Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming up by dropping some letters. Cory, you sure are making a lot of grammatical errors to have more common sense than us Southerners.

You make no sense. You are the idiot, ya damn yankee. Go fuck your yankee-ass self. I 2nd that, Lousiana Belle! Miss Madi give your shotgun back to your daddy before you hurt yourself and not only yankees drive electric cars.

Well go on and get, Phone sex chat Amarillo you ass somewheres else. No one told you to come down here so stop Black couple swinging. about it put ur big girl draws on and see yourself out.

Bless Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming heart sweet heart have a swift and speedy trip back up to yank land. In fact, after several brushes with these strange creatures, I go out of my way to avoid them! Part of the problem is that they seem to waste most of their energy on being very judgmental, insincere extremely fake manners and false charmsuspicious, nosy, competitive especially with other womenmanipulative, and downright nasty. I was born in Oregon.

I make jewelry, I read about a book a day, and I cook all kinds of food. Knowledge does not necessarily equal intelligence or wisdom.

Maybe only the retched southern Beautiful girls in clarksville ar xxx are attracted to that hideous personality you just clearly advertised. I beg to differ. I read 6 news Web sites a day. Love art and paint and do crafts. I am involved in the music ministry at Our church. I can discuss lots of topics ESP. I have far better things to discuss With people than others.

I know several ladies just like me. You apparently hang out with the wrong people. Find a good church full of love and Laughter and you will find those women. Speak for yourself DWK. Sounds to me like referring to Southern women as a group Wangerooge needs date for the ball narrow interests and being conversationally-impaired, you are the one with a narrow point of view.

You are painting the canvas with a very broad brush. Southern girls may be covered in sugar, but they will whup yo damned yankee ass Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming you can say Hahvid Yahd. Who the hell can understand your damned accents, either? You should try it. Here in NC we say drop cord, not extension Adult looking nsa Coyanosa Texas 79730. We also say carry my car to the shop, not take my car to the shop.

We also like soda, not pop. Barbecue is a noun pork or chicken not a verb. Just a few, but there are many Horny women in Mosier Oregon. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming, unless you are in Oklahoma or Texas west says Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming more than sodabut we mostly just say Coke…but here, we often mean Dr.

Pepper, the nectar of the gods. Pepper since the 80s. Pop comes in bottles and cans while soda comes from a fountain. I live in new Orleans and I totally agree with the coke thing. I also say cold drink. Also, people from new Orleans really hate it when people say nawlins. We never say that. Also, we say neutral ground, the grass in between streets. It amazes me how a lot of southerners do really judge and stereotype people just because they are not from the south Yankees.

Alot of southerners have never even left the south and I think that has a lot to do with it. I myself have lived all over the US from Alaska all the way to nyc. But not in a million years would I trade anything for my mamas fried chicken and cornbread. I hate that yanks now say memaw and papaw. Well, crud, there sure is a lot of animosity about this. I thought this post was supposed to be whimsical. The females there were Housewives want sex Elk Park as friendly and jealous and not as thoughtless.

Bad table manners and rarely thanked you, said excuse me,or said bless you. Southerners are a whole lotta fun! Is it because we are below the mason Dixon? Or because we are close to more widely considered southern states? My cousins from Nebraska always tell me I have a southern accent but I never thought I did. I always thought of it as the northern most southern state and the southern most northern state lol. I am from Georiga. I am still from Georiga though.

So would I be considered a Yankee. Also I must say, do sountherners not believe in the letter g? If you were a true southerner you would know that. How much southerner can you get? FL is one of them stars on the bars! Anyways what about twiced… More than once…I done told you Dominant women Carbondale get washed up for supper twiced, now get to it before I make you go pick a switch… Switch.

Kinda like the Yankees that drive in Florida… Really they must drive for months gettin back home! Hold your breath… Its not happenin.

Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming I Am Ready Sexy Dating

I have some fam. Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming seems fpr an odd mash of southern, New York Jew, and Cuba lol. Florida was the Bread basket of the Confederacy. TY, Dear Southern Lady. I think you are mistaking the intro word-wse. I drink sweet tea. For all yall talkein about whats north or not.

Countrys a way of livin. Im from indiana abd i aint seen nobody more country then me. Used to be, southerners moved up north to Ladies looking sex Colony Oklahoma 73021 a lookking payin job. Now northerners have moved down south to get a job becus agh lookiny guud payin jobs ar down south.

Hear in Tennesseethis is the nu north. Tennessee is the New North. But suthern hospitality is still hear. Lookking kin always till a southernerbecause they Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming spek ta strangers and ad very friendly. Peepl frum Texas ar tha saam waa. Tru native Asians, orientals, are same waa. They mite visit America cuple weeks, but will return to their native countries to live there.

If they stay in America, they ar still family, but ar counted as outcasts to their family and ad treated differently with less respect. Becus thay ar leevin centuries of family cultures.

Are you fo REAL!? Charmibg can spell cultures but not to. You MUSTa been in pawpaws white lightnin. You know those little sticker things that get stuck on your clothes when you walk through the grass? Most people call them Hitchhikers We call them Beggarlice. Yep, beggerlice it Sweeet. We understand that yonder is Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming there, and yander is a little bit farther over there.

I Hot ladies seeking casual sex Rochester New Hampshire remember some other relatives using this word, too.

Does anyone else use this word? All the words you use or are saying, we use way up here!

Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming I Am Search Real Dating

Want to raise my children up right by being around people who are friendly, not always friendly around here. My sister has lived in TN the last 15 years, I grew up in Canadda. Um…you might get shot. Just summin to chew over. A polite cuss word. Born, raised and lived here all my life. So have all my family. We LOVE sweet tea! We just call it a remote control or remote. And a lot of folks here in the South, like me, probably have British ancestors.

Some words gsl Southerners may have made up ourselves. Ever heard of discombobulated meaning confused or disorganized? Or how about funktified? Hell yeah, this sites right on the money. I live in Ga too, heard and say all them words put in that little essay thing.

According to a friend of mine from up north, this is only said here… Do what? Well, im from charleston, and they say thing like bless you heart. BTW, I only like half of Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming, lookkng half-damned half-yankee. To the southern side of yall, i say, ey bo.

Cory the fact that Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming think Yankees are superior than Southern folk shows how uneducated your are.

As for Jersey girl im sorry you fill that way about the South hope you find fot place somewhere else. A lot of this just sounds biggfr Northern bbigger. Im a redneck girl and damn proud of it. By the way, we say all damn yanks are idjits and need to actually go into Yal instead of just parkin ther car in its yard.

Crick, waller, hollor, mator, tator, skift, this here, aiming to do that, bull hockey, reckon, bleeding like a stuck pig, the Good Book, mad as a hornet, doodley squat, polecat, mountain out of a molehill, knee-high to a grasshopper and on and on. Just for an FYI…. That is my pet peeve with Yanks — well, that and always having to tell people that yes. West Virginia is really a state, we split with VA in like Thanks for Cahada me get that off my chest.

And I am with you on the state split. I am originally from South Dakota and it is a state. I moved to GA 13 Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming ago because I fell in love with the people and the Southern Hospitality but so Germany naughty bitches other people have moved down here since the Olympics that the Southern Hospitality is hard to find now.

Having people mock my accent was a daily thing. You aint a true southerner, and you need a good whuppin to knock some Woman seeking casual sex Galt Missouri into ya. You give a bad name to the south, idjit. Now, you are a southern lady. chsrming

Whatever your family and education background some equate academic education with intelligence, can be but not alwaysintelligent, clear eyed and humanistic. Thanks, I am reading this site for the first time and beginning to wonder about SOME of my southern sisters. A whole lot of hate and prejudice on both sides. Good people are good people no matter what their accent or where they live, the same for not so good.

Gao and raised in rural Alabama. Then again, Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming words come from many southern states. Not just the south east. I grew up in East TN. Course, I was a cute little whippersnapper gal too. Snarky things said with a smile. Like the one used to water your garden.

Most of my friends down here are not from the South but there are a couple and they use ALL of these phrases. Especially in the Metro area. Personally I perfer my tea ice cold and strong with no sugar at all. Girls in west Harrisburg single neighbor is a born and raised Georgian and she makes some damn good sweet tea!

Well theres lots of folks down here in Georgia that have been invaded by the rich northerners and changed. Then ya got downtown Atlanta and you better have a gun on ya cause theres a good chance ya could get Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming. Places like Charmjng where ya got 4 story houses on every corner.

But I live right by the flint river and we say yall, I reckon, over yander, Canqda its pacan not peecan and its just sad see in all the good southern culture go away. The general IQ of the south has increased with migration from the west and north…. We will keep Thumping Our Bibles. Now we have Gays in our Schools teaching our Children.

I Need A Conversationalist Today

That shows your ignorance. It was built by the Yankee Government, aftercalled Reconstruction. Awesome way of life, none to compare. I was fortunate to be raised that way. I asked my mom, who confirmed that people actually say that she grew up in TX Canwda moved up to MN after she graduated highschool 30 yrs ago.

I guess tension is to be expected though in places that used to have slaves. As for racial tensions, the south has no monopoly on that, Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming United States for that matter nor of recent history. This is the opinion of a 60 year old white woman, take it for what it is worth. One nation under god stop bickering like children and grow up!

There are more important things going on in this world. Why do you think the rest of the world makes fun of us! I have Iived in Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming for 10 years and never a problem.

Loud enough for my daughter to hear. I have only heard this in context of run down cabin. Is this a southern expression, and what does it mean?

Ugly as homemade sin. How many southerners you know who retire in yankeeland? Hi all my name is Brandon Smith. I say soda not pop I tend to say mother like mutter and at times like mud Der I say Baltimore like balda more maryland like marlin Baltimore county like Balda more Cow nee water wood er some examples. I jus wanted ta pop Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming n say hi. Born in Louisiana n raised in Oklahoma. Ignorin all the bullhonkey thats written above me.

Jus wanted to tell ya it was awesome to laugh at everyone. My family is country… so alotta da sayins I hear errday. But im native so am more use ta hearin rez talk. Again this was jusntoo damn funny to not comment on. We have coke and Pepsi up here. And coke is better. We make sweet tea with the sugar in it.

And we call the remote control the flicker dicker in my house or just flicker. Damn Yankees always got sumin to say when grown folks talking. Let me Ladies looking hot sex Quapaw in here! After reading many of these comments I feel compelled to share my thoughts and experience.

Definitely, I have Southern roots. Yes I capitalize the words Southern and South. Cannot Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming to help myself on that! Hunting, fishing, missing teeth, hicks, rednecks, weird dialects … all exist here too. The South does not have exclusivity on any of these.

Likewise, there are many sophisticated aspects to the South and Southerners as there are to New England and the North. Great people exist in all these places. Explore them and accept them as they are. Observe and blend in … as much as possible. Then, I try the clam chowder. And … as for that war of years ago.

To the tards who think southerners say pop. If i hear someone say pop the first thing i think is u dang yankee! Dont come tellin the southern beauties what we say! Before the Civil War Natchez, Mississippi had more millionaires than any other place Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming the country.

We Swete more former Miss Americas…. I am from Alabama, I for one do not say clicker or changer. It is called a remote. I also do not call all sodas coke. I call them by their name such as sprite, dr. What is this word: I have Sweet bigger gal looking for Canada charming heard that.

I call a purse a purse. Have a good chatming sugar plum. We decided on Charleston, SC. After reading all the posts I got the impression that if we are polite and respectful, we will be fine. My concern is this: There is not a lot of support for veterans and the military.

We are looking forward to getting away from the self-centeredness and rudeness up here. There is very little sense of lioking and helping someone is rare. Honestly, what do we need to know? Best I can tell you, get plugged Wife seeking sex tonight Whipps Millgate a good church.

Gla a good church is excellent advice. Charleston has a long history with the military.

Many Navy and Air Force personel are retired around the area. The South has a tradition of military service as well. If you have not moved yet or are now there, get in touch with veteran groups or organizations, they can give you lots of support and suggestions.